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  1. @Music4Therapy : Thanks for your comment and you bring up a very good point. Atlas's main form of damage is impact which is the weakest of the three main physical damage types. As you stated this doesn't help Atlas in terms of scaling when fighting enemies with high HP and Armor and would need something extra to make him viable. Such as the Shattering Impact effect that you suggested (nice idea btw). All though I kinda agree with your perspective of "Why does a highly mobile frame have abilities that require you to hide" I also disagree. So let's talk about that for bit as to why Atlas has such abilities. I think we can all agree that the first reason why Atlas has such abilities in the first place is due to his theme. That being a manipulator of rock and stone. I think when most people imagine a character of any kinda who has the ability to control forms of Earth like rock they imagine this character either being more of a defensive, counter type of fighter where they make forms defenses and then retaliate or are a highly aggressive, relentless fighter who is both an immovable force that can't pushed or knockdown. Another thing is that when you considered the theme and representation of elements in general Earth is usually depicted as the defensive type. Now I know I've said this before and I'll probably be considered a weeb for bring it up again but I think Avatar as well as others have kind of help shaped the general idea and standard when we imagine a rock manipulating character. Including what they do and how they are. So what do we have right now with Atlas. Well, not much to be honest. He only really has two actual earth manipulating abilities: Tectonics and Rumblers. Which is disappointing to the say the least seeing it meets below the overall ideal of what we generally consider an earth user. But with the rework that Brozime suggested along with the additions voiced so far I think Atlas's new kit will be more fun, more optimal, and more akin to what we expect when we imagine an earth user. Course this rework is not perfect by any means, at least not yet as you presented a very glaring issue. So, in my opinion I think this rework for Atlas we'll have players have a more active gaming experience as they manage and use their abilities in addition to having more fun doing them. Such as building up rock walls to us them as shotguns or kick/punch them into boulders that fly at enemies and also having the option to Landslide into said flying boulder to increase the damage and CC even further. Definitely a more engaging experience don't you think? Though that is not the issue you are concerned with. Your main gripes right now is the ineffectiveness of Impact damage and Atlas's current kit not making up its mine if it wants you to play defensively or offensively which I can greatly understand. Though unfortunately I have no real ideas or solutions to make impact more effective for Atlas other than building upon your idea of using an effect that resembles Shattering Impact to remove enemy armor. However regarding your confusion or desire for Atlas to be more of a high mobility fighter I think augments can be the solution using Brozime's rework as a base of course. Now I have no augment ideas right now that can make this a thing but I feel the possibility is there. I'll try and think of some and if I come up with any ideas I'll post them here. Thanks again for your input it really sheds light on something that should've been immediately apparent. Something that never really came across my mind at first which I seem to be noticing more and more when someone like you comments. Its really nice to think that with every critical comment we cover our bases more and more when making or compiling something like a rework for a frame. I can only hope that DE will take notice and consider what it said here.
  2. @PsiWarp : Thank you for your reply and awesome additions. Really dude amazing ideas that I feel can easily be added in and make Atlas really fun to play. It reminds me of other MMOs where you can make a brawler class that can combo onto and into other abilities. Your 1st addition - Now I could be wrong but correct me if I am but assuming that you are adding onto what I suggested when using Tectonics twice (2+2=punch/kick rock wall at enemies as a boulder) you then aim at the general direction of said boulder and use Landslide thus dashing into, as well as punching the boulder projectile causing the desired effects mentioned. So in hindsight an ability cast combo presented as this (2+2=Boulder Projectile + 1 = Destroy Projectile causing extra AoE and CC). Now if you are referring Atlas's current boulder travel ability then the same concept would apply as well as the combo cast presented. But I think the first one where both of our additions combined would be a lot cooler. Your 2nd Addition - I feel this idea should be either an augment for Brozime's suggestion or its own ability making Brozime's suggestion the augment. I personally like both so DE take the wheel. Your 3rd Addition - I LOVE this addition. this gives Atlas additional versatility on top of what Brozime already suggested. If this is added along with Brozime's (with the option of my idea of making 2 separate obelisks; 1 for healing, 1 for petrify) then this ability would be absolutely perfect. Completely solid...LIKE A ROCK! Your 4th Addition - This is a simple addition but a very good and much needed one. Not much to say other than that it make sense and should totally be added as well. Again amazing job. These additions make sense to have and really adds into the fun factor. Which I think represent the core value of Warframe.
