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  1. what does Baruuk say when he performs his abilities?
  2. Submission: Wet MOA Body Shake Description: Like a dog shaking its body after dipping in a body of water or coming inside from a rainy environment, even MOAs need a way to dry up. There are plenty of environments in the game with liquids, if a MOA walks within these places, they need to be able to shake off the water/coolant/etc. The animation may take place when a MOA moves from a wet environment to a dry one, water effects would be active.
  3. Can we do mock up animations with 3d software?
  4. questions: 1) some of us prefer to have more than 3 builds or appearance slots for our items, can the players get a D and E slot for our builds and fashion? 2) the nature of invasions in that we get the rewards after the conflict ends is dated, can we get an update that mirrors the rewarding process of the Fomorians and Razorback? 3) is the big buff silhouette that of a big buff female warframe? if not, when can we get one? 4) there appears to be a lack of facial diversity in the female characters of the game compared to the male ones, some reusing assets with no additional effort while more recent ones merely being re-textured. will any of these characters receive updates to make the more distinct from one another? 5) would it be possible, instead of releasing prime trailers, to instead use the Vitruvian from The Sacrifice to distribute prime lore by Ballas? a potentially appealing visual depiction would be similar to the first Valkyr Prime teaser that was done.
  5. 1) Blizzard's Overwatch has a setting that allows users to take screenshots up to 9x resolution. can we get a similar feature for Captura or the game in general? 2) can we get a way to determine what mods are being used by equipment when trading?
  6. 1)are the solaris brains stored in their chests? 2) will we ever get a clear lore explanation as to what the primes are in relation to their standard counterparts? because there seems to be alot of quest content that contradicts this common theory that the prime variants are the originals... 3) can players get the option to have more than 3 upgrade and appearance slots? 4) how come Hunhow doesnt just interact with the Eidolons?
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