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  1. Yup, ever since DE has overhyped The War Within to hell and beyond, the toxicity has started to seep through the cracks. It's not a new phenomenon.
  2. Mirage, Loki and Khora for now. I'm waiting for the big list of abilities to show up before I decide whom I cook up next. Oh and I'm only interested in feeding Mirage right now, because based on the limitations of the system, I still can't see Mirage donating a bad ability. Loki, I had his parts laying around, and Khora was given during the livestreams.
  3. Give it two weeks, they'll have made those billions back and then some.
  4. Good! It was so annoying to keep making keys whenever I felt like doing something there.
  5. I hope she will. So I can shoot her limb by limb, atom by atom, until there's nothing left of that filthy traitor.
  6. We have the Orbiter, we just need some furniture for it. Anyway, space trucking or rogue-lite (Binding of Isaac style) mode.
  7. I did ESO before trying SO, so no, they were all equipped. I'm not an idiot. There's a cap? Then that might be it. I remember getting almost 300k focus when doing ESO before, so if that's my cap, I must have reached it without realizing. Thank you!
  8. So, yeah, just as the title suggests, is that supposed to happen? Since I have the 4x affinity boost thanks to the double affinity week and a booster, I decided to have a go at farming some more focus, since I usually don't bother with it. I did the ESO rotation for this week and I'm not that big of a fan, so I decided to try SO, since the randomness of it is more likely to stop boredom from occurring. However... I'm not getting any focus, and there is no convergence symbol on the top right corner. Is that normal behavior for Sanctuary Onslaught? Since I don't play it often, I'm not exactly sure, so I have to ask rather than file a potentially false bug report. Thank you! P.S. Picture:
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