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  1. It would be nice if we can have mirrored animations for when players change what side our camera is on while playing.
  2. May we have mirrored animations for when we changed what side we put our camera on? I remember asking this question a few years ago now.
  3. Will we ever get mirrored animations for those people who liked swapping what side their camera is on? It would be nice to have better weapon and reticule lining up while the camera is on the left side. If melee stances get mirrored it'll also be nice to attacked mirrored like.
  4. I'm probably not going to enjoy any of the new sortie rewards at all. Really difficult missions for things I can get easily outside sortie... Looking at you Formas. If you have to have these minor things in the sorties please just add 2 rewards we get at the end of sorties. A common reward and a higher reward.
  5. Something I brought up in one of the much earlier devstreams. Can't remember what one but it was about 3 years ago now? Will we ever get our animations mirrored for when we change what side our camera is on? I would like to have my camera to the left and have the gun held properly. Also would find it interesting to see melee animations mirrored while doing so.
  6. My interest in the Caustacyst died. Wish you guys will fix other aspects of melee before nerfing these things.
  7. I brought this up before possibly around 2 years ago. My question is. Will we ever get our gun and/or melee weapon animations mirrored when we change what side our camera is on? I just want to be able to use the camera on the left side and possibly have weapons possibly held lefty style while doing so.
  8. This is a question I've asked a long time ago but I feel it needs to be brought up again. We have a button that allows us to change what side our camera is on when playing Warframe. Sadly when using the camera on the left side of your frame your animations and shots do not line up, which is especially noticable when directly infront of an enemy. Will it be possible to get these animations mirrored when we swap what side our camera is on?
  9. I brought up this question a few years back and feel I should do it again. What are your thoughts on mirroring all the animations to go with the hotkey we could bind to swap what side our shoulder cam is on. I would still love if I could aim on the left side of my frame without any inaccuracy since the animations don't seem to line up.
  10. I'm not fond of the current 3v3 matchups. Ever since the change I've been having a frustrating time losing 2-12. Honestly I think the check system needs a look at. Also there's nothing stopping a player on the other team from check spamming the person trying to be goalie. Been in multiple games where this has happen and my teammate complains that a person is just doing that to him/her. Would be great to have the ability to punish check spam. Possibly a charged swing to knock back spammers with iFrames to stop the knockdown from happening to them. Also wouldn't be abusable if it slows your movement to a walk. Another thing that annoys me specifically is when you're shooting and there is a teammate standing right behind you. Quite a few times I got confused by suddenly giving the ball to the guy behind.
  11. Now something I feel like asking after testing. Did the Redeemer use to get redirected by Mag's Bullet Attractor? Doesn't seem to redirect Redeemer shots.
  12. I'm just curious what the hell is in a Warframe. It bleeds and everything. Probably something like the infested in a more control form for our Tenno RC Puppets? What is in there that is referenced by some of our enemies? We know it has no eyes, and Alad V says whatever it is "It doesn't make sense." I wonder if it'll bother people if our Warframes are pretty much Hive minds to our "Tenno." To this I'm just going to point out that some Tenno thought they were the Warframes. It's pretty much one of the first dialogues they say like "I thought I was..." Only thing I can say to that. Perhaps these Tennos didn't really end there on those stories. Or they only owned that one frame and got nothing else to go back to if it's never recovered. Putting the Tenno in a bodyless state to project itself.
  13. Flux, It was my favorite before dmg 2.0 I loved it for the 100% to stagger enemies all the time... Now it's slash... Supra, Dera, Tetra, just anything like those. Attica, Nice idea, just not effective. Panthera... Nothing should be worse then the parental parts. NOTHING. Tiberon, Burston, burst fire weapons. Just give them a bit more damage. Some need better other stats. Simulor, the non syndicate. I mean really? Torid? I feel it's not doing the damage it should from clouds. Still a fantastic CC weapon but ya... Only so far.
  14. As long I can finish this unbuttered popcorn and like what I'm seeing. Still though speed farming is pretty much gone with Mesa. Though I wonder what will happen if I plug in my rollerball thumb mouse and keep spinning around now.
  15. EDIT: Survival may just be the only major thing bugged "me thinks."
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