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  1. Doesn't that fall under bad design though? Like, you can have a Volt and Mesa combo melt things instantly, without wiping the entire map. Sure, probably the laziest route to take is to just nerf that combo into the ground, but... that just sounds like bad spawn points and spawn rates, and that can be fixed through better map and ability design without nerfing abilities into the ground. I dunno, maybe that's just a matter of expectations, but I never expected them to be useful forever. Heck, I can't remember the last time I used Orokin Cells or Mutagen Samples, and those have been in the game since... forever. I just label them under progression, get the resources, use the resources, get the items, discard the resources and move on to the next set. They're not useless, they just don't have long life span. Once again, that falls well into the bad design area, rather than balance. Maybe I phrased that wrong. I didn't mean it in the sense that I was leeching, I meant it in the sense that I was still throwing my weight around, if enemies escaped the player using the OP combo, I was there to pick up the pieces. I wasn't bothered by them doing most of the killing... or heck, to affirm your thoughts, I'm not bothered by modern Saryn getting all the killings either. It's still leading me towards the end-goal of the mission, so yeah, even if the game gets to the point where I can stay idle, it doesn't bother me. Yeah, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I never claimed to speak for anyone but myself. Why are they more important than me? Frankly, none of us are important. But just like they can feel like something is ruining their fun and suggest changes, I can also feel that their changes take away my fun and defend it. At the end of the day, it's not really up to us, it's up to DE, and all we do is share our view points on matters. Whether DE listens or not is another mater, but there's no point in remaining silent regardless of where you sit on the fence, as long as DE doesn't make their position clear. You literally described a fully balanced environment. "When everything is special, nothing is." So you yourself agree that balance is not fun.
  2. What do you define as breaking the game though? Cause Limbo isn't, Saryn isn't, old Tonkor and Miragulor weren't... I think bugged Chroma was, but that got fixed. So, what do you mean exactly? Just the subjective "I don't like this thing cause it steals my kills"? Cause, yeah, that's very subjective, so how exactly do you balance around that, especially when this community seems pretty split on the issue of "Challenge vs Being a god". Like, the objective "breaking the game" thing doesn't seem to happen too often in this game. Nothing seems to be quite capable of running outside of the programmed parameters, and when it does, like bugged Chroma, eventually it gets patched. But the design decision of being a power fantasy is not game-breaking, it's a design decision. Finally, to answer you first questions: As long as they're not useless, yeah, I'm fine with them. Never happened to me. Even when people were running Greedy Mag, Blinding Miragulors or Spore Saryns, I just sat back and enjoyed, cause at the end of the day, whether they were the ones doing the killing or I was the one doing the killing, we were all still working towards the same goal. Generally don't care about rewards as long as I'm having fun. If I actually find them to be useless, it's probably because I'm a retard and forgot to check the drop tables, so I was hoping for a drop that is not part of the drop table to drop (Hello, Gauss' weapons that I hoped to get from Sedna).
  3. Yeah but that's human nature, going for the best thing. And you know the saying, "if everything is special, nothing is." If every weapon and frame was equally viable for all missions, this game would get dull even faster than the scenario you described. I for one had a lot of fun with the Tonkor or the Miragulor, people loved Greedy Mag and Prism Mirage... those got nerfed, and with each nerf, the game becomes more and more dull. Because there is nothing to replace that fun that you just lost. Balance kills fun. What's the point of progression in a balanced game? Nothing, cause there is no progression, so there is no reason to play it, because the experience will be the same from minute 1 to hour 10, 100, 1000... So, I'll take crazy unbalanced Tonkor, Miragulor, Greedy Mag and Spore Saryn any day of the week, cause those are insanely fun, whereas what we have now... not so much.
  4. Holy Sh*t, Quick Melee is back! I love you, Bear! Thank you for clearing this for me. And thank you DE team for listening to us and getting the pre-Melee 2.9 animation back.
  5. That's only really needed in a competitive environment. Why would it be needed in a cooperative one, when all people share the same goal, and the faster they achieve it, the better?
  6. Yeah. It's a PvE game, who needs it? Like, today I saw an article about Borderlands 3 (I think, might have been Destiny 2) nerfing a gun and I facepalmed. Like, who cares, it's a single player game, let the people have their fun. Balance is fun in a competitive environment simply because if the others you're going up against would have equipment much more powerful than you do, then you'd be pushed away, and so will anyone coming up against that scenario. But in PvE? Who the flip cares? You don't see Guppy being nerfed in Binding of Isaac, the spring or mines nerfed in Carmageddon or Ghandi's nukes nerfed in Civ, so why should balance be brought into a game where competition doesn't exist? It's way more fun to be powerful than it is to suck, even if everyone else sucks as well.
  7. Please explain Reach/Prime Reach better. Is my Cassowar getting nerfed? Also, are the combos being changed? I get that combo flow is being changed, but what about animations? Cause Shimmering Blight's combo animations are terrible, constantly stop-start, not flowing at all. Will that change to make them as smooth as the now dead Quick Attack, or will we be stuck with terrible combos for a while longer?
  8. They'll make a thread a few days prior to the next devstream, and you'll be able to post your questions there.
  9. They'll get expanded to Corpus and Infested too, and there's still quite a lot of Grineer weapons. Even if we don't reach MR30 with the next mainline, the Kuva Lich system will contribute to that mightily, and continuously in the future.
  10. This devstream should be renamed to "How to bury Destiny 101". I'm actually shocked the Kuva Liches are coming next week. I was genuinely expecting the next mainline to be just Grendel and the Drydock, I thought Kuva Liches will come with New War, so, thank you very much and I hope they live up to expectations (aka fun, repeatable content). Still mad that quick melee isn't coming back though (unless the yet to be posted melee notes say otherwise, but this apprehension to address the quick melee complaints are really maddening). Guess there's something to look forward to in the near future though, so that's good. But why does Puddle Prime get a Deluxe Skin and Mirage does not?
  11. Loadout slots and not having to re-apply mods when forma-ing is still a good enough reason for me.
  12. Mastery Rank 30+ confirmed, I supposed, considering how many freakin' weapons exist in the game at the moment. Frankly, I was fine with them not giving mastery, because if the system sucks, there would be no reason to engage with the RNG tied to it, but as it is now, even if you don't like the system, you will have to engage with the RNG if you want to get your mastery rank up. Unless the weapons are trade-able, but in that case, they'll cost thousands of platinum, just like rivens, so, that's not good either.
  13. I don't, cause I never brought into that delusion. You could see the Anthem trainwreck coming the moment they showed up at E3 with concept art (a year after showing supposed gameplay).
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