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  1. You can stack up as many blueprints as you want so do not fret about losing on your formae :)
  2. I'd say your best bet would be to send a support ticket to DE. This should clear any confusion you have towards the loadout system.
  3. Ok I looked around a bit and it turns out you only unlock your first loadout slot from rank 4. So it goes like this: Rank 0-3 : 1 slot Rank 4-5 : 2 slots Rank 6-7 : 3 slots etc.
  4. Yes, your default one PLUS the one you unlocked which you can duplicate to. The number next to duplicate means how many free, unused slots you have left.
  5. Use the duplicate option to access your extra slots.
  6. I kinda wish they'd implement host migration for derelict/void missions. Before, I could understand since a quitting host didn't lose his key, so he could potentially taxi people into void missions over and over again using the same key. Now though, keys are always lost when the host quits, so let the others keep playing since the host loses his key anyway.
  7. I dunno, last time I played on Seimeni it took me forever to finish 5 waves as to with Sechura it's usually much faster.
  8. It's no more idiotic than rushing incubation or anything else for that matter.
  9. Don't they have to play 10 missions for the referral bonuses to kick in?
  10. Seimeni is on a Shipyards tileset which is pretty difficult for the Infested to navigate, potentially making the missions take longer and the credit farming not as good. There's a reason why Sechura is considered the king of credits.
  11. No I think its the whole crew, by a pop I mean: Original series, TNG, Voyager, etc. Still overpriced as hell. Seriously just go watch Angry Joe's review of it, he explains very well why this "game" fails in every single way possible.
  12. It's a mobile waiting game that takes so outrageously long to unlock anything it basically forces you to buy quite expensive "premium" rooms to triple resource income. Even then it still takes forever to do anything so you're forced to buy pretty much any booster available and then again... ... There is no gameplay whatsoever to be found in that game. It's literally just you clicking at the screen and waiting. Oh and if you want to have the original Star Trek crews, I think they're 40-50$ a pop? Biggest money grab in history. I mean, this sounds like a f2p mobile game gone wron
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