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  1. They can take inspiration from ghoust of thusima game. And making melee combat different from what warframes having. If they can make it right paradox world can bee totally different experience and amazing game mod to have in this game, that can expand and make game even more interesting in totally next level.
  2. Big tnx man. Im always excited to see your work. And take your time but dont to much because like I said im always happy to see your new skins and specially on frames that i like... And there is not much skins in vanila samurai vibe so there is that. Wukong wuold also look badass in this style, and he already have potential to look like samurai. And his prime body looks amazing on every tennogen skins looks cool so that is even better reason for 1 more demonic vanila oni samurai design... 🤔😏
  3. Yea in the end i whose more thinking about helmet shape 😁, so scratch that effects in the end that is just the bonus. I like the helmet because its like in Excalibur and Ash are combined and we got that on Revenant... And just because they are weary unique from other helmets that we got... So this what i whose hoping to see more on other frames, that have good potential with that similar direction and style. For example Yatus did create something totally different from original look and its totally different from other mushroom head helmets. And it works totally perfectly with other skin and s
  4. Insted of energy looking effect on helmet you can make ice looking things like what we have some helmet for him with ice beard... And with this head shape direction it can bee good also on deluxe body 😏👌
  5. WOOW, now that is badass... There is hope for this frame and this amazing skin... And hope to see wukong skin. Because he have similar vibe on prime body like something that you did create on other warframe skins.... Vanila Oni sci fi ninja design that i like very much. 😏👏🍻 And yea 1 more thing, i think frost alt helmet can go in this similar direction like what you share right here...
  6. At first 2 cinematic qusts they did go in the right direction, but now they just go in something totally bad way that its just nothing special like what whose before....
  7. Yea i know but i want to see some demo video gameplay something even some new arts
  8. Paradox news when???? i know its for next year but i whose thinking to see some new art,video or something even more about that update....
  9. This is interesting design, but this skin needs PBR and some parts of the skin and helmet is missing little more detail to look more modern. At first second from mini image looks cook but in close you can see something is missing... And 1 more thing, dax soldiers are full with metal texture parts...
  10. All that is possible and that make sense knowing DE is that we can have is that after M. Rank 30 we don't have to level up new things levels and upcoming frames.... They wuold bee already max and that wuold make sense and thats it...
  11. I love the game but it becomes older and older and only way to improve the game is not about add new missions or new maps, its about changing gameplay with improved movement animation sounds and better combat that can look modern... For example devil may cry or god of war 1,2,3 having good and cool combat but don't look modern compared to modern games and new versions.... This is something im interest to see
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