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  1. true, but problem is the same way you can use CC theres alternative abilities that do the same CC, but also do dmg. for example, Nyx's CC basically apply radiaiton proc to all enemies. .....Oberons does damage, and has a radiation proc as a 2nd effect. effectively doing the same, but with dmg. ---------- now i wont deny sorties and such can benefit heavily with CC.....but honestly i don't see it often. most sorties or steel paths i run, i usually just end up trying to keep up with the rest of the squad thats spin to winning a speed run through the map, leaving me few if any ene
  2. not to mention, CC in general is just....worthless now now its all about damage. CC is a by product of damage on newer frames. while pure CC skills.....really don't see much use. cause why bother stunning or mind controlling when you can use the same time/energy to just murder it. i miss old Xini days of beta this sounds fking epic. i want this. so much. also another option for 4 if DE what an easier out. make it have a vacuum effect to pull enemies to it. out of cover. etc.
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