  3. @MirageKnight: Thanks for your reply and I agree very much with the issues you brought up regarding tankiness. It didn't come immediately to mind that Slash procs are incredibly overpowered towards armor as we've seen time and time again when testing weapons in the Simulacrum. However, though I believe tanky builds for Atlas exist I don't feel there are easy access builds. Usually requiring Arcanes and such to make them viable. So, though you are correct I still believe that Atlas needs SOMETHING to make him feel and/or play more tanky. When we look at who we think are the most tanky frames in the game we most likely think of Nidus, Inaros, Wukong, Valkyr, and Rhino. Probably in that order (In a surface perspective of who's tankier). Well, Nidus and Wukong aren't necessarily tanky but that they have more suriviability via healing/revival factors and damage mitigation. Giving perceived tankiness which works very well. Then we have Warframes like Valkyr and Rhino who don't take damage when certain abilities are activated allowing them to play and feel more like an actual tank. Course we have Inaros who I feel represents the middle of these two sides. At first glance or introduction you think Atlas looks and sounds like he would be a tanky frame. Heck, I think we all agree that he would need to being that he's a brawler who likes to get close and personal. Punching out any enemies who think that they can take him on and Atlas in my opinion doesn't feel or play that way. Initially yes, when you first get Atlas it does very much feel like that is the case at first but as you move on to greater levels it becomes very apparent that it is not so. Now I'm not trying to say that Atlas isn't playable by any means nor that he's not viable for certain missions or anything similar to that degree. However I strongly believe he needs improvements to make what we think he was destined to be. But going back to the initial discussion of tankiness. What is it really what we want or what we're looking for? Well I don't know about you but I want Atlas in terms of tankiness to lean towards frames like Rhino (maybe Inaros). So yeah, the armor stat has it's issues but I feel it has proven its self in numerous occasions to be a great asset when fighting stronger enemies and even surviving in higher level missions. Excluding "End Game" cause what doesn't one shot you at that point lol. Regardless your argument has gotten me thinking on how Atlas should be approached when making him more tank-like (like having abilities similar to Iron Skin) and I thank you for that. I sincerely do appreciate the feedback. My hope is that we can collectively create a plausible rework concept for Atlas that DE will be intrigued by, liked, and considered. And maybe I being to hopeful here but even chosen or picked. Course we all know that Brozime made the raw material but I feel as a community we can take our chisels and sculpt our perfect Atlas out of what Brozime provided. Atlas is supposed to be an immovable mountain, a master of earth and stone. If that's not a tank then I don't know what is.
