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  1. Gabbynaru

    people are sleeping on the phantasma

    Really? Why, it doesn't look like a particularly comfortable thing to sleep on. Will probably wake up with a sore back if you do. Anyway, OT: Can be as powerful as it wants, I don't like how it feels, so in the "not gonna use this" box it stays.
  2. Gabbynaru

    Difficulty changes in game mechanics problem.

    Well, you posted it in General Discussion so, good luck with that XD Anyway, OT: I prefer the Dynasty Warriors formula, so nerfs to my ability to murder many fools with ease gets a big NO NO from me.
  3. Yup, either buying them or patience. After all, you only need like 1 potato per weapon, so even if they appear like once every week, new weapons are still rarer, with 3-4 once a month or two. But still, if you're sitting on a pile of unpotatoed weapons, buying taters is the easiest way to do it.
  4. Gabbynaru

    Riven ''cosmetics''

    Don't encourage them! Rivens are already an absolute trash system, the only improvement it needs is a complete removal of it from the game and our collective memories. EDIT: Oh, and, came here expecting a suggestion to be able to trade rivens for cosmetics. That I could back, cause it would make rivens at least somewhat useful to me, rather than just endo fodder.
  5. Gabbynaru

    Aging Operators

    Sorry, but I prefer my Scarlet the way she is now, so I'll only be fine with this if it was optional.
  6. Gabbynaru

    can't trade platinum

    Is that the starter platinum you have? Cause the starter platinum cannot be traded.
  7. Gabbynaru

    Not more new frames instead New Skill swaps #2

    Your thread's one non-Destiny inspired suggestion is: Let's go back to the old ability mods system. Everything else is inspired by Destiny. So go play Destiny. Your idea is undercooked, you padded it out by leaving spaces between every single line and adding pictures just so it looks like there's some meat on this skeleton of an idea. Let me counteract your points then. First of all, there's a reason why the old ability mods system doesn't exist anymore, it was unpopular. Second, mixing and matching even 4 abilities will cause Warframes to be even more overpowered than they already are, and people are already complaining about power creep. Third, 8 abilities... HAH, as if that would fly. I repeat: Power Creep. Fourth, Destiny's 3 meshes are boring. Also, who decides which 3 meshes remain? Cause I'll be frank, Excalibur is ugly, as is Volt, and Frost is passable, if you have the Harka skin. Fifth, yeah, multiple classes already exist in Warframe. Each Warframe is a class of its own. You're asking for a downgrade. Sixth, see, this is all your idea amounts to. It's undercooked, it's an overall downgrade to the uniqueness of the game, and it's basically screaming I wanna play Destiny! So go do that.
  8. Gabbynaru

    Devstream 122: I idea has been realised

    I'm not sure how you understood that as k-drives pvp. To me, it sounded like it's basically a leaderboard showing how fast people finish missions. Bullet jump your way across tilesets quickly enough and you make it on the leaderboard... or something like that. Unnecessary, boring, but at least unoffensive. As long as the leaderboard doesn't kill the servers like it did in the past, I don't really care.
  9. Gabbynaru

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    Will I? Cause I kept asking for confirmation ever since they've first showed it off, and I got no answer. No answer can send the wrong message, so of course I'll be pessimistic about this, considering how DE doesn't like "lazy gameplay". I'm expecting either to be forced into combos or have quick attacks so lame they aren't even worth it. I doubt DE will let quick melee stay in the state it is now.
  10. Gabbynaru

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    It kills quick attack and therefore takes away any reason I have to use melee. Frankly, the only way I enjoy using melee is by spamming E. If they kill that, then guns it is. I don't exactly wanna bother with Bayonetta level combos.... or any combos for that matter, when spamming E works just freakin' fine.
  11. Gabbynaru

    Landing craft defaults colors temporarily.

    Yup, happening to me too.
  12. Gabbynaru

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #122!

    I'll be honest, this was the most worrying devstream I've watched. The proposed changes to difficulty, the battle pass looking Wolf of Saturn thing, the no-stacking of damage types, the pvpvpe mode... that very much sounds like going against everything I like in this game. Not to mention more rivens, as if they aren't bad enough already. I hope you guys will surprise me, but it really feels like I'm not going to enjoy the future very much, like there will be more and more inaccessible areas to people like me, and that really terrifies me frankly.
  13. Gabbynaru

    How to survive playing Open World areas with 6gb ram

    I've never seen Warframe use anywhere near 3GB of RAM, much less 6GB, so you should be good on that front. It's your laptops video card that's the issue, and I don't think you can change that without changing the whole laptop.
  14. Gabbynaru

    PVP Conclave+Framefighter Not left to Dye

    Nah, let it die.
  15. Gabbynaru

    How to change profile picture on this website?

    If it doesn't work, it might be a bug. You should contact support in that case, they may be able to help you: