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  1. Had another, similar idea quite a while ago. Not related to selling, but I'd just love to put some weapons on walls or wherever. Now it doesn't have to be Conclave as I think it wasn't all that well received when I made that suggestion, but I thought I'd just throw it in here, too, while someone's around. 😅 You know, because:
  2. Bit much on the lighting there behind that door. Earth Interception. Edit: ah right, this thread is meant for tickets. Here's the metadata instead, but it should be obvious where it is anyway: /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Grineer/GrineerForestInterception/FZOQAA.lp Z: /Lotus/Levels/GrineerForestRemastered/GftInterception02 P: -128, 15, -159 H:-110 Log: 3067.673
  3. Well, they haven't bothered fixing obvious problems, bugs and (PvE-caused) balance issues for months to years. And of course there would be a list of obvious things they could improve beyond that. That said, while there was never a lot of time dedicated to it in the first place, gamplay-wise it was in a decent state some years ago.
  4. Happened just now in a Capture on Europa. Not going to create a ticket, here's the screenshot metadata: /Lotus/Levels/Proc/Corpus/CorpusIcePlanetCapture/Ecx0NxIbiAKoY+ZrYFUA.lp Z: /Lotus/Levels/CorpusIcePlanet/IceConnector15 P: -197, 9.0, 71 H:165 Log: 773.833
  5. Yeah, that's sadly not the only problem. Queueing passively while doing something else in the Orbiter/hubs would help a ton, too. Also, while sitting in the lobby, not even Trade and Region chats are enabled, it's no wonder people don't have much patience waiting there. But try in a few hours in EU, should have more players then. It's easier to hop into ongoing matches in the regions' respective evenings.
  6. You live on these forums just for these kinds of posts, don't you?
  7. Have a look at this one: Besides, if like you say it's just you and there's another one going to post the same here, that makes two. Friend each other, two is all that's needed to start a game.
  8. Also watch @Loxyen's linked gfycat, no Radiation status there.
  9. Type: Telos Boltace Description: It's possible to shoot oneself while ragdolled by Telos Boltace (which is still in the game in this state, for ~11 months now) Visual: https://gfycat.com/dimwittedbreakablekingfisher-warframe Observed result: Telos Boltace broken in yet another way. Expected result: Remove Telos Boltace. Reproduction rate: Telos Boltace abusers have reproduced and spread far and wide. It's time to stop this madness.
  10. I guess it got lost in all the things that have been accumulating, but turns out @Caphtor and @Triplinster have already discovered and documented this earlier:
  11. Probably little known fact, because it's not advertised anywhere and is not really intuitive: You can just leave a squad (Esc > Leave Squad), then extract on your own. You'll keep everything you earned. Edit: but yes, if people leave that way it'd be nice if the squad would be put into the global queue for those in the hub to join. Not sure how it works right now, and not sure if that'd be easy to realise.
  12. Haven't really done a lot of those. But the usual, I guess: pile on with as much melee as possible. Additional things that help: Nova's Slow Something to remove shields, so Slash procs work actually, they work against Demolisher shields now, too. guess that changed with Revised Magus Lockdown Zenurik's Temporal Blast Stack element procs that aren't resisted for Condition Overload ... and a few other things that work against Demolishers, check wiki
  13. Agreed, it's always a nice event to gain some Forma. But sorry, couldn't resist: Narrator: "It won't."
  14. Yes, we don't disagree at all. Although I should probably amend my line there before someone wants to start an argument on that: "But of course: outrage = Youtube clicks, so I guess although it doesn't show, in the end everyone is still happy entertained in their own way. 😂" 👆 Edit: Just to be clear: my comments here were only made with the drama around MFD in mind. That Saryn is busted in one way or another is a different can of worms for me, and I haven't played her recently, anyway.
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