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    New to the forum so I apologize in advance if this topic has already been addressed. I had heard a while back that the Burston Prime's damage is not calculated correctly on WF Builder. In fact when you fully stat the weapon (Serration, Split Chamber, Heavy Cal, Gilded Truth, Stormbringer, Hellfire, Infected Clip, and Cryo Rounds -- All maxed) the damage tops out at 15,398.98, which seems really low. I understand how elemental combos work and the basics of how to get more damage from your weapons, but I don't know the actual math that goes into them at all. So I have no way to check the numbers for myself. Is the Burston Prime's damage really that awful, or is there something up with the damage calculations for this particular weapon?
  2. "If you already wield the power of these Primes, they will remain in your inventory". That sounds like one of those comments that was the result of a lot of in-house research and discussion. So we get to keep Frost Prime, Latron Prime, and Reaper Prime if we already own them. Wait, do you mean that was actually on the table at one point?!?