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  1. My god, if that happens, the ESO and arbi ones should also be given on merits then along the same ideas. I've done about 60-70 ESO runs and I am sick of this crap now. I'd rather know and grind 100 rounds than do it for the low chance of 1% a 1000 times.
  2. Little bit of sphagetti code happened: https://imgur.com/3BNLoO0
  3. Does this mean you can start eidolon bounties w/o extracting after eahc one?
  4. All I can think about when I look at this system is how you moved away from the daily login rewards and added tiered rewards instead. I think that would work here too, you can keep the system as is, but tier it up so even those who cant grind up to rank 30 could potentially get that reward at rank 25 (while missing of course the 25-29 rewards). Also I would be happy if we could buy (with wolf credits)/get wolf beacons after prestige, if the spawn rate isn't going to get significantly better.
  5. Can confirm, can't extract from the OV. Also Bloodshed sigil is broken on operator (only shows up in the appearance cusomization screen, nowhere else in game for me or others). Then my game "hangs" when I want to open any kind of window that has mods in it, though it started with the previous update.
  6. Vallis Spelunker still not fixed for me, stuck on 26/30, yet all caves are discovered for me.
  7. I can confirm this, went through them all again (had all 30 show up from before already). Stuck on 26/30 atm.
  8. May I ask if we could use the same method of building chroma parts as non-prime ones, only with prime variants of the original ones: volt&ember p neuro, frost p chassis and saryn p systems? Just for bragging right ofc, with like a minor extra shine somewhere on the frame.
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