  4. Hello everyone here in Warframe Forums. Hope all of you are receiving RNGesus's blessing in your never ending quest to be the very best to grind them is your cause. Pokemon jokes aside my post is a simple one and something that many people have talked about before. Atlas's Rework. So for any of you who hasn't seen Brozime's latest video on Youtube on his idea what Atlas's rework should be I highly suggest you watch it for this post is pretty much entirely based on that. I'll leave a link to his video at the end of this so you can go check it out. For those of you who've already watched it you'll already know what I'm about to go through. But of course I'm going to go through it as best I can. Also note that this post does not just entail Brozime's suggestions for Atlas's rework but also my own ideas as well as an addition to his. Also note that I did comment my suggestion in that video but I'll try and elaborate a bit more here when needed. And lastly, before I FINALLY start talking about what you all clicked to see. The purpose of this post is to possibly and hopefully catch DE's eye (much like every post here) so they may have this to work off of. Heck maybe make Atlas's rework entirely based on it. Because we all know that when it comes to reworks DE struggles a bit the first or so times around before they get it right. Now with that said and done LET"S BEGIN! First lets briefly go over Brozime's suggestions on how Atlas should be changed: Passive - Currently a solid passive. "One of the best in the game". No needed changes. 1st Ability - Currently a solid ability. No major changes other than increased power range increases dash distance. Currently locked to 15m 2nd Ability - So here comes the first major changes in Atlas's kit. Brozime suggests that instead of having Tectonics as a purely defensive ability and being that Atlas is the "punch people in the face" Frame (my words not his) make it so that this ability has synergy with his 1. How it works: Summon Tectonics aka Rock Wall and then punch it with Landslide (1st Ability) this transfers the damage of Landslide + the health of the wall into a "shotgun" blast of rocks in a cone. Sounds pretty freakin nice so far however I have some additions to this myself. So as I said in the Youtube comments I always thought of Atlas as an Earthbender from the show Avatar: Last Airbender. Which is were I get some of my ideas from. I like how if I activate Tectonics again I get to turn it into a bolder that rolls out at enemies and then explodes. I want to keep this mechanic in there but slightly redesigned. Lets make it so that when you activate Tectonics again you instead punch or kick (maybe alternate between both) the wall at enemies. The wall turns into a flying boulder that does forms of CC like Stun or Knockdown on impact. This wouldn't be necessarily for damage but as again a form of crowd control. 3rd Ability - Now this was the last ability that Brozime covered as he wanted to go in more depth with this ability. Now originally i thought he said that he would rather have Petrify's effects non existent. Which after watching his video couple more times I realize what he meant when he said "Making it so that Atlas isn't doing Petrify would definitely be the ideal". Essentially he doesn't want Atlas himself performing Petrify. Which segues into Brozime's suggested change for this ability. So, instead of performing the ol' hunched over medusa stare... OF DEATH. Which limited you mobility while locking you in this "animation" which in turn took you out of the fight you summon an obelisk. This stone obelisk will perform the Petrify effect (like a pulsing aura I would imagine) in a 7m AoE and additionally can heal Tectonics, Rumblers, and your Rumbler Armor (more on that later). The values are of course subject to change but here's what he thinks they should be; Energy 40? Duration: 25? Max Spawn: 2 Now originally when I thought Brozime was talking about removing the Petrify effect I mad the idea that instead of having just an obelisk that does healing why not have another one that is a more optimized version of Petrify. My argument being that Warframes like Vauban and Ivara have 4 variations of the same ability so why not Atlas. Even though my assumption of what Brozime meant was wrong I still think its a good idea that could be implemented. Another thing I want added for this ability and possibly his 2nd ability as well is that I want him to sumo stomp the ground and have these obelisks burst from ground. Its more of an aesthetic thing but as I said before I think of Atlas as an Earthbender so I feel its both appropriate and cool. 4th Ability - Another major change but very similar to Atlas's 2nd Ability. Brozime states that "The only thing defensive about Atlas is that he can't be damaged while using his 1" which is very true. Atlas looks and sounds like a tanky frame but in reality he isn't really, which is very disappointing and of course misleading. To remedy this Brozime suggests that when you summon your Rumblers (4th Ability) you have the option to use Landslide on them so you can wear them as armor thus gaining their stats such as HP, Armor, and Punch Damage. Another cool sounding ability that really makes it sound like a real Earthbender. Of course there needs to be a little more detail on how this ability works. I understand this ability is based on the augment that allows Atlas to do this in Conclave. However it makes me think: Should this ability make it so that you are in melee mode like Valkyr and just go around punching people? Or make it so that it only applies when entering "melee equipped" mode, or is your only melee option your 1st ability? Other than that another great idea from Brozime. And that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this "brief" summary of Brozime's suggested rework for Atlas. I know its a long post and my first one but I think i did a pretty good job. If you have any additional ideas post'em up. It'll be cool to hear what you guys think Atlas should turn into if or when he gets his rework. And of course big thanks to Brozime who came up with the whole rework. He does really make great and informative content and I think he makes one the best Warframe vids out there. Big thank you's for reading the whole thing. Here's the link to his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wumGeiUtHE