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  1. I'm using it too, but honestly, Magus Lockdown was a big mistake.
  2. Additional threads in other parts of the forums:
  3. We needed that years ago. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I remember Steve talking about that they were experimenting with it, but were afraid to introduce it because of the upheaval that would cause. See also the response they got from the community when they only tried to more closely align the physical procs. It's not going to happen in this game anymore.
  4. It would definitely be nice to be able to test out more things in there. People who are on the fence are just turning to some Youtube video or the next chat instead, and might miss out on a weapon they'd actually like to play with.
  5. Now that Nightwave has ended and the next bigger patch is seemingly still a ways off, this would be a good opportunity to make a mini-event in the spirit of Snowday Showdown and Quick Steel. So here's the basic idea: All Warframes have the same stats, and there is no modding. For those who weren't around back then: past events already had this, and it's a good way to have everyone on equal grounds. Also, people can hop right in without having to adjust anything. However, what never really happened in the past was players deciding what to bring against each other. The mode and loadouts were decided by the devs every time. Obviously, everyone should have the same loadouts in the end, but it'd be a good idea to see what the community actually wants to play with. So to get things started here's one idea for a Halloween PvP mini-event: Mode: death match (Annihilation), but without collecting Oro to keep things simple. Loadout: Primary: Miter. It has "Cutface" written in Grineer on it, so no contest. Secondary: Pox, but the projectiles have to be pumpkins! Melee: A Scythe (Hate, I guess) with the Conclave stance built-in, because that's definitely the most spooky weapon. But! This is really about seeing what other people think could work and be fun.
  6. Not sure if I'm getting you right, but I didn't mean a PS4 setting, but the ingame region setting. Also, people usually play in the evening, and that's earlier in Europe than in the US. Anyway, if you still can't find a game directly, the Discord has like-minded people.
  7. I made this topic mostly for fun and it was meant to be after death. Technically, its current form Peculiar Bloom wouldn't even work because there are no crits. Edit: They could just introduce Conclave counterparts instead: Peculiar Bloom => Peculiar Remembrance Peculiar Growth => Peculiar Bloat
  8. Hi. First of all, welcome to the forums. While I don't really know what the situation on PS4 is, here are a few things to consider: Make sure you're set to public matchmaking (like you do in PvE, there's no separate button) As you're new, prefer to play with Recruit Conditioning on (the button on the selection screen). It disappears with Conclave rank 3, so you'll get matched with others who have it on. The downside is that it hard separates the players (on/off), so maybe you want to try with it off once in a while, too. Try different game modes. I think Lunaro is the least popular one. Adjust your acceptable ping setting, if it's very low. It can depend on time of day, as all the regions are hard separated, too. Maybe you have to switch regions. And last but not least, there's the Conclave Community Discord: https://discord.me/conclave (direct invite link)
  9. Well, I'm not here to have this discussion. I've already done and probably will do that enough in other more suitable threads. All I did here was point out that there already is official confirmation that something similar to this would require people to opt for it. Plus that quip you quoted, because it's true at least for me. I'm pretty indifferent about invasion systems -- at least it was fun to watch when they streamed it. Maybe the devs should just keep it to themselves if the community is unable to appreciate it. But feel free to carry on with whatever you're trying to do here, then.
  10. Not entirely sure why you'd want to bring those events up in this thread, because it really is about something a bit different. Look, it's entirely clear from this and your past posts that you don't like anything even related to PvP in this game. But next time you bring it up, please stick to the facts, alright? Even back in the day we would constantly hear on the forums how it's only such a tiny minority who even like it, but then somehow everyone who only joined these event games for some minor cosmetics would still get beaten up by the regulars? That seriously doesn't add up and you know it. 🤨 Not to mention that there was no gear involved in these, nor did the choice of Warframe make a difference. Everyone was on equal grounds, just like in the (now gone) Opticor Variant mode. By the way, the last time I participated in one of these events was Snowday Showdown, and in the few games I played I had the impression people were actually having fun. The forums were a different matter: from what I remember the regulars mostly thought it was a good attempt, but of course there were a lot of complaints from people who forced themselves into it for the rewards. No surprise there, really, but then I don't think the forums are representative, anyway.
  11. On the other hand, we do get messages whenever the Ghouls appear and are defeated again. That's really on an entirely different level to losing several weeks' worth of investment in the worst case. Huh, hadn't even thought about that the overall duration was something that people would've missed, too. But yeah you're right, ingame none of these things are made clear, at all.
  12. An invasion system is not exactly my cup of tea, either. But I can tell you I'd probably have stopped playing this game back in 2015 if not for the Conclave revamp. Different tastes, I guess. On another note: An excellent illustration of how vehement the opposition to PvP is in this game. If it were to pass, I would request a copy of said script for my own use, as I also have a strong dislike of PvP. Guess me linking to that other thread on the first page didn't help matters, so here's a screenshot of the title, too: Last time we heard about that one they officially confirmed you'd have to opt for it[1][2]. So calm down, relax, and don't waste time on firewall settings you won't need. 😏
  13. Agreed, and he already isn't (Natah quest etc.). He just lacks a proper introduction. It's only because he made his first appearance with Conclave 2.0, but things evolved from there. A bit of a touch-up would improve not just that corner of the game, imho; I did another Infested Alad V Sortie just yesterday, and it must be quite confusing for people who weren't around back when.
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