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  1. While the notion of a jump scare is amusing, it does feel like there is little weight to the way the MITW, a very spooky concept in this game, currently manifests aboard the orbiter. I usually don't even notice him until I see the subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen. Since I generally only turn the volume up for story content, I often select my shipboard destination from the menu, and I rarely look around much even when I'm moving around the ship manually. What might be cool is, a creepy little easter egg for tenno who engage the operator menu while in operator form. Where the first time you do it, after DE sneaks in this into an update, the MITW is in there, in your place. Taking up much of the screen. "Hey, kiddo."
  2. No real issues with it. Even as someone who started over on PC after unlocking this mod on console. I'm looking forward to saving a mod slot by equipping it, in place of the two mods I currently stack to, depending on my build, either eliminate 90% of knockdown/stagger effects or make recovery nearly instantaneous 100% of the time. That's a fair reward for 400 daily logins, I think. But also not something I'm suffering for not having access to right this minute.
  3. Yes. This. And I agree with Frost_Nephilim. Make it optional, from the menu.
  4. Agreed 100%. I just ran this node with one other person, and we were on top of it the whole mission, quickly taking out the resonators, and demolishing the orphix with our necramech artillery. The result? Mission failed, because sentient control surged despite our lockdown of the area. Sentient control increases far too quickly, both while the tenno are on the way to the next orphix to destroy it, and while they are actively demolishing everything sentient in the area. At which point it is an affront, to all fourteen languages currently supported by Warframe, to use their respective synonyms for "control" to describe the sentient presence in the area.
  5. My Cassowar riven has helped secure its place as my go-to melee status stick, even though I have builds for Lesion and Kronen that are objectively better on stats. I just like the feel and moveset of Cassowar better. And it's still killing things quickly in Steel Path, so I stuck with it. So that's at least one riven that has taken something I enjoy using, but which is decidedly not top-tier, and kept it viable. The biggest problem with the riven system, when it comes to even lower-tier weapons, is that you have to commit to a catalyst and probably 3-4 forma, to get a build that can accommodate the riven AND the mods needed to, potentially, make something of a weapon otherwise destined to remain MR fodder. Opening up the simulacrum to allow free placement of virtual catalysts and formas would help a lot, here. Then if you're digging that build preview, you go work towards putting it together for use in actual missions.
  6. The instant gib attacks are annoying when they happen. But at the same time, it's the only way my builds get downed in Steel Path. I'm not even running Arcane Grace, and yet the gradual damage from attacks is easy to deal with if I'm paying attention. So without them, it might get boring a lot faster.
  7. I'm not a fan of the headshot ones, but Galvanized Chamber is really good, with a negligible tradeoff. And my secondary was already running Sure Shot for very specific reasons, so Galvanized Shot was a pure DPS upgrade in exchange for a whole lot of endo.
  8. My current go-to is Dethcube Prime with Verglas. As sentinels go, it's a reasonably tough one, and the energy orb generator from Simaris is a nice bonus. On console, Wyrm Prime was my go-to, for Negate. And probably will be, again, on PC when I get all the parts for it. Once I capture a Panzer Vulpyphyla, that might take over the companion slot. But for now, my robot pal still survives most Steel Path missions.
  9. Same. And the amount of my free time that would have been saved by this option is miniscule. Even with a troll frame in an endless mission, the other three players generally just extract early. Voting to kick, appropriately enough, with our feet.
  10. Ah, yes, I got those confused. Thanks for confirming the way the bonus works.
  11. Can someone with firsthand knowledge confirm how Vigilant Necramech, the level 9 Engineering Intrinsic, applies to health & armor? I'm inclined to assume it's +25% of the Necramech's base health and armor, additive with +90% armor from Necramech Fiber and +120% health from Necramech Vitality. But since it doesn't show in the armory, and is only applied during missions, I wanted to check that it's not +25% of the mod-enhanced health & armor stats, before I put it off for later. Thank you.
