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  1. “Nightwave series II” or Snoozefest round II?
  2. They have been slowly adding things or changing them ever since they started twitch prime rewards. It would stand to reason to think more content would come in the future.
  3. I haven’t hit 25 yet and I’m already burned out from grinding for peanuts. I will comeback when we have railjack or the new quest. Nightwave is not a reason for me to keep playing, its the reason I’d stop.
  4. 90 days of boosters is a very good value especially when you consider you are also getting a nice bit of platinum and exclusive cosmetics. I’ve always been more keen to buying accessories packs over full Prime Access because other than plat, you just get farmable warframe and weapons. Accessories Pack seems like the better true value.
  5. The 8 bounty Nightwave is the April fools joke.
  6. The PS4 one returns every year on the system’s warframe anniversary. One could assume the same would be true for Xbox. If I remember, Xbox got warframe in September of 2014 so keep an eye out for it later in the summer.
  7. Unfortunately you can only get warframe arcanes from eidolons with the exception of Arcane Energize in the Nightwave table. That being said, there are plenty of players on PS4 looking to help newer people. If all else fails, you could ask a GotL to see if they have free time to guide you to being more valued in an eidolon party. If trading for arcanes, remember each platform has a different market more or less. Prices on PC tend to be higher due to more platinum circulating from platinum discounts. The truth of the entire eidolon fight is, if you aren’t Chroma, how else to you assist their damage or support balloons? Having a good amp helps, beyond that you could bring anything you can survive in. Try shooting me a msg on PSN and I could try to help walk you though the basic non-try-hard way of it.
  8. I think the point of this post that there is no sense of balance regarding work/reward. It isn’t about being able to skip it, or knowing you will still get max without that particular challenge. It is about balance.
  9. This is an invalid argument in a system designed to force participation in mundane tasks.
  10. I understand wanting to make people play more but when you give challenges like 8 PoE bounties or 10 of X mission it never feels worth it. What this new system is replacing is a single mission/reward alert. This new system requires at least an hour of investment and this is if you are fast and efficient just to get enough standing for maybe one rank reward or possibly getting wolf cred, which is chump change. As someone who has been here since the start on PS4, this new system feels like a complete kick in the cod piece.
  11. PC players, sure. Console players don’t have a “right click”. It’s a few more steps than that for us. It is possible that he was made aware of the trade partner through another party like a friend who noticed someone looking for what he was selling. The OP wouldn’t have the initial msg to click on the persons name.
  12. When entering a name of a player or even an item, you have to be sure the system did not automatically add a space after the name. The system will use the space as a character in the name making it not come up properly. Also “0” and “O” often are a source of confusion. Either that or it needs to be entered exactly as it appears. I’m not a Switch player, I don’t know how specific things are on that system.
  13. I haven’t even encountered him yet but I welcome the fight.
  14. Yes, but we don’t “need” more than 20 different loadouts. Most people have a set loadout for particular missions. With that in mind it is not necessary to have more. I have a loadout for any mission I want to do plus loadouts to place on articulas and I’m not even at max loadouts yet.
  15. With 50 million registered players, storage is limited. Plus it gives higher mastery a bonus of not paying for slots.
  16. My favorite April fools was a 60m survival with enemies starting at lvl 100. Reward was 1 credit and a broken ammo drum.
  17. I have been in missions when original stalker came for someone. He didn’t survive a single secondary shot with an amp nor could he touch me in void mode. The operator makes any enemy manageable no matter their damage, ability or bullet sponginess. A properly conducted fight is one where you have maximum chance of survival against any potential enemy. That being said, I couldn’t even imagine how many times I’ve killed both stalkers with traditional weapons and frames.
  18. Since the dawn of amps, you can destroy even the strongest stalker 10 seconds in mission. I’ve honestly never even felt the need to use my warframe or weapons to make him tuck tail. He doesn’t spawn beyond 5 minutes because he never has, I still have him showing up with the futile effort of killing me frequently. Stalker in sortie 3 is still nothing worth getting my melee out for. A powerful amp and operator can make your tin suit and its toys seem like they could be left on the ship.
  19. A resolution will not come from a forum post. Try contacting support regarding this. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/
  20. I see this as a valid concern and argument for a weather toggle. Unfortunately DE rarely creeps around the forums to see this. It should be something that can be toggled like color correction. On the other side of the argument, they don’t want to remove a part of the environment that completes the look they are trying to achieve. They may see it like pulling the mushroom out of a beef Wellington.
  21. Your statment contains the solution. Install a functional GPU and it should solve the problem.
  22. For a more definitive answer, contact support https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  23. I’ve never had issues with frame rate or anything due to weather effects and my console costs as much as a budget laptop from Walmart. Perhaps you should try running the game with proper equipment? Just a thought. A GPU is a fairly necessary piece of kit for any gaming system.
  24. Usually it has more to do with ISP and connections than it does Warframe. I have it happen to me occasionally and while it is irritating, I know there is very little anyone can do about it. In those instances, I use Maroo’s Bazaar for trading.
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