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  1. Dear DE: Could you please remove the cooldown mechanic of archguns? A 5 minute cooldown is still 5 minutes too long. Also, could you please add the arch-gun ammo to ground tilesets?
  2. Well, it would be great if the arch-guns did not have the cooldown mechanic to begin with, how about that? Also, PLEASE add arch-gun ammo to regular loot drop table on other tilesets.
  3. GIVE THAT MAN A COOKIE! Seriously though. Whoever pushed the idea of unskippable cutscenes through most definitely isn't and never has been a gamer. And for similar reasons: who the hell suggested the Archgun cooldown mechanic? Whoever did that clearly has no clue how arch-guns compare damage-wise to regular guns.
  4. Whoa, we are not done yet bro We need to harp on till they add the arch-guns to our regular ground loadout and remove that stupid cooldown mechanic altogether.
  5. Basically: If you want Arch-Guns to be "power-weapons" with a cooldown, add at least one zero to it's base damage so it would justify such a mechanic.
  6. My thoughts exactly lol It's not like archguns are stronger than existing primaries anyway, so why bother introducing such a stupid mechanic in the first place? If you ask me, it would have been perfectly fine to just copypasta the space arch-guns onto ground and let people equip them with their loadout, but be unable to equip melee/secondaries and get the hobbled dragon key effect in exchange for a gun with unlimited ammo...
  7. Agreed. Nowadays, making all the cutscenes is the industry standard. And is ESPECIALLY expected when you are playing a grind like this, where you don't want to be forced to watch a boring cutscene over and over again.
  8. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! Arch-Guns are not overpowered (hell, they are in fact weaker than the top tier weapons people put to use). I don't want to bring my Imperator Vandal to a mission because it makes killing enemies easier (laughs in Ignis Wraith), I WANT TO BRING IT BECAUSE I WANT TO SHOOT ENEMIES WITH A BIG GUN!
  9. Now if they added the ammo to the regular drop table outside vallis, that would be great.
  10. Whoa, I got an invite for that? well, whoops, not quite there yet man, still at 466 hours played and MR16. ---RV---Maniac, should I accept anyway or just play through the remaining 150 hours, by when I'll more than likely have hit MR20?
  11. MR 20 is not as bad as it sounds. It's not like you need to actually obtain and max-level every warframe, companion and equipment in the game.
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