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  1. I think one suggestion was making it based on total number of kills. Sure, they could create a new account whenever they reach the cap. But they'd lose all of their progression each time, too. And if their goal is to stroke their own e-peen (KD in the profile), that'd be reset each time, too. => Of course, it's not perfect, but still better than the status quo. What the mode would really need is proper skill-based matchmaking, anyway. RC has been a band-aid from the start.
  2. How would you know what's going on, anyway? You don't even play Conclave. Or is this not your main account? That would be the real irony. On another note: having some kind of forced progression from the Recruit Conditioning pool has been suggested quite a few times before, by the way. @(PS4)ErydisTheLucario And yes to reiterate, Prime weapons aren't meant to be weaker. They're meant to be just as good, but not better. And if they have a higher fire rate for example, then they need less base damage to make it fair. The Conclave Discord has bots where you can compare weapons, by the way. They account for some these differences, but not everything. If a weapon has less spread and recoil, that's not reflected in damage stats alone. Damage distribution or elemental damage can have an influence, too. And last but not least: some weapons are known to be a bit off-balance.
  3. I've said it in another thread: instead of making them immune to status because of Condition Overload, they should cap Condition Overload's scaling where necessary.
  4. Defence is the most common type, Survival comes second. I've tested that and made a thread that it should change.
  5. I almost forgot -- given the responses here, I thought it'd be a good idea to create a mockup of what I have in mind: As mentioned in the OP, the toggle could be optional. Then it'd simply depend on having anything selected as energy colour, just like Warframes and other equipment have their defaults.
  6. They could start with Garuda and make her Dread Mirror finisher a lot more gory. 🤔
  7. You know the one. The rocky thing in the background on the Star Chart. It's now as big as Europa when zoomed out. So now it has a name: And here's what it looks like when zoomed in:
  8. I did post a Python script somewhere in there to save it as CSV, and you could use the Median or pop values of unrolled Rivens. But yeah, the format has slightly changed twice already, so you'd have to account for that.
  9. Maybe you could try the Riven trade values as a proxy?
  10. I think I might have an even better idea. The 'why not both' suggestion: Keep how it is now, maybe tune the weights a bit, but it's not actually necessary. There's something to be said about being able to quickly form a PUG without any hassle and jump right into a mission. Add a menu to the Arbiter guy in the relays through which we can simply select where to go. The random bonus could be dropped from this if it'd turn out to be problematic, it's not essential. People can form squads through Recruiting or their clan/alliance/Discord/whatever like we already do.
  11. 🤨 Valkyr and Garuda should be fine in this mode. While I haven't used the former, I made it to almost 25k on the latter during the event. You just have to time her 4 right between the pulses to get the most out of it, and her passive works, too. Condition Overload is limited, but the following status procs work: Viral, Magnetic, Toxin, Corrosive, Blast, Cold, Puncture and Slash. I would've agreed if you'd said it's too inconsistent. But you can try: Magus Overload, Zenurik's Temporal Blast, Aero Vantage. Also, I used a Sentinel to apply additional status procs for my hybrid CO/crit melee. Warframe Arcanes can give additional defences and DPS, they work fine. There's a list on the wiki with Warframe abilties that work, too. None of Inaros' for CC, btw. The winning strategy used Naramon, afaik. They spent most of their time in Operator mode. (Warframes: Nova, Volt, Oberon, forgot the 4th.)
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