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  1. The balance issue, for me at least, was not that we had access to the full range of mods, frames, weapons, and abilities. It was that you spawn in at rank 0 with your mods and abilities mostly disabled. You gained ranks and gained access to your stuff as you killed, not unlike a moba. Like a moba, this allowed teams to get a few extra kills by taking out freshly joined players and then absolutely steamroll for the rest of the match. My last Dark Sector match included a few people loading in mid match, myself included, and being able to do roughly 45 damage with a forma'd Dread. Then we
  2. Thanks DE. Can you guys do something about the hud causing severe FPS drops? Since U14 I go from 45 fps to 1fps when lotus talks during missions or when I pick up ammo, or when playing in 4 man groups. ODE is nearly unplayable in a party but solo it runs like a dream.
  3. +1. It's rather annoying trying to strengthen my kubrow when taking it on tough missions tends to have the exact opposite effect. At the very least, reduce the death penalty. 40% is very harsh when petting only restores 20% with a limit of 3 pettings a day.
  4. This exact thing happened to me 30 minutes ago.
  5. As of Update 14, hitting escape in solo mode does not pause the game.
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