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  1. Simple if is 2 complicated then is not going to bee accepted.... and ok 15$ for the skin is more right price for something like that...
  2. I know that we can't,but reason to bee accepted and for DE to fix all attachments that works on this body shape skin. They for example can accept skins like this but only 3 in 1 tennogen round. And then if this is something more complicated,then if normal skin with helmet is 7-10$ then this version for changing full body shape skin with helmet need to have bigger price. Its only right thing to do. Its much more work for DE and player that create so that's why need to bee 20$. And if some player can pay 60$ for some prime bundle,then I don't see why not for skin that is like that....
  3. Yea its another disappointment,I whose hoping for bigger rug...
  4. Vlada91

    Redo old prime skins

    Yes we need new version for prime frost,because he look the same like normal version....its shame
  5. I hope DE accepted your skin add some fix for armor attachments that works on that body shape and price for this skin to bee 20 or 25$...and then everyone is happy...because its a special skin.
  6. Yea DE we all want this in the game. I know that reason we don't is because armor attachments need to fix for all different body shape and you dont have time for all that. But what if you can choose just 3 skins that they have different models like some new deluxe but its tennogen and its not 7$ but its 25$ for that tennogen skins that have different model shape design skins... then I don't see why not. 🤔😊😏
  7. Vlada91

    Casual clothes for warframes

    Wtf is wrong with you,DE is not from Russia. How you imagine for them to understand,and you start title in English and add texts in Russian. Where you going with this direction??
  8. Vlada91

    Poor Umbra...

    Weary good point.... 🤔
  9. You can go Revanent frame,Frost or Excal...
  10. Vlada91

    Volt Raitonin Alt Helm

    Big like on this dude. Can you create now this similar helmet for excal because is going to look cool on umbra. And similar design helmet can look amazing for frost...please 😊👍🍻
  11. Woow,I just loving to see frame helmet with a hood. And I can say that you are much better from graxx dude. Because your hood helmet looks 1000% better... I just hope to see more in that hood direction. Imagine just alt hood helmet for Excal on Umbra body and his scarf combine with hood. 😏👍
  12. Somthing is brocken in forum and with imgur....
  13. Yea Revenant need some skin love 😬😁
  14. Vlada91

    Baruuk Feedback/Ideas

    Or when flash vibes,or matrix neo,or some other cool dude that have something similar to this... And yea he have similar powers from the older frames, but all this powers are very good and interesting to combine. For me he is going to bee in top 3 best frames. Look for example excal become poster boy when he got reworked and add excalted blade. Back then he whose 1 big nothing. This new frame is something that weary big number likes and they desperately need to have more and more frames in that excal direction. Maybe wukong is not the best,but this 1 whose success. He is just new fun killing machine and this is what we all waiting for a long time. (Thanks DE for listening the community) 😏🍺👍 And yea 1 more thing,from what I can see you like press to winn,but 80% players don't...because what's the point.
  15. Vlada91

    Tips for dealing with level 40 enemies?

    Dont get kill and shoot first 😁👍👊