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  1. basically this bug starts when selecting a mission and it does the whole searching thing. but, it takes alot longer than normal. notably 30-45 secounds. after it finally ends with the "can not find" message, i click on a new. and rather than try to search. it immediately pops up that pop up again, no pause or delay. i keep going to other instances, and they all pop up with this instantly. so, i go to dojo. and heres where i notice i'm affected by the bug. i click dojo and normally it would immediately launch. but in this case, it doesn't respond. i keep clicking, and still no response. i go to every mission, it either doesnt respond(mission hubs or solo start), or says can't find (regular missions) only way i've found to break it is to restart game. edit: quick note, if i go into a non railjack mission, it instantly enters, skips the searching for party....
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