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  1. sure. the pictures are showing when I got the affinity boost. What day and when I was suppose to receive it. If anything else. I suppose it would be better to make a video instead at this point. I took all these pictures when I had just received as a reward the supposed affinity boost. however if you look at the top right corner of the tv. It will display what boosts was currently active and received. The sortie is renewed every day. so that means I was suppose to get an affinity boost on that day, but clearly as shown, I did not receive 1. Unfortunately, in the first post I made, I did say that the affinity boosts lasted for only 30 mins and then was gone entirely, visually and technically. Now it apparently had progressed or regressed in this case, to where I don't receive it at all. I don't believe at this stage I will be able to show that the affinity boost would be gone entirely after 1 mission, seeing as I'm unable to even get 1 to show my problem. If you want me to clarify what each of the pic is suppose to show or has on screen I will go from 1-5 1: the computer screen on the right is to show todays date, the left is the mission result/rewards. 2: same as 1 for the computer. the left is to show it came from a sortie. 3: same as 1 and 2 for right. is to show the current boosters 4: was suppose to show its my account, (I realized now it didn't show my gamer tag/username) along with the chat to show the time. as well as show the mission result/reward. (I'm hoping the system in warframe keeps an extensive chat log history of what and when people said this or that, it would further clarify the timing) 5: is to show my account and active boosters This goes from top to bottom order so with the 2 clips I just now posted, is more proof of my problem. I managed on my daily login to get affinity booster for a certain amount of hours. In the first clip I showed my profile and friends, along with the date today. along with the booster I have. Also the amount of time that went by was only 5 mins, further proved by the event credit booster showing the time difference between the 2. In the second clip I showed the results and what happened to my booster. That is what happens every time I get the affinity booster. It just straight up disappears after the mission. If you wish, I can try to get another affinity booster and show the same thing again, different mission or whatever, then go do another mission and show that I do NOT get more affinity. Even after it disappears.
  2. The reason I had provided these pictures just now is to show proof, except it been a while since I had even got an affinity booster, from the sortie no less. so I decided I may as well take pictures and provide it. As shown, I can not get an affinity booster, in fact, it got even worse, before I was able to "receive" an affinity booster, but now, I apparently can't "receive" an affinity booster. I expect that even if I did "receive." It would of lasted for all of an grand 30 mins or however long the mission I played was and disappear entirely I'll be honest, I do believe some sort of in game compensation would be warranted, somehow. (can be discussed, I'm not asking much at all) However, I'll be even more glad if the bug was fixed and I'm allowed to have the affinity boost for as long as anyone else would of got it for.
  3. so as the title implies, for 9 months, if not a bit longer. I have been trying to deal with an issue that is simply not being fixed. I ALREADY tried 2 times at separate intervals to get it resolved through support. I had tried reinstalling the game twice already. I even switched from Xbox 1 to the new Xbox series x. Still it persists! now I'm very patient cause I know things like this takes a while. However, I'm simply sick of having to grind out my affinity normally while I see my friends boosting past the mastery levels, I'm sick of having to go all the way to round 14 on normal sanctuary, or round 10-12 on elite to just get a descent amount of affinity. For focus or mastery. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in support limbo/negligence to just get any sort of response to my issues. Just to clarify the bug a bit more. Affinity boosters, be it from daily login to buying, to being gifted, or even claimed from twitch or xbox game pass, would not work any longer than 1 mission. so say that I spend 30 mins in sanctuary, I would of only get 30 mins of affinity boost, then it would disappear, as if it got used. Also no, I long since checked that it was not just a visual bug. It would no longer show up that I have it. It would not level up my stuff as fast as it would in that 1 mission. The strangest part about this, is that the event/community affinity boost would work. Also for the record, no. This is NOT THE ONLY BUG. I also face about 2 other constants while I'm dealing with the most egregious bug/issue. One of the other issue/bug I'm dealing with is not being able to invite other people to my group. now for this 1, it could simply be my router/connection but I am able to work around it and oddly enough, since the latest update it has been working (aside from communication friends list not showing up at all) to some extent, I am able to invite from the chat lobby which is a good thing because it used to be that in a rare blue moon, id be able to invite. Just to clarify the bug a bit more, if I was in a lobby or starting up a mission, in relay or dojo, id be able to invite ONLY THEN. not before, if I'm in my ship. I used to occasionally in a blue moon be able to do that. I've already made my peace with this bug as it is more likely a problem on my end. The third bug I been coming across is not being able to use shatter burst on the railjack. The ability x really in railjack only, while piloting the railjack. The ability for whatever reason, will not work, this is a brand new bug, that came up since the new update. I used to be able to use the ability, but now, no longer can. Now to sum this all up. For about 9 months (which is when I first submitted the help request, but in actuality it has been 1 year) affinity boosters have not worked what so ever for me. I do believe if I really wanted to, I could make a case on this. legally. I've also been graced with a bug that 90% of the time, wont let me invite other people to my group, which I believe is SOMEHOW being resolved somewhat. Now a new bug has came up in which I can't use an ability while piloting my railjack, which as far as I can search, hasn't come up anywhere else, when I tried searching if someone else has the same issue. If anyone wants to see proof of this, I can try to make a video and post it, on YouTube, or I can take pictures of these bugs. As I said in the start, I tried going to warframe support twice already
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