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  1. Kontrollo

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    That only works until you have 3-4 -- potentially homing -- missiles mid-flight and are running out of energy.
  2. Kontrollo

    About Walking Through the Wall

    Ah, I've never even tried that.
  3. Kontrollo

    About Walking Through the Wall

    So how did you bypass: the restriction on using abilities (I'd wager you're not really in Cetus, the Star Chart node) the limit on dashes (Operator Energy)
  4. Kontrollo

    Mod conflict when fusing?

    ^ This.
  5. Kontrollo

    Mod conflict when fusing?

    There's a little icon on installed mods that tells you whether a mod is installed on any weapon. But it doesn't tell you where it's installed, sadly. The difference between Arsenal and Mods station is that when you come from the Arsenal, it shows you the mods that are installed on your currently equipped gear, I'd say. Edit: Example (pic on the right I got after I switched away from the "Installed" filter, then searched for the mod)
  6. Kontrollo

    PvP that could actually work and be fun!

    Back when I played it, Conclave was pretty balanced. But that was 2 years ago and from what I've seen it's been neglected for a while, so I don't really know the state of things. Also, we've had the option of running dedicated servers for over two years now. When people are willing to host these with decent equipment, there's no host advantage nor host migrations. (PC only, though.) Operator only combat is probably not something I'd enjoy all that much, but you don't know until you've tried it, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Kontrollo

    Replicas as a reward?

    Thank you for voicing your concerns. 😊
  8. Kontrollo

    Is The Game Difficult Enough Yet?

    Just fyi and mildly off-topic now, but Arachne got buffed @IntheCoconut.
  9. Kontrollo

    Replicas as a reward?

    Are we really doing this? 😄 Ok then. Touché. Not what I meant. The reason for its introduction. Obviously by forming groups to fill their own lobbies and doing whatever -- who cares? -- in any of the modes which reward standing, then maybe lamenting about that atrocious and unrewarding grind. But that is at their own discretion. But honestly, it's easy to play whatever you like, then trade for whatever you want, so I'm not that worried about that. Ah, but you forgot the levelling part. Let me help myself getting the point across with the following diagram: That's a good idea and if you haven't done so already, I'd encourage you to create a thread about it. Myself, I'm not interested in new mods, however. Undeniable, but also doesn't help those who feel they're at a disadvantage because they're missing equipment to be able to compete. Yeah, why the f*** not! But why are you asking me that? Stars! ... and you could implement a custom sort order without wasting Forma I guess? But yes, you got me. It's about time spent. And the following might as well serve as a TL;DR: I can only speculate, but if the average person is given the following choice: play a niche mode and get progression which is exclusively restricted to said mode play a niche mode and get something which they might be able to trade for the universal currency, to then spend on whatever the hell they like which one would they pick? I think it'd be the latter. The idea is to give people more options and let the market sort it out.
  10. Kontrollo

    Replicas as a reward?

    Ah, hi Knaimhe. It's been a while. 😊 Yes. Yes. Something to do. You do remember the original idea behind the Focus system, right? Fair point, but you can kindly tell them to keep it out of public games. And those who would rather not bother would have something to buy from you. You know, so you wouldn't have to farm Xini and Apollodorus for the next weapon they introduce. That's a different idea to what I have in mind. Not that I disagree with it.
  11. Kontrollo

    Replicas as a reward?

    Part II: To keep it concise I thought I'd make the topic OP only about Conclave itself. But I think if this turns out to be a viable approach to the general problem, they should definitely expand on it: First of all, Lunaro needs love, too. But I don't have a good idea for this mode (more Arcatas, add Affinity? The Lunaro ball itself?) Non-essential progression systems like K-Drive could benefit, too.
  12. Kontrollo

    Replicas as a reward?

    A point that I see often being brought up is that the Conclave Syndicate isn't rewarding enough. I think we can agree that it's a good idea to keep PvE progression/gameplay rewards out of this[1], so as not to make anyone feel forced into it. Right now there are three things that you could call repeatable rewards: Relic Packs Exilus Adapter Blueprint Mods (some of which might have a certain value in trade) But there's nothing enticing in there that's repeatable. Now I first made this comment in jest in that other thread about an Arsenal room, but actually come to think of it again, why not? Conclave is all about weapons, after all. Even the ones that are left in the dust in PvE are mostly -- when properly balanced -- still viable options there. So here's the idea: Teshin offers a Replica imprint as part of the Conclave Syndicate reward. You use it on one weapon, it gets reset like when using a Forma (maybe only partially?). After (before?) levelling it to 30 again, you get a Replica cosmetic of that weapon out of it. (Think Final Fantasy's Materia, if anyone recalls those. 😉) Replicas are tradeable. Optional/debatable: If that's not good enough yet, also make them a market item buyable for plat (fully built). Would also keep trade prices in check, i.e. put a cap on them. Effects: Repeatable content, and for those who decide to level the weapon in the Conclave, mods don't affect the PvP gameplay all that much anyway. In PvE the usual options are still viable (power levelling nodes). Repeatable rewards, but nothing that affects gameplay/progression is forced on anyone. People who spend a lot of time playing Conclave have another option to trade with others and with enough effort can gain access to new weapons that for them would otherwise be locked behind a lot of time spent in PvE. I.e. spending time in a Conclave mode would feel like less of a waste. Original thread: Also thanks to @LTDaWolf, without whom I wouldn't have thought about this in the first place. 😉 [1] Rewards that technically affect progression and are obtainable in both modes like Relic Packs, Exilus Adapters and the dual mode mods are fine, though, I hope we can all agree.
  13. Kontrollo

    More config slots

    Agreed, but PvP is already separate, just click the "Select Mode" button, bottom right.
  14. Kontrollo

    Defense 4 vs 4 (PvP)

    Fair enough. Well, I was writing that under the assumption that what was said previously still holds true, and I happened to see your posts in both threads. And so I asked you to elaborate. Especially the "the only one who has a working game is the host" is what made me think you've never seen that thread. I mean, the host isn't playing, right? It's 8 players in Conclave, by the way. But now that you're here, care to back up the other statement, you know, the one I've quoted originally?
  15. Kontrollo

    Defense 4 vs 4 (PvP)

    Well then, why don't you elaborate on this? I mean, when enough people with decent equipment are willing to host for others, then everyone gets a good ping and the match is fair. Dedicated servers are less resource intensive, too.