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  1. 100% the most unhelpful helpful post in recent forums. It would be more helpful to take in questions regarding this topic from the community before even posting this in the first place. This fails to answer any questions we had previously, in fact, it makes things more confusing. No guidelines were erected, no examples given, not even new information on the topic was released. At this point, you might as well join us over on this end of the conversation and admit that no one knows how to answer these questions, neither the playerbase, not the devs.
  2. These guys are proof that there is a competitive side to the warframe community, and that denying this fact is hurting a very determined and skilled set of players. They are hard working, creative and, above all, strong team-players, and with intense dedication, communication and planning, was able to turn what was a near impossible task into a score to be proud of. To the players involved, you guys are amazing. I hope that the community can look upon your score, your work and be inspired. I hope DE sees this as a challenge, to make an effort to create more competitions in the future so that more of such players can continue to show what this game and its players are truly capable.
  3. lets talk about consistency in moderation and support. I have noticed that there are many moments in which a ban, either temporary or permanent, can occur without warning. I understand that there are some security reasons, however, most situations of account banning can come from accidentally leaving on programs that trigger the launcher's anti-cheat system. A system of warning messages or not allowing us to log in because of these external programs will improve the outcome significantly. Other than that, thanks for the update, nice to see some hard changes are taking place after years of back and forth!
  4. looking forward to the new accolade! Awesome Garuda changes~!
  5. 124 days of waiting for this Worth it
  6. Thank you so much for the hotfix! Speaking of fortuna, will we be able to use archwing weapons on the ground WITH the fortuna update?
  7. Thank you for Arbitrations! More content catered towards the high end is great for long term engagement and highly progressed players. Hopefully this system paves the way for future content designed towards older/higher level players. Also, will Power Donation give 7 capacity along with Steel Charge to standardize the Aura system? Inconsistency between Aura mods is why players who wish to use Umbral Mods always run Steel Charge. It would be nice if Aura Mods all offered 7 (or 9) additional capacity at max rank to level the playing field.
  8. K-Drive is awesome, but can we spend more time looking at kitguns, moa pets and the INSIDE of Fortuna rather than 30 mins of missed tricks and 45 mins of poop hunting? Very curious about what Fortuna has in store for us.
  9. having the ability to adjust movement speed based on power str also means you can adjust it to your personal liking
  10. speaking of nezha, is it possible to take a look at the other charge abilities like ember and hydroid? The charge mechanic is great, but for those two frames, it takes 2.5 seconds to fully charge, where nezha's is 0.5 seconds. Thank you!
  11. Great stream! Can't wait for elite alerts and Revenant! Glad to know that there's a relay event in the works! Will this event have a leaderboard attached or can we safely expect that all events will now have a "plague-star" like structure to them?
  12. thank you for the wonderful skin! Will we see a vauban rework that looks as good as the skin? Would be nice to have the king of CC reclaim his throne don't you think?
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