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  1. Just played an endurance mission, no gold statue. Strange that I somehow qualified for the Terracotta but not higher.
  2. My opration score is 19,593, as shown in my profile. My (Ghost) Clan only has the Terracotta statue so far, despite surpassing the threshold of 18,850 for the Gold statue. Am I missing any requirements? -update- All other statues arrived overnight, between 9pm and 2am this morning.
  3. I'm still getting the issues. It seems to be tied to a level of particle effects, particularly smoke. It seems to correlate to the amount of screen the effect is taking up, I wonder if it might be caused by the area of the effect extending behind the player camera. I've had it in Railjack, Kuva Siphons, and about ten seconds ago in Sanctuary Onslaught. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1233753-blck-rectangles-covering-screen/
  4. I've been experiencing this issue fairly regularly for a while now. It's notably bad when Grineer Crewships (in Railjack) and Kuva Siphons are onscreen. The rectangles are rarely solid, generally flicker, making them difficult to screenshot. I suspect it may be related to smoke or particle effects. (Currently on old engine graphics as new crashes regularly)
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