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  1. There are some interesting changes in all of that, but I don't feel like giving positive feedback on that, seeing as the overarching theme is yet again: "let's dumb things down even more". Armor Health Shield Changes: Sure, exponential growth of armour isn't the best thing, but the game is already so easy that at least things would get tough if you spent enough time in an endless mission. What now? Shield Gating: (Friendlies version) Yet another band-aid that can and will be abused with the right combination of mods. You know it, we know it. Self damage changes: Hundreds of weapons without self damage to pick from. Individual multipliers to tweak on every weapon that deals self damage has been a thing since I can remember. Self damage has its use not only in terms of gameplay (risk/reward) but also in combination with certain frames and abilities. A mod that reduces self damage which could've been adjusted or Primed or whatever suits your fancy. But you decide -- yet again -- to dumb things down even more. Plus a few other changes that make it clear you want to make this as simple as it can possibly get. As if the game wasn't shallow and easy enough already. How about you release a Warframe Classic from somewhen between 2015 to before around the release of Rivens so I can play something that isn't downright boring or jarring in its lack of balance? Because it looks like these days this studio just wants to provide the 3D equivalent of Cow Clicker and a farm simulator, not an actually entertaining gameplay experience. The consequence of that is clear, too: instead of creating an interesting core gameplay loop, you're just going to make it about total time spent instead. Grind is the name of the game. And it's been four months since the Old Blood has messed up Conclave and maybe just as much time -- who knows for sure -- since you silently removed Void nodes from the Fissure rotation. These are the kind of things that have made me stop recommending this game to others (I would've in case of Railjack if it wasn't such a bug-ridden mess for months).
  2. You either don't really understand what I've written or are trying to misrepresent it on purpose. I'm not disputing that they put in "more than before". What I did was put the total amount of time they spent on it into perspective. And issues like new players starting with only a melee instead of a full loadout are telltale sign that it wasn't exactly a lot even then. That's a fact as much as that they spent "less than before" these past months and years while the rest of the game and the company grew. In summary: I don't dispute that, but you're not making a good point. You're trying to make an argument based on time that was spent exclusively on PvP, that it would not be worth putting any more time into it again. Do you really not see how this statement goes counter to what you're trying to get across? And again, you're showing a serious lack of perspective in all this. The PvP part in this game doesn't need to have a lot of investment, just as it doesn't need to be hugely popular with everyone. But it does need a bit of upkeep every once in a while -- which it doesn't get -- because the way it's set up is that PvE changes can bleed into PvP. The deteriorating state of it is on the devs. The Index map rework was not made with PvP in mind, it's really just another case in point. With this kind of track record, I'd rather they stop reworking tilesets altogether, because to this date Freight Line/Core -- Corpus Ship; next to get reworked -- and especially Corpus Outpost -- because it's another coopted Index map -- are some of the best Conclave maps.
  3. The question was about how much investment went into it, and so you admit you don't know. Honestly, the number of easy to fix problems just speak for themselves. It doesn't matter that it had more than two people at some point, when it's basically been no one for a while anymore, and we're talking about a company that has ~300 employees at this point. What should be clear is that it was always a small team in charge of this part of the game, and that's fine -- it doesn't actually need to be a major focus. But they also took things away for no good reason and refuse to fix low-hanging-fruit kind of issues. A single Dojo room that's so cramped you can't even have proper duels. It's so laughable, activating friendly fire in the Simulacrum provides a better experience. A single map for the Conflicts. At least this one was big enough to be composed of two tiles, IIRC. A fairly large quantity of exclusive Conclave maps? Don't make me laugh. We're talking about a few maps, all of which have been built with components that were reused from PvE tilesets. But even then, the size and number of maps pale in comparison to a single PvE tileset. It's not even true that all of these things are exclusive to Conclave, because some maps got coopted for Index and Rathuum, as well. Most everything piggybacks on PvE, anyway. And the reworked Gas City map was definitely made with Index in mind, because not only was the old one much better suited for PvP, the new one also had bugs in Conclave that didn't get fixed for a while. P.S.: You're not making a quantitative argument, either. "More than before" just doesn't cut it. So what's left?
  4. Ooh, looks like someone has some background information. Please give us a (detailed?) breakdown of how much dev time has been spent on Conclave in the last few years -- let's say from 2015 on, when they revamped Conclave. I'm just burning to get more insight there.
