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  1. DE please when you release/unvault prime frames/weapons add the Mastery Rank . Cuts down on missed trades but let's people know what to work towards.
  2. Forma weapon 3 times: Vet/long term players- not problem I have a surplus on hand but why? New player- ok, just need to get the BPs, find the resources to build them, and then wait 24hrs for each one or spend plat on them. Not a problem at all. Gild a modular weapon. Vet/long term players- I have all of them so why? New player- not a problem just need to raise my daily standing, gather resources, and the get right on it. Kill profit taker with friend/clanmate Vet/long term players- hope someone is online but not a problem. New player- what the hell is that? See the issue here.
  3. Nightwave friend/clan challenges that completely ruins it. So basically I might need to leave my clan? Not to mention it's tied once again to 5k standing. That's not elite. That's punishing.
  4. Seriously guild an item, forma an item, and the friend requirement. While not a hardship but once again an inconvenience. Last week was fine without putting players behind a wall of some kind. The first two isn't bad but that last one isn't worth doing. Most players don't have people online to play with and you're basically forcing people into a play style that can hinder progress.
  5. The friend part of Nightwave tied to the highest syndicate earning needs to go. Actually "friend/clanmate" is a terrible aspect. Simple because people got tired of the drought and left leaving me in well crap mode. So I had to rely on recruit chat where trolling can happen. Everything else with nightwave is good but that small friend/clan requirement hinders people. Take it out.
  6. The problem I have with friend/clan challenges are how they are worth the most standing.
  7. Please view the NEWS subforum. It's being worked on.
  8. It's being worked on. Please view the NEWS subforum before starting a thread.
  9. Please go to the news thread. They have acknowledged there is an issue and are working on it. Always go to the the NEWS subforum to see anything before starting a thread.
  10. Please review the news page first before starting a thread.
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