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  1. Ahem- 'No PvP in any way in any situ-' Actually you may have found the one the only way I might enjoy something competitive in this game. Kudos. I genuinely never thought I'd see the day but that sounds fun as a time waster.
  2. 1: you mean masochists not sadists, (I'm not quoting you in case you want to fix that) 2: This game needs another 'you must be this cool to get any respect' tool for gatekeepers the same way a firework factory needs a 'smoke em if you've got em' policy. And since it was meant for the challenge I am against adding extra rewards on a philosophical level: If people say they want challenge it should be enough to do the thing for its own sake. Instead, we see people saying they want challenge and then demanding to be rewarded. That's not seeking challenge, that's negotiating a raise. There
  3. It's not done, but it's pretty, the NPCs actually have personality, and it gave me my favourite weapon ever. That said it's far from perfect or polished and, I'm still not sure what we saved the heart from because the threat was over so soon and now no one seems to care about that.
  4. I usually loathe gatekeepers but, this time I have found myself forced into that role. Helmuth was intended as a long term resource sink, and all we've seen are complaints from people who don't have the deep reserves that you pick up from years of play saying that the cost are too high. There's also a concern that a lot of mr 8s won’t ever bother to play frames as is and so know what they are changing.
  5. That is an incredibly shallow read of Dune, and I'll take Saint Alia of the knife over any tenno. You think that the Fremen weren't ninja? They come closer to that archetype than any Tenno with dual pistols, claymore and missile launcher.
  6. Eh there's a risk in echoing the latest hot thing too closely. But Warframe is already heavily Dune influenced, with a solar system in which governance is monarchic/imperial ( The Queens of the Grineer, while the function of the Corpus government closely resemble CHOAM) anachronistic preponderance of melee combat in a high tech culture, personal shields as a defensive measure, and technology retained by specialized trade guilds (Corpus, and Syndicates) along with specialized sub-breeds of human and psychic powers (The Operators). Given its uses in life prolonging Kuva makes a not awful analogu
  7. Thank you, and it's a point of endless frustration that they set missions on Mars, and they may as well be set in Arizona. For Ares' sake you've got the Vales Marineris, the single largest canyon, deepest, widest, longest, in the solar system, and it's fed by a region of interlinked canyons literally named 'The Labyrinth of night' and no level designer said 'I can do something cool with that!' they are right next to Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain, the biggest shield volcano, in the solar system (shame about the gradient), named after the home of the Greek gods, and no one contrived a wa
  8. Instead of sandworms how about a grineer open world on mars, with huge articulated grineer drill worms? Have the OW consist of a narrow steeply confined space making up the noctes labrynthus into the vales marineris and utopia planita?
  9. Honestly, as another toping on the great pizza that is warframe my only issues are that Regardless of how punishing and unfun it has, if it has exclusive rewards it will become mandatory and Almost all the difficulty in bosses and things in Warframe comes about reductavely. Power immunity and status immunity take away basic things from us limiting our options. Hit point bloat takes away the benefits of cit mods and weapon damage boosts. Invulnerability frames must be endured not played against. Knockdown spam takes it all away in one go by stoping us doing anything. All the ways Warframe
  10. I did explain my issue but to expand on the 2 lines you didnt read: I have issues with the concept of end game because as a goal it becomes totemised. In creating something specifically to be 'end game' you are also creating 'not endgame' you are saying 'this content here? Its crap, it's a tutorial, it's not here to be enjoyed it's the chore to suffer though the test that decide who is worthy of the real fun that we keep in this bit over here' in creating an end goal things become less about the journey and having created 'end game' developers can either spend more and more resources pleasi
  11. If I was a good enough player to be able to usefully trigger a 20s 'oh crap' player I'd be a good enough player not to need a 20s 'oh crap' button.
  12. Nope! Steel path is not meant to be rewarding, it is meant to be a challenge for those who want it. Not a proving ground for balance absolutely not an end game. No useful non-cosmetic rewards that's the point.
  13. and unfortunately 3 things will happen simultaneously a: Its too hard why bother to add content so few people access?! b: Its too easy, I finished it in 10 mins on top difficulty while I was on a ventilator dying of covid c: Its not exactly what I only barely imagined and certainly did not articulate, so it doesn't count as 'end game'. At this stage I'd rather they focused on simply 'more game' than 'end game' because the latter simply by existing says 'all that other stuff is crap, this is where it is, race though the rest so you can grow up and get here' which to me is an unhealt
  14. Granted but given they only openly stated they were aware of the issue in the last couple of months and that they are still presumably working on such things as removing 16 gigs from the installation, adding more stuff to HoD and hot fixing issues it's too soon to call betrayal.
  15. In fairness, they did say during the DE tennocon hype that they had a bad habit of starting to hype up things while they were still on the white board, and were (with HOD) starting to only promise what they could definitely get out of the door. So yeah this is a problem, but they seem to be aware of it.
  16. Counterpoint: DE should just stop accepting new players. You can't please every one, so they should close registration and just work on addressing all our complaints one by one until every one is happy and then open the doors again. Yeah, that makes only slightly less sense than the 'no new content' plan. Not only is new content what brings people into the game but for creative sorts it's what gets you caring about the work at all. What DE needs is an editor someone who actually makes them do the craft and finish things and fight for the commas. Someone who will help them kill their da
  17. Home-made sourdough gingerbread fresh out of the oven. My first time with the recipe. It is heavenly the house smells so good right now that 2 Danish children knocked at my door and asked me to throw them into the oven.
  18. And then when you are looking for matches to valence, you'll want things the way they are now. I get its frustrating, Lootcifer makes fools of us all. But flat distribution is the best way for the greatest number of uses cases.
  19. You can't really gripe about not getting all the content, if you're not doing all the content.
  20. Gee! It is just so awful that players who return (To play the game) upon returning (from a state of 'not playing the game') are expected to actually play the game to get rewards. The converse being that if the rewards were handed to every one upon logging in, no one would have any reason to play the game. Politely but with an Ernest curiosity, what did you intend to upon your glorious and long awaited return on the heels of the much hyped new additions?
  21. I'll be honest thats a very generic looking 'cool mecha' you could tell me it was from an unheard of gundam spin off or some risqué thing called "Zettai Ryouki Invasion Force" and both would be as credible. One of Warframe's strengths is that it does look different, Gyver and biotech and, lately between Hild, Gaus and Protea frames are starting to lose that and look more robotic.
  22. You can get rank in a syndicate by doing missions with an allied sigil equipped, that might get you off the bottom but it will be a huge grind.
  23. It all goes into the pot, and as a result the stew is that much richer. Creativity is just borrowing from multiple sources.
  24. Don't DE mostly nerf by usage statistics? Being hard to farm might actually protect it. I mean it's good, but it takes a fairly decent investment to make it useful in late game play. Both to get it and in mission to use the alt fire.
  25. So Dark sectors all over again? With the same DDOS issues and anything but the strongest clans being locked out of the system? Pass.
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