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  1. Bruh I just read your post and I dont know what made u so mad but there are ways to find matches. Just join the conclave discord. Meet some ppl and play with them. If you really want to find a match it is not hard you just gotta put in a little effort when theres nobody in matchmaking. And i can tell u right now that matchmaking works sometimes so you obviously aren't trying hard enough.
  2. There's not too many weapons to balance. DE just doesn't balance anything nor care to they put it in conclave and that's it and bugs fixes or balancing that needs to be done either takes a very long time or doesn't get done at all. Most notably how telos boltace's passive is still in conclave when all it would literally take is literally a click of a mouse to remove it. I'd be ok with limited weapon modes. But there's so many fun weapons out there that would be great to use if only conclave was worked on. DE just needs to learn to have at least 1 guy consistently work on conclave cuz this is ridiculous. Way worse than destiny's situation
  3. Conclave is PVP I like your ideas for different game modes to add into the game but conclave standing should come from pvp cuz that's what conclave is. Adding pve modes wouldn't be conclave anymore. Only thing I'd agree with gaining conclave standing is if they add a pvevp mode like dark sector conflicts. Where players and ai are both fighting against you together. Not 1 or the other.
  4. I apologize I agree with what sevek said I could have responded a little better. U did say to keep conclave the way it is i respect that. Unfortunately also like sevek I don't agree with your idea conclave is pvp and what u had suggested was make conclave have a pve mode. Doing that will make players only play the pve version it will not "#make conclave great again" as u said. Alot of players just want alternative ways to farm conclave standing that's not pvp. Sorry for assuming that was u there's just alot of ppl like that on the forums.
  5. How about no. U posted #make conclave great again but what you're suggesting has nothing to do with conclave at all. Just another case of pve players being salty they cant get the rewards without playing conclave. Dude just go play conclave its not hard to farm standing lol just play the game ffs. Conclave is PVP
  6. We keep trying only to be ignored everytime. Maybe someday
  7. I think trying to get de to promote speedrunning will get u just as far as conclave players trying to get de to work on conclave. Aka nowhere. Also conclave is insane with warframes movement. Thats 1 of my favorite things about it. Gotta have better aim to kill players
  8. I love conclave in warframe. DE needs to focus on balancing the existing conclave and listening to the conclave vets and supporters who have been trying to get them to listen for years. They dont need to rework it in its entirety they just need to care a little.
  9. Nah id rather Conclave standing be for players actually playing the existing Conclave. Alot of players in warframe just try to get de to make some excuse or alternate way to farm Conclave standing. Its not hard just play conclave if u want the Conclave rewards.
  10. Gunblades in conclave would be cool. DE actually giving af about conclave would be even more cool.
  11. That invasion idea sounds fun but not the part of getting rid of conclave. Conclave isnt the most active cuz the devs do nothing to help it. The devs need to start focusing on it more and make it more enjoyable to a wider audience.
  12. They are good rewards but they're conclave rewards for a reason. Getting rewards without even playing the game mode they're for makes 0 sense.
  13. So glad they didn't pick fusilai prime. Would've lessened the hype
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