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  1. A concern I have about melee 'tactical dodging' (rolling while blocking travels a shorter distance) - will this include rolls while aimgliding with melee? If so, that's going to slightly reduce mobility while in melee.
  2. Regarding Redtext - How would I go about signing up another player to receive Ghoulfacts?
  3. With the upcoming Railjacks featuring Glyphs as decals, is there any chance of a Forma Glyph being added to the game?
  4. Did Vectis get buffed or nerfed? 0.85 is more than 0.8
  5. For comparison, what was the spawn rate before?
  6. I actually very much like how you've implemented the cutscene skip. It also doubles as a way to speed through the conversation for people who read the subtitles and don't have the patience to listen, and being instanced stops any one player from ruining it for the rest. This is a great way to solve it, and when it comes time to implement a permanent fix, I hope the end result isn't too dissimilar. On a tangential note, I'd recommend enabling something similar when replaying quests. For example, while Sacrifice was very enjoyable the first time, on the fourth time through while hunting for Fragments, the long cutscenes were unbearable.
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