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  1. Please enough of the Friend/ Clan Nightwave challenges. It can be too inconsistent because people play at different times.
  2. Hopefully people will learn how to fight sentients. Some of those streams were painful. Lol.
  3. Before some of the warframe power changes I did have a problem with collecting reactant because everything was dead. Now not so much. The only problem I had with survivals fissure was when teams spread too far interrupting the spawns.
  4. Nothing wrong with being concern but when you don't provide any information kind of hard to have a discussion.
  5. It would help if you provide a bit more information as to what you're referring.
  6. Honestly this an issue with any AOE nuking frames. Just that Ember is typically the main culprit. Many times an Ember would mess up reactant drops because everything was dead. It reached a point where now I abort if one is in the squad. DE might need to tweek the corruption to happen faster.
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