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  1. I'm still getting the issues. It seems to be tied to a level of particle effects, particularly smoke. It seems to correlate to the amount of screen the effect is taking up, I wonder if it might be caused by the area of the effect extending behind the player camera. I've had it in Railjack, Kuva Siphons, and about ten seconds ago in Sanctuary Onslaught. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1233753-blck-rectangles-covering-screen/
  2. I've been experiencing this issue fairly regularly for a while now. It's notably bad when Grineer Crewships (in Railjack) and Kuva Siphons are onscreen. The rectangles are rarely solid, generally flicker, making them difficult to screenshot. I suspect it may be related to smoke or particle effects. (Currently on old engine graphics as new crashes regularly)
  3. Any chance of a Khora Blueprint drop some point? It's also buried in the Sanctuary Onslaught C rotation.
  4. No no no... You don't understand how good non-physical weapons are... If a weapon does no physical damage, then the status effect pool isn't diluted by those effects. The end result is the Silve-Aegis has a base 20% status chance, which will always be the fire effect or elemental combo, with Cicero+Bg you can get 55% Gas effect. Compare this to a weapon dealing equal slash and gas with the same 55% status chance, you are getting 22.5% bleed proc and 22.5% gas proc, which can make all the difference to playstyle.
  5. The weapon needs a minor damage buff, 45-55 would do nicely. It's current stats are on a similar level to the basic Skana, which really isn't acceptable for clantech or anything needing a forma to craft. What it really needs is a non-stat buff, such as no/reduced stamina cost to blocking while equipped, innate damage reflection, something along those lines. Having a shield bash, where sprinting while blocking will knock down/ragdoll enemies like with flying kicks would be nice.
  6. Stasis is putting your kubrow in a freezer, halting all degradation in health and loyalty. Kubrow cannot be used while on ice, and has a thaw time of 3 hours. Health degrades 20% per day, can be fully replenished with one DNA Stabilizer, available from Store>Equipment>Materials, 6 for 100,000 credits. Loyalty degrades on kubrow death in mission, and gradually if not interacted with (confirmation?). Can be maintained any number of times and restored three times a day by petting the kubrow on your ship.
  7. Generally, the auto-install will give a high conclave rating. The spectres save weapons and frame, but do not copy the mods across, so just go as high as possible and don't bother with using good builds when making them.
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