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  1. This kind of errant behavior right here is the reason why I don't even bother talking to users in general of these forums. The arrogance, the simple-mindedness and the outright lack of bothering to understand what the person is dealing with, why they're feeling that way and offering useful information, is rather off-putting. I 'facepalm' at this ongoing negative behavior continually displayed by forum users. "Facepalm." That is completely inappropriate and is more telling of the deficiencies of this game. This long-term player, in ignorance, expects absolutely everyone to know exactly what to do next, while the new user, who should have guidance but doesn't have it, makes mistakes. In spite of all these content updates, additions, etc., clearly the game is not easily understood by people who just pick it up and play it. This game clearly needs an in-game wiki, video links and a longer tutorial to help people get grounded.
  2. WRONG. W-R-O-N-G, wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong! You are so wrong...unbelievably, absotively, posolutely wrong!! Hate = criticism. Like = no criticism. Differing opinion? You hate the idea and despise the person who came up with it. You like the idea? You never, EVER argue against it - both the speaker and the subject are never, EVER to be questioned by anyone for any reason! See? Simple. So simple even political figures can understand it. 😀
  3. I'll take all possibilities we've discussed - it's almost like looking at a buffet of food and asking whether I want the rib roast, the spare ribs or the tenderloin, it all looks great to me, compared to what we have now. Very good - the namesake of the card tells the player what their attack styles will be. This reminds me a bit of Teridax's discussion about shields, armor and health - I'll explain that later via pm so as not to throw our readers off-track. Back on subject, being able to switch between those styles mid-mission would be pretty darn good as well. A thumbs-up to your proposals!
  4. Wow. My first proposal was using existing assets that may be more easily implemented. You'd still have to get the stance mods, but you'll be able to mix-and-match combos from each stance card in its class. No more needing to be locked to going to the arsenal screen and equipping Vengeful Revenant, Iron Phoenix, Swooping Falcon or Crimson Dervish separately - you'll be able to pull combos from any of these and mix them according to your tastes and put them on a stance mod and name it whatever you wish - as I said, a create-your-own stance mod, much like a kitgun. You can have, say two slots to cycle through and you can add and remove combos as you desire 'til you create stance mods that suit your tastes. Reading further in your post: This is a strong point made here - the RNG of getting good stance mods can be rather off-putting. Hmm...so, you're proposing doing away with stance mods altogether and letting folks have innate combo abilities that are defined by grip, attack and movement type, making us feel like actual warriors instead of Tony Stark that needs a computer to fight for us because we lack the ability to make meaningful attacks without a chip..er, mod? These ideas make a lot of sense and sound great - thumbs up! Amazing, very few times am I impressed with ideas given by others - this is one of them. Completely right! Excellent idea, you have my endorsement. Very few times do I find posts refreshing - this is one of them and I strongly believe it would be a tremendous boon to the game to adapt it. DE, hire this man.
  5. Agreed. Explaining my earlier post, the reason I suggested giving players the ability to switch between weapon schemes is because more mobile stance combos can completely blow past a single target that you need to put down fast, leading to greater player frustration. Grab your nikana, go to the Simulacrum, make a heavy gunner, level 90 or so and execute the basic Blind Justice combo. Notice how the character keeps blowing past her and you have to keep spinning the camera around and follow her to make sure your strikes land (turn off camera tracks target and the lock-on target options - those will get you killed in higher levels.) A second example of this is do Stalking Fan's hold forward attack and try to take out that single heavy gunner - you'll hit her, but you'll keep going past her and need to track her down again. While you're trying to get back to her, you're getting more bullets in the backside from her and, on the battlefield, from her comrades-in-arms - you cannot afford to keep dealing with issues like this. As well, there have been complaints against some stance changes because they go right past the target, leaving a bad taste in the mouth. Very clearly, less mobile stances would be good against heavier units/HVT's, while mobile stances are good for dealing with mooks in general. Giving players the ability to create the combos they want tailored to how their mind operates would help make M3 a great success. People are not carbon copies, each individual has their own unique personality, mindset and way of doing things - what works for Jorge may be unimportant to Jennifer, but that does not invalidate the desires of either. Again, as I said before in another post - player control must be central to reworks to make them successful. , This is why I suggested giving players the ability to create combos as they see fit and switch between them at will. Allow players to express themselves however they wish. A person may be a natural kickboxer, while another leans towards Gung-Fu and the other individual is a swordsman. Allowing the person to be who they are can greatly affect their experience and enjoyment of the game. If it's not important for players to enjoy self-expression at all, get rid of cosmetics, gun designs or anything else. Just give everyone a loincloth a big rock and tell them, "Go Smash!" in Grineer. Getting back on topic, the more time it takes for you to put an enemy down, the greater your chance of failure. I know you know this personally, therefore this is not directed to you, but I feel I must say this for others who will read this post and hopefully impress upon them the urgency of real combat and to keep others on track of the gist of my writings. I've been fighting using the blade alone for years on end at high levels, therefore I have significantly more experience than most players do (who mostly shoot and spam powers, with a few quick melee's here and there, hardly having enough experience to understand the system more deeply than a cursory glance) and from this I draw my suggestions. Only at the precipice will one truly understand the sword and to begin to become one with it.
