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  1. Considering how you've been reacting to everyone else's posts, I'm not even entirely sure you do.
  2. Wow, I should give you a trophy, that's the most twisting of my words I've ever seen. No, that's nowhere near anything I said, reread.
  3. So you want to make the game worse for everyone else just so you don't have to bother changing your matchmaking? Like, I get it, people that come into the bounty and don't actually do it are annoying, but you're blowing it out of proportion.
  4. You're better off screenshotting his racism and reporting him to Support with these.
  5. You haven't really made an argument for us having already lost. Losing, maybe, but I'd still say we aren't.
  6. I do agree that there is a disconnect between the Operator and the player, and I think this is a bad thing and would like to see it rectified, but I think you're looking too deep into things that don't really have all that much depth here.
  7. Add funds from a gift card? To what? Steam Wallet? If so, then yes, you can. Otherwise.... not sure, probably not.
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