  12. Agreed. The grind of leveling the Quills makes the vomvalysts more like the game flinging coins at you than a threat or nuisance Not being interrupted, in whatever you're doing, by the annoying tusk thumper, is pretty nice Those gentle giants the Eidolon mind their own business to a Shadow of the Colossus degree All in all, it seems nicer at night than many neighborhoods where people are safely ensconced in their homes playing Warframe at the moment.
  13. If going AFK worked how some people seem to believe it does, in this game, there would be better frames to do it with than Wukong. I see it as a quality of life frame for addressing some design choices that not everybody loves: For missions where enemies appear one or two at a time, and/or on the horizon, instead of in mobs worth blendering or picking off manually For certain boss fights like Ropopalyst For sortie conditions that limit your loadout For access to an exalted weapon with different elemental combinations, and maybe a healing mod All of which make it a frame destined to see a lot of use, particularly when soloing. But as a popular solo frame, it is naturally going to be a popular choice to put focus lenses on, so yes, you're going to see it in ESO a lot. One last point, that should be obvious, but it never hurts to remind everyone. This is not Overwatch.
  14. There's one simple change I'd like to see to Frame Fighter. If it's not going to receive further support, such as matchmaking or additional fighters, then unlock all the existing frames and remove the in-mission collectibles for it. No need to continue advertising the feature with those, if it's fallen behind the couch like that.
  15. I will say that, with the 50% coupon being fairly common, and loads of "bonus" plat in the higher-priced packages, I don't see any value whatsoever in the 20% coupon, to motivate me to ever redeem one rather than waiting. So I would genuinely take some starmap materials over it. To me, that says, he had a point, he was just making it rather more brusquely than a game as reasonably monetized as Warframe really deserves.
  16. I love the idea of a quiver slot, that can take different payloads. Exploding arrows, whistling distraction arrows, bodkins for vastly increased punch-through, bolas for instantly capturing a target, stopping a cowardly lich from running away, or rendering standard enemies vulnerable to mercy.
  17. Too true. My primary is a rifle or a bow 99% of the time specifically for the sprint buff. Well, that and because Ignis Wraith is a quality of life wonder, and Proboscis Cernos is a beast. Agreed on Jackal. It pulls in some of my least favorite boss fight tropes: Invincible until you do the thing, which you can't do until the boss does it's long, unskippable, uninterruptible thing. Speaking of which, hay guyz, we heard you like shmups! Oh, and it's also an excuse to use this thing that's barely a gameplay mechanic except for parts we (re)wrote around it. Animation time. Put the controller down for a sec, and take a sip of your drink. Riveting. That thing you did? Do it again and again. That's it. That's the fight. When I did this a bunch to get normal Rhino to feeed meee, seymour, I just took a loadout that can facetank its spam and saunter over like a locksmith paid by the hour to gank it with the parazon.
