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  1. 1st of all: there's been a major remastering of the POE; 2nd : Not everyone had a chance to get involved in the very unique event that only offered certain rewards, you cannot get anywhere else. 3rd: Where the PS is available Nakak of Cetus is open for Operational Supplies, and has items that, again, cannot be gotten unless PS is running. One item, I still need to get is the Plague Keewar, which Hok has NEVER offered (tho the wiki says he does, it's just BS). So yeah, I think it's only fair, that ppl who haven't or weren't able to play the PS get a chance again, and again and again... It's not fair to others who LOYALLY support this game.
  2. Gosh I thought I was alone in this, I found ALL the caves entered them all.. but am stuck at 27 of 30. Dammit fix this!!!
  3. On the PS4 Pro, I too am having difficulty in leveling my 1st K-Drive. I got it to Max Rank, and polarized it with forma, even put a Greater Naramon Lens on it. However now, it's stuck at level 14 (tho Mission results say it's Max Rank), it won't gain XP/Affinity but still gains Focus points. What gives DE??
  4. The only way to advance in Vox Solaris (VS) is to turn in Toroids. That would be ok, but after THREE hours of Alarm Level 4 at the Central Maintenance for Calda Toroids, I get FOUR toroids, which were dropped after I ended a Moa. WHY do you have to make the drop table SO damned ridiculous. On Earth (Eidolon) you can collect Sentient Cores in a variety of locations, but if I was to play 3 hours, I'd have collected no less than 10 per session. I got to the Max level of the Quills in about a week. But I've been trying to level up in the VS since Fortuna was released, and even tho I'm a max level in all the other Syndicates/Factions, Vox Solaris (VS) the only one I'm having multiple headaches for. I mean seriously, WHY??? Can you explain why it's so necessary to make the drop tables for Toroids so (Im sorry): stupid!? It's no different where I go to collect the Toroids I need (and I'm very informed as to where I go to farm for them), buy it's the same, HOURS are spent farming but I'm only awarded with a meesely 4. I'm so tired of this, it's the consistent. For things you very to advance in rank or level you make the drops so rare that you must spend HOURS to get them. You know, this is the very reason, I'm alone in my Dojo/Clan. The complaint is, you shouldn't have to play HOURS AND HOURS to get items you're farming for. Sure, you changed them dropping from 2 to 4, but the rarity has also gotten worse.
  5. I never got them from alerts in the 1st place._. When I need them I just do any mission in the void and pick up some. Best day I got 11. Normally , like 3 or 4.
  6. Not trying to be a nudge but 11am EDT is Eastern Daylight Time. It should be 11am EST = Eastern Standard Time. Some ppl might think the release is set for 12 noon Eastern Time .
  7. Will u be incorporating more kicks into Melee 3.0? I am a martial arts, whose specialty is in the sword. It would be so great if more of the combos had them. Thanks!
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