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  1. Not sure how to word this --- But, I feel Defy doesn't work well with Wukong after the rework. I feel the duration isn't long enough and having to recast it -and just SIT in the middle of enemies to take damage - isn't really a good skill (you just float around doing nothing (*unlike Harrow's 4th). It's like a bad *Oberon Armor buff that runs out way to fast, also it always restarts at 50 armor. I feel that if you get it up to 1500 armor, it should stay at 1500 armor when recasted. Also, make the duration 2x longer - would help NON-duration builds. I know the Olf Defy was a a Set it and Forget it kind of Skill - but even Rhino's Iron Skin is Set it and forget it - and better. I also feel Atlas' Armor Passive Mechanic lasts longer than Defy. I just put this together on the fly - thought?
  2. Many players many have or many not have understood what the Role of the GOTL was. But, to me - and many others - it was to play along side of other wonderful Warframe players. I looked forward to everyday - to help others in and outside this great game. No words can express how amazing it was to be GOTL and be someone to Guide a Fellow Tenno in Need. ---People may have looked down at us at times because of our Mantle ---but to me it was not about the Sigil or Armor - but the Hope and Love DE has for it's Community. The GOTL's were created for everyone. I look forward to helping out of players ---everyone here matters. ---I will always be here to help and Guide in Field.
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