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  1. Minor correction to the above: Turns out Miter had its charge rate halved at some point (Update 20), so the damage distribution of 225/12.5/12.5 would be too high now, too. Therefore, the observed damage of 336 against shields is even worse than I thought.
  2. As far as I heard, there have been some changes to matchmaking/underlying tech, and as a result some people now have problems: Although your problem sounds a bit strange, as you can still play with others. It's hard to diagnose that for other players. What you can try instead is post it somewhere in the bug forums, or send a ticket through the Support Desk. Maybe do both, even. It's likely they'll need your logs for that, and that's not something you want to expose in public, in any case.
  3. Shield Gate was a mistake. And I'm not sure being against the combo is an unpopular opinion.
  4. I still have a sheet with old stats from back when Conclave balance was in better shape. Here's what Miter's stats looked like back in 2016: Weapons Slash Impact Puncture Reload Mag size Headshot Multiplier
  5. This. Click the Railjack icon top right, then they appear. Reason given was to unclutter the list of Fissure nodes, it got a bit too long. Edit: Here's the entry from the patch notes:
  6. TL;DR: Yes. Gameplay balance is worse than ever, but if that doesn't stop you, then you don't really have anything to worry about. Only doing the Relic game loop itself will have you entertained for a while, because you can now do it in space as well. I'm still doing that part solo -- and I don't really agree with how they changed it in the last iteration -- but the biggest issues are probably ironed out now and it's not a buggy mess anymore. It's a good point to jump in and see if you like it. So go ahead.
  7. I'd like for the Conclave Syndicate to reward a Conclave Companion Cube.
  8. Note that I'm not at all against improving the rewards, on the contrary. I've been saying that the Conclave rewards structure needs to be updated for quite some time. But it's a tricky subject around here. Also, iirc standing reward for participation was higher at some point, but then there was a problem with people who would just hide in some corner and try to evade the fights. As for balance: Conclave is balanced separately from PvE anyway. Or at least it used to be, things have deteriorated over time.
  9. Can't talk about Destiny as I've never played it. But that's already a thing: For example, in Annihilation a match ends after 10 minutes or when the first guy gathers 25 Oros (which drop after a kill for those who don't know). On topic: unlikely to happen. Rewards are structured this way: nothing that's important for player progression is exclusive to Conclave or its syndicate. Not sure what a pinnacle item is, but it's very likely something good. Or what would you propose with that restriction in place?
  10. I mean I get it. On consoles, you can't really type with a controller, or it's an awkward extra step. But that doesn't mean there can't be both at the same time.
  11. Hm well. I don't know what the best solution would be. Not sure how tokens would work with variable amounts of standing. Another variant that wasn't mentioned: Let us pick a default and still allow us to redistribute at the end of a mission. That wouldn't make management tedious and be more convenient than the sigil system.
  12. Here's a new one, though (actually old, just wasn't reported yet, it seems): Conclave's ability screen used to show a Warframe's passive ability (example: Limbo, Specters of the Rail): Now passives are only exposed in PvE, the hover-button on the bottom left is missing entirely for PvP: It matters because for some Warframes the passive ability is not the same as in PvE.
  13. Here's another thing to celebrate: 1.5 years since The Old Blood introduced us to Telos Boltace ragdolls ruining the game experience & breaking maps.
  14. Not sure if there's a special way to make them spawn. That does sound like a bug. But I played this Sortie solo, and I think it was only 25 enemies like that. Could complete it without a problem.
  15. It's quite funny how fast this went from "Warframe needs more challenging content" to "nerf Nullifiers". I agree with the former and disagree with the latter.
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