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  1. Then make Prism good and worth using, that way the synergy will not be a burden that will kill Eclipse if it's missing. Also, synergies are horrible because they diminish abilities. Not because those abilities can be replaced. A frame with 4, synergy-less abilities will always be much better than a frame with 4 synergizing abilities. Because those 4 synergizing abilities will barely be able to scratch the power of one non-synergizing ability, since they are so reliant on the perfect conditions and timing to function at their best. So screw synergies. And yes, I had this opinion since
  2. So if you throw Prism away and get a new ability from the Helminth (as you should, especially considering you suggested no improvement to it and only made it a crutch, therefore even more useless than it already is, but now with the added "benefit" of babysitting), then Eclipse becomes useless too. See, that's the problem with abilities that are reliant on other abilities. If one goes away, the other is just as useless. So, please, when making rework suggestions, make abilities stand on their own, because a reliant ability is a useless ability. Just go to the simple solution, a toggl
  3. Nova Deluxe. I don't use Nova, and that skin is horrible. But the syandana, the one with the hands, that one is cool. So I bought it for that one. It doesn't work on any other frame... Firetrucking rip-off!
  4. Jeez, I take a break for one week and the world blows up?! Or what sort of black magic must have been conjured for this to become reality? Anyway, HYPE!
  5. I'm really looking forward to the surge in posts complaining about chat bans. But other than that, I don't quite care. Prime frames need something more to actually make me care about them. Cause I'm not gonna reset all my forma-ing progress just for a shiny looking sidegrade.
  6. And nothing of value was lost. Still, +1 for Vulkan support.
  7. There is a streamer mode. Options > Gameplay > Creator Mode.
  8. Currently? It's been like this for... at least 4 years, and it's been going even harder ever since DE tried and failed to appease the small PvP minority by making PvP alerts and annoying everyone in doing so. It's not new. PvP is not welcomed by this community, that's been proven time and time again. Also, calling people you disagree with "trolls"? Is the number in your name indicative of your age or something?
  9. If you want to play a battle royale, go play a battle royale. There's so many of them out there for you to try. Warframe doesn't need to touch that genre.
  10. You need to keep up with the industry. League of Legends has been doing this since... whenever it was first discarded unto our world. Release new hero that's OP AF, get people to buy it, then nerf the ever loving crap out of it. DE's not new to this either. Synoid Gammacor was a beast when it was released... nerfed soon after. It's just how the industry rolls. So whenever you see something that's too good to be true, roll your eyes, sigh, and expect the doomhammer.
  11. I honestly did the same. Not cause I had any problems with Steam itself (although this new UI can go burn in the depths of hell), but I did it in order to get rid of the Tennogen clutter.
  12. You want all stuff to cost 1 plat? Cause that will make all items cost 1 plat. No thanks.
  13. Yeah, it being like this would be much better frankly. As it is currently, it's the only thing in gaming that has ever given me proper motion sickness. Frankly, an augment that made the ability ignore our Power Duration, limited it to a constant 10 second button hold max (or lower if you release the button) and reduced the animation speed to 0.25x could be the answer to this. People who like it as is can use it as is and people like us get the salvation of the Prine of Persia-like ability.
  14. It's because of the idiots who used "kum" to bypass the chat filters.
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