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  1. Selling these riven mods, I'm down to negotiate the prices, just message me in game or in here: Acrid Conci-argitio (rolled once), Madurai, MR13 5% Damage to Grineer 10.8% Projectile Speed 9.1% Eletricity Daikyu Decitak, Madurai, MR13 6.8% Reload Speed 14.1% Satus Duration Snipetron Toxitio, Madurai, MR12 17% Toxin 14.5% Electricity 6.3% Weapon Recoil
  2. Make only 5 available, one for each tier; Only endless missions (survival, defense, disruption, interference, infested salvage, defection), to incentivize opening multiple relics in a single session. I would even say make the rotations similar to arbitration (AABBCCC...) to emphasize longer runs; Make void traces drops instead of mission rewards, so you can basically refine your relics mid-session with the traces you just got. I think this would would improve greatly the relic system overall. Thoughts?
  3. Yes, my bad for calling them caches. I feel like CD and PoE are pretty generous regarding these resources.
  4. What I meant is that, in comparison, there are more resource 'caches' in Deimos than Fortuna, making farming faster and more accessible.
  5. Compared to Cambion Drift, Orb Vallis feels boring and less interesting imo. I don't mind the bounties, I'm talking mostly about the activities like fishing, mining and farming environment resources. Mining can be buggy sometimes (dots not appearing or animal companions getting on the way), but on Vallis specifically they're rare compared to the other landscapes, mostly found inside caves or near their entrances. Fishing can also be annoying, with short 6min warm cycle and ocasional bug where the lure+dye being thrown on the hotspots not spawning any fish at all. Resource caches are usually found inside caves or near the outposts. On the other hand, Cambion Drift is quite the opposite, in most caves or any part of the surface area, you can easily farm environment resources, fish and mine at the same time, you can get bonuse drops on Requiem Obellisks while you're at it. Fishing here is definetely less frustrating, you can easily respawn them by just walking a little bit and returning to the hotspot. That's just how I feel about Orb Vallis atm. What are your thoughts on the state of the landscape after the release of Cambion Drift?
  6. nice, also pls fix Fobos not showing its resources while in the extratctor menu.
  7. Check the wiki and/or the in-game market, see what they do and if it fits your playstyle. Make a small list of the frames you're interested and we can give some more detailed info.
  8. Stuck in the pilot seat, then archwing bug:
  9. Correct, that's why, in the showcase, Sheldon left the squad from his phone and rejoined from Xbox with the same account.
  10. The Arbiters of Hexis left shoulder attachment isn't working properly on all Gara skins, except Kaleida, it stays underneath her right shoulder. I don't have any many attachments so I can't confirm if it's actually bugged with other armor sets.
  11. Weren't we supposed to get additional credits for the junctions rewards change? Can someone confirm this please? Thank you.
  12. In the extractor menu, Fobos doesn't show its resources.
  13. The slots aren't the problem, I just think we need more options, other than selling for credits, just like cutting fish or discarding built railjack components for resources.
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