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  1. You definitely need to read up a bit on statistics, otherwise at this point, you just come across as moving the goal posts. 28k is an incredibly big sample size. Of course you can never quite rule out a bit of bias, but for us players this is as good as it gets. For comparison, Steam Charts lists around 41k players for this month. It's definitely a fallacy to bring up inactive players or construe an argument out of not having a majority of concurrent players who participated in that survey.
  2. I've already mentioned this in the Conclave Bug Megathread: But if Vitrica is meant to stay enabled, this would be the appropriate forum instead. Here are its current stats (green), and the damage is obviously way too high: As a Heavy Blade, I'd say its damage should roughly be in the 80-90 range instead, to bring it into line with the others. P.S. In case I have anyone's attention here: If you aren't going to do anything about the ragdoll of Telos Boltace -- it seems to be broken in more than one way -- then simply disable it in the Conclave. It has
  3. Obviously I paid attention to detail, or I wouldn't have made it to the boss fight. What makes you think otherwise? Now if you had paid attention to how I wrote my previous post, you might've found that I simply expressed my dislike for that part of the Glassmaker series.
  4. The fight was fine. Not great, just fine. Certainly better than the hunt for clues, in any case. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Type: weapon Description: Vitrica is enabled in Conclave with insanely high stats. Oversight? If not, the PvP multiplier needs to be toned down. Visual: Expected result: Either it shouldn't be there or its stats should fall roughly in line with other heavy swords. Observed result: It's there. Reproduction: Yes, it's always there once unlocked. P.S. If you're going to touch this, then do something about Telos Boltace as well, please. It's been a full year, I'm sure you can spare the 5 minutes to disable it if you aren't going to do anything about the ra
  6. Shotguns and other weapons damage problem is documented: Originally in these threads: Then in this one because the former got auto-locked due to age: Additionally, there have been numerous threads where a lot of those other problems were mentioned already by a lot of people. It's really not hard to confirm that.
  7. Even this has already lasted for years with barely any attention at all. If not for all the issues caused by PvE updates (aka. lack of proper separation of the modes) it wouldn't even strictly require any additional attention -- although that'd certainly be nice. Most of the work was done by a small team in 2015 and 2016. Yes, years ago, nothing major since. People still play it. In comparison, PvE is dead in the water after a few weeks, if you'd believe the threads around here. And that's even though e.g. the first impression of a lot of people was probably "I'm running around with only
  8. By removing all the bullet points with reasons from that quote and hand waving them -- and what others said -- away, you're pretty much just making my point for me. At least in the above it's clear that's just your opinion instead of accusing others of making their posts in bad faith. So, progress? 😉 I concur. It was certainly more interesting than what we have now.
  9. Ah look here in this thread, again the bandwagon is merrily chugging along as always. Funny and ironic to see a bit of talk about straw men, too, but moving on: We already had that request, and DE obliged. If you want to fight bots, you can already do so. It's called Index and Rathuum. Requests for better (skill based) matchmaking go back to 2015, and all we got was Recruit Conditioning in early 2016. There really is no way of knowing how things would shake out if we actually had that at some point. But yes, it might just not be to your personal taste in the end, th
  10. Here's a new idea for lazy devs: Let people ban a weapon/Warframe at the start of each round. Then you devs won't have to wring your hands anymore about whether it's a good idea to remove it or not. It'll sort itself out and you'll be able to gather the stats to prove that.
  11. I'm sure it's unlikely to make a return now, the damage is done. I just want to reiterate why removing self damage was a bad idea in the first place: This game is about having options and gameplay variety. What reason is there to get and play around with new gear if it's the same as what I already own? And there are already hundreds of weapons. (Yes, I guess a lot of people are satisfied with bigger numbers, but not all of us are.) Self damage was about risk and reward. Want big-ass AoE, better be careful and aim properly. There were already options and enough thing
  12. The weapon is one of the worst offenders right now, and has been for almost a year. I'd say this is probably one of the best proofs that these devs don't play their own game. It's so clearly broken, and it boggles the mind that they still haven't done anything about it. Exactly. Little things add up and can make it an overall S#&$ty experience. Instead of focussing on pushing out new stuff -- which no one really needs -- at a frantic pace it'd be a good idea to check at least once every few months what causes people to have a bad experience. A
  13. ... if ever. Also, let's face it: Something happened and they lost their ability to assess what is and isn't a problem in PvP gameplay. Which is kind of worrying, because we already know they really don't have a good handle on PvE balance, either.
  14. This might not be actionable, but here's a collection of things that show the game isn't as robust as it used to be: In general, it's disappointing to see how the gameplay has gone downhill over the years. And in light of recent news: Better visuals are great, but it's gameplay issues that really mar the experience, not slightly outdated graphics. Still waiting for fixes.
  15. How it happened: Played a game with two other people, me as client The other two decided to leave after the first round, while I wanted to stay Host migration Result: Interface broken Enemies stopped spawning properly Only one Specter that was present in round one made it into round 2 Specter disappeared after handing in its other points Alt+F4 Here's how the UI looked for me in round two, basically the whole Overlay was gone:
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