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  1. thanks for Ember rework. finally, Ember is once more, a pyromaniac burning the house down, while swinging a fireman's axe wildly, laughing insanely, and dragging your ass out of the middle of the fire. woot woot she is back ❤️ hope doozie returns one day to see Ember getting her card back. that said, i do wish her 4 skill was an aoe around her. outside of that, i love this skill. augment is also nice her 3 skill, was meh to me at first, till i saw the augment. oh i love self heal, though i'm still a bit confused about it lowering heat guage as it seems to go up so fast after, making me wonder if its better to just click 2 twice to reset it. still, for a heal i love it. her 2 skill, yes! she's needed durability ever since overheat got removed. the scaling on this could use some work, but the angle this skill is aiming at is epic. augment is...i guess good, but right now its hard to judge how to get to max DR when needed. the speed the heat ramps up could use some work, maybe letting mods affect it (like how high it goes before it speeds up growth) 1 skill, eh....its as eh as ever. no complaints as it has a role. but no praise. passive, love it.
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