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  1. Alright... I understand this is different than what was asked for... and may be a bit of a fastball, but I'm gonna go for it... Passive: Yearning - 25m of extra Affinity Range, for a total of 75m. Modular Abilities. Since they're made of broken Warframe parts, this was the first idea that came to me. Basically they have some means of building a kit of abilities, whether that be using a separate UI function similar to Octavia's Mandachord, or digging up the old Ability Mods system that we had before abilities were built into the frames. However it's done, they'd be able to piece together a set of 3 abilities, with their own unique 4th ability, and restricted to a few simple rules when building, as such: The first ability slot will be limited to first abilities, second slot limited to second abilities, and third slot to third abilities; You can only use one ability from any Warframe, as to not just be able to build a near duplicate of any Warframe you want; Only one ability of any certain type is allowed. We already know that abilities are categorized a certain way due to the effects that Scrambus units have on us, so maybe use that as a guideline. The ability pool should not be a complete directory of every ability in the game, of course. I don't expect that they should be able to use certain abilities that make some Warframes unique (such as Titania's Razorwing, Grendel's Pulverize, or Chroma's Effigy just as a few examples), which is also why I suggested a unique 4th ability. 4TH ABILITY: Become Whole - Expends half of total energy pool The Broken Warframe reaches out with its tendrils, which find and latch onto up to 10 targets within 25 meters, Tenno and enemies alike. Will not be cast if no enemy targets are available. Each linked individual provides 5% ability efficiency to self and allies up to 50% (additive, not to exceed the 175% cap). Allies will stay connected as long as within affinity range. Enemies will be rag-dolled and dragged by the tendrils, immune to outside sources of damage. Every ability cast by self and linked allies will consume a portion of health from all latched enemies, 2% max health consumed per total linked targets (max of 20%) per cast ability. When a latched enemy dies from this effect, their 5% efficiency bonus is lost. The ability ends when all latched enemies have been consumed, or the ability is deactivated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's it! I hope this idea gets some consideration, as crazy as it is. I feel like the restrictions on the Modular stuff is enough, but they could be stricter and still be OK. The 4th ability is pretty flexible and true to concept, and I had a lot of fun making it. Thank you DE for the opportunity!
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