  5. On one hand, it's not a secret that a chunk of the community is actively opposed to this specific subset of it (if you don't believe that, just create a topic on Reddit with something vaguely "pro Conclave" as its title, see what happens). On the other hand we have a dev team who either can't be arsed to make some basic improvements -- for things they broke over the years in the first place, mind you -- or simply don't know how to do their jobs when it comes to PvP. It's not like it's simply been frozen at one point, the state of Conclave has actively deteriorated. Then you come here and talk about Youtube trends? Search for Loxyen's videos for example if you want to watch something cool, but if you really expect it to be trending then you live in a different reality. Besides, to this day if you search on Reddit's r/gaming, then the most upvoted gameplay clip is still from Conclave. Finally, you've honestly been watching this subforum for years, and you think your suggestions will be what make the difference around here? You even say you enjoy that -- like, what? No offence, but may I suggest doing a reality check and/or finding a more worthwhile hobby?
  6. (Emphasis mine.) That's rich. As far as I'm aware, it's been only people like you who were advocating for the removal of Conclave after the fact, never the other way around. And even years later you still can't shut up about it and peddle that S#&$ty chart in only tangentially related threads. Are you really this bored and don't have anything better to do? You don't even question it one bit that it's an unlabelled chart without a proper explanation what exactly was measured from a single weekend over 3 years ago? Both of them having only a bit more than 1% didn't make you question it one bit? What about Dojos, for example? If you're actually serious about this, then I sincerely hope no one depends on your assessment of data and decisions based thereupon outside of games and their forums. And just for the record: personally, I've played Trials for a while until I got bored, and wasn't actually playing the game at all when they removed them. But I still think it was a bad move. Get a grip. The people who like playing Conclave have not waited for you and your proposals to save them. Not that I'd be against a toolkit in addition to what's already there, but honestly: At this point, the devs refuse to fix even simple and obvious problems. What makes you think they'd take the time to scrap what's currently there and reimplement a new system Also, people are already creating cool videos, montages, tutorials even. Just because you aren't aware of any of them doesn't mean the community isn't doing anything. Tells us more about you, to be honest.
  7. With all the threads and comments that have been posted so far and for months, I'm assuming they're well aware of it. They simply refuse to do anything about it, though. It's all over the place in the Conclave Feedback section, and was mentioned repeatedly in @standardheadache's Conclave Bug Megathread, as well: I guess the general sentiment these days is that it's OK to piss off part of their playerbase. To break things and never fix them, even if it'd be easy to do.
  8. I just want to reiterate that we've now been waiting for three and a half months, and among other things Telos Boltace is still allowed to be an absolute annoyance and even break the maps: Fix your game.
  9. Surprise! Getting quote-pinged by yet another guy who is trying to playing one game mode against the other. Oh and there's the Chart of Bad Habits and TasteTM again, too. I swear, the devs will never live that one down. Have you noticed all the things wrong with it? For example, how that's a single weekend from back in 2016? Have you also noticed, how they've confirmed that raids will return? And it's not like they haven't removed other things from the PvP crowd before, and without such a promise. Or behind door number three: Conclave would require an incredibly small amount of upkeep compared to the rest of the game, but doesn't even get that, despite them introducing now even map-breaking things into the game mode with their PvE changes. And from the things you quoted, I'd wager the "running at an angle" and "minimap" problems they fixed were introduced because they're working on something unrelated and simply can't manage to properly separate the things they do. That speaks a lot more about their working environment/processes than about the game mode, to be honest.
  10. Not quite certain what point you're trying to make. Anyway, I have nothing against the event itself -- that is when looked at it from a gameplay perspective. In fact, i think having frequent events is a good thing for the game. My problem is with how they structured the incentives to do it -- ultimately, the rare mods people are after. Previous event rewards were on a model of timed exclusivity, i.e. they would eventually be made generally available. And that's what they should've done here, too. Is your point that because the sentient ship was bad, it's ok that this is bad, too? Stacking RNG on top timers on top of RNG is bad design, and serves only to aggravate and alienate the players. But that's just my opinion, of course, ymmv. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. One can hope it's normal standing. But... I wouldn't put it past them to introduce yet another new resource -- my guess is through mining -- just to stretch it out a little more. 🙄
  12. The comments here are mildly amusing -- the weapon being in the Conclave is not. I agree with the OP, this is a bug; it should not have been made available in the first place. There's no Bugs forum specifically for Conclave. 🤔 Pretty sure that was already there when it was made.
  13. This event has a combination of the worst kinds of elements and should've been replaced with its rewards spread into other systems years ago. time limited event RNG missions; discovery/encounter time limited nodes RNG rewards
  14. Hey, how about bringing back the Hearts & Arrows mini-event? Sadly, I wasn't around last time. The ornament is now available for credits anyway, so no potential for controversy, hopefully?
  15. At least that seems to be the only new weapon that made it in. I can confirm myself that Kuva Nukor is not available, and I've heard that Kuva Hind isn't enabled, either.
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