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  1. No I was just trying to save you time and resources.
  2. You won’t need nearly that many reactors. 8-10 is all you should ever need.
  3. One problem I am seeing 8-10 rooms before you get to a reactor. It’s been a long time since I built mine, but I don’t think that many rooms can be built without a reactor. The easiest way would be to plan for your reactor section and needed halls being first. The real meat and potatoes of the dojo comes after those. If you want big rooms to build off of, you can use the Inspiration Hall which is not shown in most planners. It is another large blank hall with 6 point set of entry like the grandest hall. You can have 3 of those. My suggestion would be build first few halls and reactors on one floor and then move up or down.
  4. Yes that course is a leftover from the first parkour system. You are better off using the Obstacle Architect room as it can be customized to your liking. I don't think its impractical as it is all subject to preference. My layout minus a few random gardens
  5. Also, parkour 2.0 made the obstacle course useless, so build one for the points and trash it. The new dueling room load system made having more than one a complete waste of resources.
  6. You’re boxing yourself in for future content. Large rooms like the dry dock require 3 floors. With your current layout, it may be difficult to add more large rooms in the future. When designing my dojo, I tried to save resources and cutdown on rooms, as we do have a cap. All of my reactors and prerequisite halls on the mid level. All labs, dueling room and dry dock on the top floor and the lowest floor was for random gardens. Using garden to connect things cut down on the hallways I needed saving forma, time and space.
  7. This has been a request for as long as we’ve had a foundry. If it hasn’t happened in 6 years, I’m not sure it will now.
  8. When you have played the game so long that nothing is challenging, it is You who much create the challenge. No one is forcing you to use a min/max meta builds for every mission. I often have fun going sword alone, with no mods. Every mission type, every challenging task that has been created has a simple way to achieve success. Once that method is discovered, it becomes trivial as it is now viewed as “the only way to do it”. The problem you would run into with our community is that any new “difficult task” would quickly become easy with the right builds. My suggestion is always to slow down and enjoy the game a bit without being a try-hard about it. Look at Railjack. Most people think the only way to do it I say with archwing, when if you apply yourself a little more, you can have a powerhouse ship.
  9. I’ve managed a few decent things, but no good reactor yet. MKIII Vidar apoc and cryophon, Zetki Shield array for that fast recharge and engine for max boost.
  10. As I never pay attention to little things like that in my arsenal, a picture would help. My only thought on why the sword would be held blade side up is because that is the way a samurai would hold one of their swords.
  11. If you are looking to get some kind of feedback, I would suggest using English as DE and the majority of the player base speaks English. That being said, my German is rusty. Changing your clan does not effect your personal railjack at all. If the other clan has a dry dock, you’re okay.
  12. I agree that it should at the very least be consistent.
  13. I would absolutely love my Shedu, if it would fire. Every mission I start off being able to use it, only to find myself mashing the fire button to no avail later.
  14. I’d be a fan of auto pickup of any resources, components and avionics that come from ships, or destroyed crates. Given that the field is so large, it is very easy to miss things that have a dreadful drop rate.
  15. My comment worked with components and avionics. Lavan is low cost low effect (lower Avionic cost and lower values). I have seen all the charts and understand how it works. If you think Zetki is better than all others, you will be running for only 4-5 avionics maxed and that’s it. Using Vidar avionics for some things, Lavan for others and the few Zetki here Andy there means you can have a variety of avionics to help your ship be more well rounded. The only Zetki avionics I use currently is a maxed bulkhead. At its cost of around 17, it is the equivalent to an umbra mod.
  16. No house is “worse” than the other. Yes certain houses have their strengths that are stronger than other houses. Guns are a great example. Lavan are not “worse”, they just do lower damage and have a higher overheat threshold. Vidar is not “worse” then Zetki, they just do slightly less damage but do not over heat in .2 seconds. Some would rather be able to lay on the trigger and track targets, other want to try for the single shots. The components and houses are designed that way so everyone has gear for the play style they prefer. Because everyone has their own play style, there is no clear “best” item for railjack. I think the only thing most would agree is a clear “best” is Vidar MKIII reactor and that is purely for capacity purposes. The whole system is up for changes and will eventually get rebalanced, but as for now I would suggest figuring out hose each house is different. Lavan lower cost, lower effect. Zetki high cost, high effect. Vidar right down the middle.
  17. This is one instance where being a console player is a blessing. If someone were to do this on PSN after being reported ingame has a high likelihood of getting them banned from the network. Report on every platform. In each report state that this is one of several platforms this person is harassing you. Screenshot msgs that come in warframe to use in reports to DE. Having screenshots from multiple platforms could actually be evidence in legal action.
  18. Oh no. People would have to actually learn how to railjack. The horror.
  19. To be fair, if there was a Riven Trade chat, most of us would have a much easier time trading. Get rid of rivens in chat and everything else cleans up easy.
  20. I have never once wanted to try speed run missions. The only people I’ve ever known to do that are Draco MR28’s who play warframe for several weeks and get burnt out. I play the game to actually play and when someone does that, slingshot and teleport work faster at the moment.
  21. I never bothered to look for a special strategy. One crew member with Tactical 4 + Gunner 4 can take out a crew ship in a matter of seconds without needing to work too hard. The hardest part is getting players to actually take out crew ships.
  22. I have a small ghost clan that has plenty of room. Prior military and parent myself so nights (EST)are also my free time. Fully researched dojo and railjack ready for the Veil.
  23. My standard Kavat was named Taters, so my vasca was named Count Taters
  24. I was wondering when the next one of these posts would come up. It seems like once or twice a month since the game came out. Auction houses destroy trading, Diablo III is a prime example. It would guarantee the low ballers always get the trades or the prices get driven up so much that people don’t even bother trading anymore. You can now filter things in the chat tab to weed out some of the unwanted clutter, except Rivers still seem to appear no matter the filter. While DE has already rolled their eyes a million times at the suggestion of auction house, I feel they might be more open to something like a Riven trade chat tab. That would clean up trading chat by leaps and bounds.
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