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  1. The detective-ing stuff. Moving like a slug in a big environment, looking for tiny objects. It was all so boring and bad. Frankly, I'd much rather they showed their dioramas in a Code Vein Vestige Investigation walking simulator-like fashion than... this. Or heck, show us a static picture a la Phoenix Wright and let us investigate the hotspots. Anything could have been better than the way they did it. And, you know, the general fact that Nightwave exists. Still hate that very much.
  2. Plague Star is the worst of them all. The event is purely designed to waste your time without having anything remotely rewarding in it for doing so. The stages prior to Discount Lephantis are a massive waste of time and nothing more. Discount Lephantis is an utterly unfun bullet sponge. No amount of forma is worth the boredom of playing a single round of this horrendous thing. I hope they never bring it back, but I know that hope is in vain. I liked Scarlet Spear. Even though I Limboed all the way, it was still a fun event that engaged me. The Aerolyst made me hate it (in a good way) and
  3. Yeah, how about you tell us this important information BEFORE we waste our precious time (now more precious than ever, since you don't know when Covid can hit) grinding for them? What are you, EA?
  4. On that note, when are we getting that Synkra syandana you guys also promised?
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