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  1. because they did speak and just them speaking calms us cause we trust DE. they've been the #1 dev team for over a year.
  2. ..... ..... these changes are ALOT better than expected. i thought trinity was going to be sledge hammered to the ground, but this change keeps her viable and useful =D as for banshee, interesting but i'll have to experiement with her ultimate to see how useful it is (hopefuly it doesnt have a flat 100 energy cost and then drains an additional) the moving silence will be DELICIOUS Nyx and Volt, its a start. hopefuly a future change will make it so Nyx's psybolts go through objects. ash. HAHAHAHAHHAAHHA clones xD oh god i am so gonna have to play him to see this. this is gonna be sweet. grineer are scared of 4 tenno. lets see how they react when they see 4 ashes all use that skill have have like 16 clones warping around for the duration. if the grineer doesnt die of fear, its gonna panic and kill itself by running into a wall. .....say vay hek....come over here i got a little something for you...MUHAHAHAHAHA (heres hoping embers next. but i can w8. enjoying ninja valkyr colors)
  3. banned because no one invited me, i TOOK OVER. MUAHHAAH down with the republic, long live the....the....fk i forgot my line. *falls asleep on stage*
  4. banned because he knows the truth the truth, that we are screwed if china demands payment up front
  5. banned because he ignored the debt, eventually was unable to pay his own troops. and got invaded by china using an army of half asleep part time workers. cause china could afford to pay
  6. banned because in 20 years english wont exist. the only language will be the country who took over the entire world by putting everyone into debt. china or japan when they use pokemon to take over
  7. i can't ban myself. then who would ban you? banned for questioning me!
  8. ^ banned cause i lost track of this conversation and i blame you
  9. ^banned because i had to wake up to come over here and ban you
  10. Banned because Bill Nye must be replaced! https://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=TdXQn_0jKyU -Despises SMITE with all my being-
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