  18. Warframes: If you've advanced far enough, try to get a Naramon focus lens to start leveling up the melee affinity bonus, and blender things in normal Sanctuary Onslaught, since you can't level frames in public ESO, which requires rank 30. Go as far as you can, even if the group bails, as the affinity only really gets good here as you progress further. If you're not that far along, farm void relics and/or buy them from a syndicate, and run lots of public void fissures. Leveling is great, but getting prime parts you'll need, maybe even some spares you can sell for platinum or trade in for ducats, along the way, is pretty important. These void fissures can also be quite spread out all over the map, so you'll be getting materials at the same time. Also, play public Railjack. It'll level your stuff a bit, including the gear you're wearing and your present or future personal Railjack's mod capacity. As a bonus, it's a tremendous source of credits, and it's relatively easy to find groups that run three or four nodes, or a whole system, at a time. Weapons: Take a rank 30 warframe, preferably with a focus lens, into public Elite Sanctuary Onslaught and Sorties, with the weapons you're leveling equipped. Groups in ESO, and groups in Sorties, with the exception of a really bad rotation like Lua Rescue or certain Assassinate objectives, generally don't mind whether you're doing any real heavy lifting. Somebody in your squad is going to be nuking the enemies. Stay relatively close to them to remain in affinity range. And blender things. General: Isolation Vault bounties on Deimos are good for leveling AND making progress with the Entrati faction. They're relatively quick, and the rewards are good, with the exception of credits. Sometimes the enemies just swarm you relentlessly, which is great for affinity. Getting the last couple levels with a frame or a weapon, especially a melee weapon, can also be done taking Phorid out three times for a Nightwave bounty, and has the bonus of putting Leather Hawkeye on your scent, to be farmed for his blueprints. And if you're doing great on materials, parts for prime weapons and warframes, and progress with your factions, but aren't getting enough weapons and frames leveled fast enough, consider picking up an affinity booster. Or if you play fairly casually, wait for a bonus affinity event weekend, and then buy a booster to get even more leveling and/or focus farming done during that time. Don't swing for the fences buying a whole month, you'll probably burn out from feeling the need to make the most of it. Under normal circumstances, with a slow trickle of new gear from the foundry and no multiple-forma build in the works, there are better things to spend your platinum on than boosters. Especially if your loadout isn't full of focus lenses. You'll hit cap on syndicates way early, level your gear, and not have enough materials, progress with factions, spare slots from Nightwave, or credits to have more already building. Because it's rare that the best way to get one is also the best way to get the others.
  19. Next TennoCon, please consider making the exclusive drops part of the wider all-day, or all-weekend, event. Instead of "everybody get online at once" and then the servers start smoking in their racks because, surprise, surprise, everybody got online at once. Because it's a lot easier to get excited, and stay excited, about great new things for Warframe if we can log in and play Warframe.
  20. My only real complaint with nightwave is that I look at the offerings and say, well that looks nice, but I need Nitain Extract. Since that resource is severely bottlenecked, here. That's a problem that's slowly going away as I get more stuff built that requires it. But there's a real odd mix of stuff to buy with intermission credits, between the merely cosmetic and the essential goods.
  21. I like the idea, but I'm also glad someone else suggested it. Because I knew the MLG Call of Duty 720 no scope crowd would light up the board with their hot takes. This is a game, first and foremost, of fluid movement and melee combat where you can shoot things in the face with a single-target rifle instead, but it's rarely Plan A. Because first of all, it takes ages to finish some fairly routine missions by picking enemies off one at a time with a low rate of fire weapon that doesn't go boom and ragdoll the whole mob at once. And second, even Captain MacMillan in a sick gaming chair, amply supplied with Game Fuel and Irn Bru, would probably concede that it takes far less time to be right on top of those enemies in blender mode. Even if he takes time to deliver his trademark, "Oi, Suzy! A mod, or perhaps a selection of mods with different tradeoffs, that can help put steel on target a little faster, is an idea worth exploring. It might just help some of this game's very cool, but also underutilized, single-target weapons, see more action.
  22. Remember, there are no dumb questions. Now here's my dumb question. Do we need to have a key in our inventory, as an actual item, for the Tennocon Relay? Even after playing for several years on another platform, and starting over on PC, I don't recall ever being to the relay during this auspicious time. So it hasn't come up. But now, I've purchased the Tennocon digital pack (and farmed relics like crazy) to bring my PC account up to par with my console Tenno on Primed mods and such. While I assume that it's not in my inventory because there's no in-game item to reflect this server-side access, it would put me at ease to have this confirmed by someone who knows firsthand. Thank you.
  23. To "force" you to use a secondary that's probably leagues better than any primary in your arsenal. Obviously. Seriously, I'm with you. Quality of Life over some bauble we have to carry to the "point" that can be picked up by an AFK-prone or obsessively collectible-hunting teammate.
  24. And get her a skin like Bruntspar, for those of us who like our mechs to look a little less like WH40K dreadnought cosplay.
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