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  1. Vlada91

    Thor themed Volt Skin

    his arms 2 look more like this and the rest of his boy in this direction
  2. Vlada91

    Operator age?

    in cetus they are like some weary short peapol look npc on fortuna in your logic they are 3m? so in the end Cetus npc are not normal they are short race....i have nephew who is 8 year old and he is tall like operator kids....
  3. Vlada91

    Venetian Carnival Contest is Live!

    ides for this mask is like some steam-pank skeleton with broken part on his right side and from that energy smoke is coming from that eye,gold is metallic and red is more like carbon texture.... i hope you like it 😊
  4. Vlada91

    Operator age?

    They look like 10 or max 12years old...and definitely they are not 15 or 16 because their body is not grown for that age and + they look small like kids in 10 or 12 years old.
  5. Wukong-Revenant,big like on this 1 because its 1000times better from original....
  6. Nice job,its better then what we have with his normal look.
  7. Vlada91

    Wukong Deluxe and Atlas Deluxe when?

    Atlas deluxe is just not for this game,because he looks like some enemy from War Craft. But Wukong looks amazing and im hoping that is coming soon with some good rework.
  8. Vlada91

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    When can we have new normal hairstyles for mele operator,and why we are getting 2 female frames and not mele frame? And where is wukong deluxe? And can we have like some new missions when you can playe just with operators and not your frame....
  9. Vlada91

    Ostron Outfits for Operators. DE, PLEASE!

    very interesting.....
  10. Baruuk is interesting new frame,but he needs some helmet that is not like some male-ding dong. Imagine him with some cool helmet that is in your style and skin....he would bee weary good looking and interesting to playe him again,because his last power is just pure fun... he can become new poster boy 😏
  11. Vlada91

    Wulp, no devstream today 🤷

    I whose thinking the same thing 😂😏
  12. Vlada91

    Fluctus Arch-gun facelift called Ragnarok

    Looks cool and unique
  13. What frame is going to bee next,some new or older frame?