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  1. Its whose so long ago, i dont remember. But probably not so fancy colors, maybe tenno palette i think...
  2. We all want that, also yea about Anthem they did something really good with that... Its different and better engine so they can have that. But with DE in warframe is probably little older method. But yea more options are always welcome. Also if we want to go that far. We can ask to have ultimate skins that can replace any frames with syndicat npc characters that we can buy and use them. They are part in reiljack we can already use them to add armors and syandanas and repainting them. So it wuold bee also cool if we can play with them. Like for example replace warframe that you want with that specific syndicate look... Looking new war now this days everything can be possible...
  3. Do you all think that Tenshin, Corpus and Grinneer dude will be like some alt skin for use to use and replace on all warframes... Or just another npc for our reiljack? 🤔
  4. Or just have another game mod to choose to play without leveling sistem. Like more realistic aprouch. Playing with what frame and weapons you want. Ignoring all the mods and leveling. Just have mechanic when you built or buy weapon use it just for fun and thats it. No more sponges enemy with killing level 100 enemies. And im forced to play with sniper because he have best damage for example then any other weapon and i even dont like snipers. Who is crazy enough and have time to farm every mod to max and everything else's. This game need to relax because its not rpg its something totally unnecessary. Game is interesting in so many way and having option to just play and enjoy the game wuold be even better without leveling and moding.
  5. Yes duviri paradox something something its the name after new war...
  6. Maybe after this update we will have to choose game mod to play without leveling up and levels on enemies and weapons. But just simple action that looks more realistic. And also all this look like some type of tutorial and maybe its because we will have new play style even after we finish new war... So maybe we can get to costumes this characters
  7. All i ever want is paradox update. For the rest of the things i dont care..... Seens i seen paradox that only important things that i wish to play and that will change the game for the better in a long run.... All this ridiculous things that we are getting is just copy paste and nothing special to see....
  8. Do you all think we will also get some news about Paradox update or what? 🤔
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