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  1. From everything I have seen from te in game lore all warframes are made from people, there is nothing in the lore stating that they started using another method to make them. I don't know where people got the idea that they stopped using people as even from what we know about them they delight in cruelty towards "inferior" people, unless there was a way to make warframes better using a different technique they would not have changed. There was also the Inaros quest where he was defending a settlement that people were being kidnapped from, likely for Orokin experiments or being turned into warf
  2. I've gotten sick of all the negativity lately so why not have a post where we be positive for a change. Why don't we share our favorite memory from Warframe. Mine is the Sacrifice Quest, just the story, music and atmosphere was stunning. The story of Umbra was beautifully tragic and now he has more hope with the Tenno easing his pain. Also it was just great to get some closure on the warframes themselves and what they actually are.
  3. Given how much the Chinese government censors games and what restrictions they put in place I am very curious as to how drastically different the Chinese version of Warframe is, as Mojang did develop a version of Minecraft that is completely incompatible with the rest of the worlds version of the game. Also Tencent can just go away. I don't trust them given what happens when a product is aimed for Chinese audiences, in-game transactions tend to increase and i wouldn't be surprised if Warframe got lootboxes.
  4. I expect to see more on the Duviri Paradox, especially with how the last quest with Protea left off. I also expect them to unveil more on the whole "oplink" mechanic we saw during the last Tennocon, though it was clear that Scarlet Spear was a test run on the feature and I am curious as to if they are going to further develop that feature or cut it out entirely depending on what that events data tells them. Apart from that I really have no idea what new things they could show us, obviously they will show concept art for a new frame or 2, maybe a new deluxe kit, and Prime warframe.
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