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  1. Rivens with different disposition rankings were a bad idea in the first place. Balance weapons instead.
  2. I appreciate the Saryn changes to Miasma, but understand if you want to balance player radial abilities you may as well balance Overextended first before delivering nerfs to radial abilities. Overextended now: +90% range for -60% strength, but when one mod adds half of all possible attainable range buffs in the entire game, is twice as good as 2nd best Stretch, and 6 times as good as 4th best Agility Drift, that's iffy. Instead Overextended should be +50% range for -20% strength, and add a new mod called "Exhausted Prowess" that grants +40% efficiency for -45% strength.
  3. When Melee 3.0 comes, will it buff thrown weapons like the Glaive, Halikar, Kestrel, and Cerata? They're slow to throw but deal unimpressive damage.
  4. The Spores decay is way too strong. Please fix that. Also the enemy cap combined with the rate of decay ruins the ability.
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