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  1. Yeah i farmed 100 mill credits in 24 hours with profit taker orb (chroma, smeeta), i bought a 7 day credit booster for 80 plat so i can farm everday 50mill+ and guess what i got temporary trade banned today morning for 322hours....
  2. This started happening to me aswell yesterday evening around midnight. "Failed to offer" for both sides. I did not receive any E-Mail in my inbox yet, but now after 12hours I went into my dojo and it says: Temporary trade ban Trades remaining:0 Your account has been restricted from trading for 322 Hours. I did do some profit taker credit farming before and gained 11 mill in 1-2 hours. I used Chroma (Effigy) with Smeeta Karvat and a bought Credit Booster for 7 days plus ofc the server credit booster. My guess is that your account has not been updated yet with the trade pos
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