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  1. Yeah, sorry to break it to you, but sometimes fast relic missions are literally not available, so if you wanna do a quick round but the game says you gotta do these ridiculously long missions... well, you do them and bail out as soon as possible. Cause not everyone has your free time, your schedule, and your tolerance for bullS#&$/long runs.
  2. Use Rhino. As long as you activate Iron Skin before Simaris tells you "That's the target" or whatever, the challenge shouldn't fail. At least that's how it worked back when I actually bothered opening rivens.
  3. Tennogen items purchasable with platinum is all I want.
  4. So how do we opt out without opting out of the syndicate system entirely (or doing insane amounts of micromanagement just to keep our ranks with the negative syndycates above -2)?
  5. Why though? It would just get nerfed into the ground afterwards. You're way better off keeping quiet about fun stuff, cause DE doesn't really like players having fun.
  6. Well fortunately, Prime Time is at 2AM here, so I ain't playing. And during devstreams, Rebecca takes requests from chat rather than doing randos. I am also watching the devstream, therefore not playing.
  7. Yes. Yes it is. I don't wanna be a part of PvP. Period.
  8. Nova, I think OP means this: Ivara Prime's diorama also has Akstiletto Prime on her waist.
  9. Give me an N to the O to the P to the E! What's it spell? NOPE!
  10. It's not the AoE that's the problem. Tonkor lost some it's crit chance, the grenades have a delayed explosion and they have damage fall off. Didn't miss anything. You're saying Self-damage should be an acceptable trade off for doing ridiculous damage, and I agree. I accept this f*cker killing me, because the power on display is worth the risk of self-sacrifice. I don't except the peas from the Tonkor doing it. And no, I don't see Lenz being acceptable either, especially considering it's limitations.
  11. Yeah, let me know when Tonkor is back to wiping maps like it used to, and I'll join your side. Until then, self damage sucks, because the weapons it is attached to suck as well.
  12. Yup. It's a terrible mechanic, it's not rewarding and it should go away. It's just more grind upon grind upon grind. A massive waste of time. If DE wants to continue with Rank 40 weapons, at least don't wall them behind 5 forma. No one wants to invest 5 forma in a weapon they don't like.
  13. How about making the UI more keyboard friendly then? A while back, before some changes made for controllers ruined everything, you could change things in the UI by using the keyboard. For example, if I hovered my mouse over the Master Volume option and pressed the "right" key on my keyboard, the volume would increase by 5 for every press. Today, pressing the "right" key on my keyboard while hovering my mouse over an option just makes my mouse cursor jump to the toggle arrow. It's really annoying. We need the ability to navigate with keyboard as well as with the mouse, by themselves or in combination, back. We had it before, so it's not like it's impossible.
  14. So, imagine you have a drawer full of clothes thrown in it at random. The drawer is full, but you know that if you folded the clothes neatly, you'd make space in the drawer. However, you cannot fold the clothes while they are in the drawer, so you take them out and put them on your bed, before folding them and putting them back in your drawer. That's (a simplistic version of) how the optimization process works. The drawer has 22 GB of space, the bed has 11 more, and the neatly folded clothes in the drawer occupy only 500 megs less, but you still needed the bed's 11 more gigs in order to fold them.
  15. Today is Thursday. Thursday is hotfix day. Therefore today (or next Thursday) is Nukor Nerf day.
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