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  1. Cool sword and nice armor shoulders, but can you add hologram effect on the back of the armor shoulder similar to sword. So that when you on the move you have cool effects
  2. Are we going to get the list on this day or what???
  3. Power 1 on Ember is combined with power 2 so power 3 wuold make more sense to have as his power for all frames....
  4. Yea put this frame is little complicated then that, its basically 2 frames in 1
  5. I just interested to see if we are getting more then just 1 power fron Equinox frame... That specific frame i think is going to bee weary interesting just for that.
  6. With some skin and extra gold material we can have his look but helmet is 1 big thing that we actually need so that he can bee in his design direction.... And now having arma armor attachments maybe someone can create to be cloth around that arms to look like dax soldiers that they have and combine all that in 1 for perfect dax style...
  7. Im more about legs and helmet, but its nat fear that female chest armor giving belt skitr cloth and male chest part dont.... So it wuold bee cool to have at least that option to have on male and female armor chest...
  8. Ok her some cool fashion...Ghost of Tsushima style 🙂
  9. In every new open world we are getting some cool outfits for our operators. In this upcoming we will probably get something in prime variants because home town and that old school void world direction and design that are shown. And i think i t wuold have some similarity to this armour set and dax soldiers in general... Then we can combined and creating maybe even more special and unique style that is fitting to what we want to achieve. But in the end with mature operator all this wuold bee even better and make more sense for trying to make then to look cool...
  10. Share some of your fashion and what you all think about all this...
  11. And i think we need cloth/skirt similar to Teshin in the middle of the legt and attach to waist on belt part and just cover this empty space in the middle of the legs...more options is always good and this is last part that this outfit set just dont have like a options....
  12. Heres my example: I just wish that female armor legs and helmet can bee done for male like some options to have all 2 style changing how we like 🙂 in the end i like that we can share some fashion that low level players cant have this that easy like veteran players...this is 1 good reason why i did get all this...And im hoping for paradox update to see how my mature operator will look like in this cool fashion 🙂
  13. Because they don't know how to create this....
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