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  1. Don’t talk this Nonsense again! She’s a beauty the way she is! You silly tenno...
  2. Oh man, you just put in writing my actual feelings.. I’ve been playing warframe for the past 3 months straight and don’t get me wrong I genuinely loved it. Thing is, it’s hardly challenging after a bit, I completed the star chart and quests without even noticing that there was an option of an heavy attack. (Yes im an amateur, and proud to be) I read people arguing about the builds and importance of combos, and all i think is what the hell am i missing? I’m playing on ps4, maybe it’s a dumbed down version of the game... Think im gonna take a break after the oprhix venom even
  3. Hello hello beautiful Tennos, just mapped the “quick progress menu” on the ps4 touch pad, i use it to keep track when im farming affinity or particular resources, so i don’t really have to pause to check the mission results every 2 min. Thing is i cant really figure out how to scroll down on the right tab, which it kinds of defeats the purpose when it come to keep track of the resources, am I missing something?
  4. I thought that could have been the case... Wonder why so much dislike towards the leech system though, keep in mind im a new player, just killed 1 kuva so far.. maybe was promised something else by devs?
  5. Ah... don’t really understand the hate, but sure, why not
  6. Hey Tennos, just wake up this morning and read about Warner Bros new patent: https://gbatemp.net/threads/warner-bros-secures-patent-for-shadow-of-mordors-nemesis-system.582558/ as per title, do you think would affect the kuva leech/queen pin system?
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