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  1. Mate, how do you play with max contrast? Lower the dang contrast and balance the brightness, it will make warframe look much more like plastic but this is a game not a movie after all.
  2. I'm still waiting for a way to filter relics that are vaulted ingame.
  3. The point of which quick thinking fails is very high, its a niche item. The only time I've used it was to build a suppar tanky bless rage spam trinity for profit taker. Most frames that should utilize quick thinking will deplete their mana on hit which is their main way of keeping themselves alive.
  4. Crit and namely crit multplier are rarer* in that there are more status mods (excluding status duration, still situational) and damage mods. Multishot and damage aren't far behind but crit in general has the advantage in scaling damage higher. *does not apply to melee tho
  5. Perhaps you have not configured your router to port forward correctly, try enabling DMZ or equivalent feature on your router to test. DMZ mode removes the main purpose of a router, so try to keep it off after tests. Otherwise, it could be your network having issues, try ping tests to see if packets are dropped.
  6. The best upgrade is probably to get a dedicated graphics card, simply put integrated graphics will choke on the amount of things to load.
  7. Interesting read. I'm all for adding resource management to add tension to the combat. I wouldn't mind "heat" as resource that gets increased by any conditions with fire, such as using fireball to gain heat and killing enemies with fire weapons etc.
  8. Idk if breaking a 'trust' rotation can be acted on.
  9. True difficulty is doing new codex quests/events without looking at patch notes. Also, what is true difficulty? What sort of mythical creature is it? What characteristics does it have?
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