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  1. Hello! Here's my simple idea.

    In public places we can see a name of the player's clan under his nickname. Why not just add a "Guide of the Lotus" line above player's nickname or under it, instead of player's clan name (just hide clan name)? Maybe even add an option to turn on and off this line in settings, for cases when GotL wants to appear "off duty".

    Oh, and prohibit to use "Guide(-s) of the Lotus" as a name of a clan, if it is not yet prohibited.

  2. I have a few questions.

    • Will you, in the nearest future, take significant time to improve new or returning players' experience?For example, explaining "how and where you get resources", "why you can't do curtain things atm", "what has changed, since your last visit", etc? Wiki is good and all, but ingame surce of info is better.
    • Will you take another look at resources? Their rarity, variety, places where you getting them from?The number of unique resources is piling up. I do understand, that you'll need to keep "grind" working for old players, but it's starting to look ridiculous.
  3. 4 minutes ago, TESTAMENTEXE said:

    Personally, it would be more of a distraction more then being useful if anything. Plus I would rather the DE to work on much more important matters that would actually affect our gameplay. Nothing personal, just sharing my voice

    Actually, work time piont is valid.

  4. I'd like to see this not as "exclusive to Prime Warframes", but as "accessory you can buy in Prime Access pack/Market/get in a game/etc that you can turn on/off".

  5. 5 hours ago, Happik21 said:

    Писал в тех.поддержку, мне ответили что в данной ситуации поможет VPN так как я играю в варфрейм со Стима, а там как я почитал на форумах за VPN банят. Мне бы хотел узнать что же делать. Живу я в Евросоюзе. Заранее спасибо за ответ. 

    Вот тебе выдержка из "Соглашения подписчика Steam":


    Вы соглашаетесь не использовать IP-прокси или другие методы, позволяющие скрыть Ваше место жительства, с целью обойти географические ограничения на игровой контент, приобрести игру по цене, не соответствующей Вашему региону, или по любой другой причине. В противном случае Valve может блокировать Ваш доступ к Аккаунту.

    По сути, да, использование Steam при игре через VPN будет нарушением соглашения со Steam и можно словить бан аккаунта Steaam. Лично я слышал про баны из-за использования VPN только тех, кто менял регион для покупок игр дешевле чем в своём регионе, но чем чёрт не шутит...

    Если хочешь перестраховаться, то можно воспользоваться способом конвертации Steam-версии в самостоятельную, описанным здесь, или же сделать так: создать ярлык файла Launcher.exe, лежащего в папке: ~\Steam\steamapps\common\Warframe\Tools - с параметрами " -cluster:public -registry:Steam" (добавлять без скобок после написанного в "ПКМ по ярлыку - Свойства - Объект") и запускай через него.

  6. In my opinion, both splitting mod into 3 parts and making Vacuum an universal mod are not a really good ideas.

    With first option, we getting either 3 slots used by these mods, which will lower the efficient of Sentinels; either 1-2 slots used by them, which will lower amount of pickups and increase amount of lost pickups (glitched, fell in a pit, etc.). Lost slots either way.

    With second option we are getting another "must-use-mod", like Serration... Yeah, that's worse than the first option, we, at least, had a choice there.

    Vacuum, again, in my opinion, should be a passive ability of every Sentinel. That will make them more useful, which is needed because of kubrows and kavats.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Dualstar said:

    Theres only one thing im not seeing here.

    Why is it a good idea in the first place?

    Brings a variety of what you can do in mission, except already existing things - mission objective, cephalon fragments, scanning enemies and flowers, etc. And gives one more reason to have all da frames, and use more of them (at least for a few missions). IMO, of course.. ;)

    2 minutes ago, Cano_Lathra said:

    The reason the orokin treasure rooms and the Halls of Ascension on Lua work is because they can be completed with several different warframes. What you are proposing would be very annoying as you would repeatedly run across rooms that you didn't have the right warframe for. This would cause them to be considered useless, unless you put exclusive content behind them, in which case people would start complaining about how unfair it is to have content (these rooms) locked behind other content (warframes) that are locked behind other content (bosses/quests) that are locked behind even more content (the star chart/rail challenges). I can only see this leading to a lot of complaining and in-fighting, which is the last thing DE needs right now.

    Or you can make that these rooms will appear only on a specific missions/planets (like Oberon room only on Oberon mission, etc), or according to warframe which are present at the start of the mission, or based on time rotation, etc.

  8. Hello, Warframe Community.

    There is a lot of different "rooms" (tiles) in warframe. Some of them are common, some of them are more rare, some of them are used only for specific missions and only few of them are really fun and interesting (at least for me), like spy rooms, "Treasure Rooms" in Void, and "Halls of Ascension" on Lua. I like those tiles, I really do, expecially Treasure Rooms and Halls of Ascension, because they are not a part of the mission, they like a sidequest inside the quest, that you may do, but not need to.

    I'm here with the similar idea. What if, there will be tiles that can be compleated ONLY with a specific warframe? A tile only for Nova, or only for Loki and so on.

    Easiest example. Imagine a room filled with machinery. Grineer's rooms always filled with it, so imagine it. In this room you have 7 usable consoles, but hacking them does nothing for you. Even with full party you're unable to use them all, and they do nothing. But when you visit this room as a Nekros... I think you got an idea at this point - you use Shadows Of The Dead, and your shadows use those consoles for you, opening a threasure room/activating a teleport/lore heaven/any other thing.

    Another easy example. Room with few big "power cells" in a wall which are powering some kind of Corpus' forcefield. And the only way to desable it, is to pull these cells out with Valkyr's Rip Line.

    Those examples are simple, but just for explanation of the idea purposes, and I hope you got it. I'd like to hear your opinion about it in comments, as well as your ideas for those tiles, if you liked it. :3

    P.S.: English isn't my native language, so if you found any mistakes, please, let me know. :)

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