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  1. Something is totally wrong with the scaling. 1080p screen, set to 1080p render. In Windowed Borderless for some reason 2400x1350p is used.
  2. Awesome, however there is one big problem. Why is the new energy slot defaulting to light blue when the main energy is set to something else already? Why is it not matching the previously set colour (as in pre update)?
  3. Something tells me, winners were again clans that had partner creators in them..... Looking for example at winner of Shadow tier, there were at least 3 other clans in the tier that had better composition and creations, for example: Voice of the Wilds I wouldn't be surprised for their clan getting the spotlight because it is some stellar work, even with our clan (Tenno inc) competing in the same tier i was rooting for them. Hek, just look at NNN Gaming Community's Cathedral or 迫真忍者-[HAKUSHIN_NINJA]- with their thematically consistent and high quality decorations! ohwell.... for now i guess congratz to the winners
  4. Is it only me that thinks of out-of-bounds and transporter-only areas being bad design?
  5. Hi, representing a small Shadow clan that did not manage to get into the previous contest here. This time we came prepared! Clan Name: Tenno inc Clan Tier: Shadow Platform: PC Clan Rank: R10 Role in clan: Warlord About 90% of all decorating has been done by me and recently I got a helping hand with it from an awesome clanmate. So, what does our dojo offer? A lot of awesome! We have 100% reachable design, no areas are cut off and are accessible by walking or parkouring as a Warframe. Prepared for this event we have a full imgur album with the dojo map and some comments for the rooms here: https://imgur.com/a/HDjkuyx Feature Image, this is one of our largest projects: Our Dojo Tour video:
  6. When can we expect fixes to missing items from player profile UI (kitguns/moa pets/kdrive)? Are you sure that Fortuna follow-up patch will make it in time? Will we be able to travel between planets in Railjack?
  7. Thank you very much for the fix! There is still however issue with missing items from equipment UI in profiles: And a bug with Inspirational Halls in the Dojos:
  8. Thank you for the update. Just to make sure, are new modular items finally shown in the profile?
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