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  1. Guess they are counting the Chinese release date for Wukong
  2. There is nothing else to add, you are just wrong. Arbi was always a one time thing, barring mission failures or early extractions.
  3. What's the point of posting this on a forum if you don't care what other people says?
  4. No, it'd be nice if people would stop posting these karma baits though.
  5. Add something like the Wolf Hunt Alert in the game and Valk will be popular.
  6. Ikeaframe true endgame, so it makes sense
  7. LoL, now that Ashisogi is a partner, is Mag saved? More importantly... what happened to Nyx?
  8. Garuda is basically immortal when played right. And no, she doesn't need that augment to do it.
  9. well, yeah I agree. I am just relaying information.
  10. I assume she meant they will now be acquired via vendors. (like the blood body one) So no RNG involved.
  11. She mentioned the future ephemeras will be released in the arbitration method over luck.
  12. Enemies are already too weak against the popular top tier weapons, buffing other weapons just means more weapons are viable. Nerf a few overperformers and you end up with other overperformers, while a large number of weapons still suck.
  13. Just make the damn fish appear with or without bait like Fortuna.
  14. Not that paper dps on warframe builder really means that much since it doesnt account for status proc, but a Pyrana Prime can reach over 200k with no riven and without its passive activated. Regarding the OP, why not buff under-performing weapons instead? Nerfing the top Meta weapons just means meta-chasers will move to the next most powerful weapons, it really doesn't solve anything.
  15. It is still worth the utility it provides, besides there will probably be more auras in the future. They really should add a Vazarin Aura that is good on someone other than Inaros though...
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