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  1. -Passive: COLLECTOR Enemies that die close to him have a small chance to be scavanged. (5-15% in a 20 meter radius) He can scavenge some of the dead bodies to find 75% health and 25% energy orbs. -1st ability: UPGRADE He reaches forward and void energy branches grab onto 1/2/3/4 enemies staggering and pulling them closer, stealing 50 health and a part of their attributes for himself for 10 seconds (50 shield for corpus, 50 health for infested, 50 armour for grineer). Costs 25 energy. Does not stack! Cone shaped area. Upper body animation, does not interupt movement. -2nd ability: UNSTABLE Parts start falling from him, enemies who step on them are damaged and staggered, ally's can collect the parts to gain some health. Costs 30 energy on cast and 1 health per second. Channelled. Works in a circular area or like a trail depending movement. Upper body animation, does not interupt movement. -3rd ability: BREAKDOWN He can charge to deal damage in an area and to himself, the more its charged the more damge it will deal and the more health it will take. He will remain a pile of parts for 5-10 seconds staggering enemies the firs time they pass through. Can be cast again to assemble instantly after the damaging phase. Cast/charge. Casting takes 10% of his max health, and aditional 1% per second to a maximum of 50%, resulting in a 100% increased damage. Circular area. Full body animation, interupting movement. -4th ability: VOID ENERGY By tapping the ability a radial void energy wave is triggerd knockbacking close enemies and knokdowning far enemies. By holding the ability all enemies within range are pierced by void branches and pulled together. Enemies hit by either suffer from confusion and 10% reduced accuracy for 15 seconds. Costs 100 energy. Full body animation, interupting movement.
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