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  1. Woow dude this frame will become my favourite because of this cool skin....Nice job!
  2. Im 100% shore that they are forgotten about all this 😂 in the last minute they can give some random alert to get old things back to collect and thats it.... 🤔😏
  3. Ultimate skin to replace all frames that we have...
  4. So this tennogens is coming when?? 🤔
  5. Actually that head version on the Frost is my head shape from real life so how do i think about that... That im lucifer in warframe world? 😏🤔
  6. for fun,its just 2 bad i cant share to make it work in the game or
  7. for fun here example what i did
  8. No problem i understand you and i love positive criticism and when its someone interested in what im doing... So don't you worry im not like rest of them when they dont see some else ideas and understanding about the design...
  9. Yea but some armors gives tenno bigger body shape,in mature look can work the same way :) maybe chest size i need to resize but i think all the rest is ok for him...
  10. I whose working on this 3D model and create him to look like this what you can see in this example.
  11. I think it wuold bee cool to not have objective right away, but instead to start mission part by part. For example kill 30 enemy all in 1 room after that some enemy brake the lock on the dor so that you cant move on. Then we need to find different secret room to continue our mission. After that capture then defend something in order to move to next level then they poot you some traps that you need to make alive in survival mod for 5 minutes. And then you killl 3 mini bosses or something like that make some explosives and you left with 1min to escape before everything got exploded... And in eve
  12. Even if we have new weapons or a new warframes and cosmetic or even sone cinematic lore that is always welcome. Missions types are old and didn't got some much love... Spy missions are only that whose change for the better long time ago and everything else its staying the same. So do we want more variants for example survival, captures or some other type of mission to bee change or get some new cool additions? For example having more objectives and that they are rewording and fun to have them. Like every part of the map that we are playing in different way then just jumping around to finsh som
  13. Update 30 name is paradox or what? 😏😁
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