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  1. And that's why sometimes things need to be balanced. That's why we're getting Melee 3.0, that's why we get tweaks and changes like this. If you look up weapons by their usage, then some of these nerfs were appropriate. Hell, my Tombfinger and my Vulkar Rivens got tweaked back. Thing is though, it's an online game. With new content moderately on the regular. The most rage I see about the rivens is the same two big arguments. Either "nerfed to the ground", which they weren't, OR "Spent a lot", which is entirely on those that did. DE did say, when Rivens came out, that they would be regularly updated. We got the news a while back, and what we're seeing is just that: this set of dispo changes. Give it 3 months, see where the content goes. When Atlas prime drops in three months, then we'll get our new set of Riven Tweaks. Who knows where the game will be there. Some of these dispos make sense: a lot of the weapons with nasty AOE potential were nerfed down a bit, while some single targets and semi-autos got some buffs.
  2. I've seen a lot of arguments in this thread for an against the changes. My personal thoughts are as follows on this subject: I approve of the Riven Changes we have. I have before and after images of several of my Rivens, and the biggest hit I had was losing a grand total of 12.7% crit chance off of my Stradavar Riven. I still get +130 something crit chance off of it. The BIGGEST nerf was a .2 to Tiberon. Considering Stradavar took a hit of at least .1, you're looking, at most, to a 30% drop in the stat, and that's off of a riven t hat has a curse. Literally, if you're that upset, just use different weapons, or toss all your rivens into trade chat to recoup your platinum losses or something. Also, to the guy above that said no one runs around in regular missions using a Sniper Rifle: Vulkar Wraith with lasting Purity and Hush on an Ivara can lead to some nice helmet popping, really easily. EDIT: I tend to use the Tombfinger or Sancti Castanas for Eidolon. With a minimum duration, max strength Navigator, you can hit a Limb with enough damage to pop it faster than a Lanka charge, if you build right. Without a Riven, at that.
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