  6. Putting forth the necessary information and streamlining the delivery of characteristics in each frame into a more easily digestible format, giving players a clear picture of what they can expect out of each suit, nicely done. You have a thumbs up from me.
  7. This reminds me, a serious issue I wish they would fix in this game is unifying all melee combat moves and giving players the ability to switch between combos as well. Being completely honest, I'd really like for players to be able to create their own sort of "mixtape", as it were, of custom melee combo's tailored to their specific desires and give players the ability to assign these specific combinations to stance mod. For instance, let's go with the scythe category. You can take "Reaping spiral" and give it a mix of combos designed to be wide-ranging attacks with limited, target-focused attacks, while in "Stalking Fan" you may choose to have this set focus on a single target, with limited aoe attacks. With each stance you can assign an animation for your Warframe to serve as a visual indicator of what melee strikes they will be making. An example: for a a predominantly wide-ranging attack stance, you may choose to assign Zephyr's Noble Animation; your targeted, single attack stances may be assigned Ash's Agile animation if you have selected these animations to play when switching stances. I would like for players to be able to switch stances on the fly in-game. In this instance, Mirage, you wouldn't have to worry about switching between Rhino or Oberon for whatever you feel like, use the set of predefined stances you created as you wish in-game. Tap your selected hotkey to switch stances in-game.
  8. I was going to completely disregard everything you said and throw in a ridiculous statement that has nothing to do with the topic at hand and simply attempt to discredit you the user because I have nothing to say and wish to actively discourage innovation, discussion, show no critical reasoning capabilities, actively seek to sabotage the game's development as a whole and, most likely, be bored and will probably laugh about whatever you say because I have no business being on a forum but should be off at a skating park or playing Call of Duty Black Ops on my console, eating doritos and listening to some sports - in other words, become a "WurF3rm" user...but I digress. (/S. I'm not saying this to dig at anyone here, but I've been perusing mulitple threads and I keep seeing this displayed to good ideas that make sense. It seems to be a trait of this game's forum.) Hmm...health that regenerates like shields, I could definitely use that. I must admit that I completely disregard shields and they serve no purpose to me - it's all about damage mitigation, so I'm a bit fuzzy on the delay and how quickly shields regenerate - rarely, when I'm looking in the top-left corner, it's anything else but pure red. Your suggestions so far sound very interesting. In step with these changes, you would alter enemy damage - I can get behind these ideas. I find your arcane alterations quite interesting, I'll see what else you have to say on other matters. I was referred to you by a buddy, I can see why. In reference to the original post, I agree.
  9. How would this scale with enemy damage range to where I'm having over 1000 armor and I'm still going down quite quickly on higher levels if I stand still for too long (3 - 4 seconds - hyperbole, undoubtedly, but you understand what I mean). I'm assuming you would set a specific enemy threshold in which to balance enemy damage, and adaptation would deal with damage mitigation, in that regard? I think I just answered my own question, so then I would ask you this: let's say shields and armor were removed, what would you put in the place of arcanes (especially arcanes!) and mods dealing with those two aspects?
  10. I have significant misgivings about removing armor altogether - I use it quite abundantly for damage mitigation purposes (I'm usually fighting level 90+ enemies, where you need all the armor you can muster to survive as a swordmaster). If you remove armor, then by what amount of health would you replace armor with? We know each frame is designed with its strengths and weaknesses, armor can help make a break a frame in being able to stay on its feet. The suits themselves are supposed to be organic metal, so having armor be a factor in it would be in keeping with the story and the visual elements of the frame itself.
  11. This is exactly why I do not waste my time with these "forums" posting topics or bothering getting into discussions with its users in general. I say what I have to say on a subject and move on. Because of the folly spoken of here, the "JoeSixxersQuickPack Quoted You" notification is completely ignored and serves no purpose for me (unless I'm quoted by a select few). Speaking on topic, I agree. There are various mods that should not be mods at all, but should be innate, with natural talent being one of them. Long casting animations and locks can be lethal at higher levels still within the balancing range of 1-100 (provided my information is correct) depending on your suit and the mods you have tacked on. This is a holdover from the Dark Sector days, when you were fighting limited enemies. However, with the redesigning of the game into a horde looter-shooter, long locks and Natural Talent need to be removed. Whatever feedback I propose, it's because I am fighting in this game at high levels, where the flaws shine ever brighter and are no longer concealed through good fortune but you must make your own. I think it would do the folks over there, whoever designs and dispatches mods, to sit down, quiet yourself someplace alone and ask yourself these questions, preferably while you're hiking. 1. What is my purpose for making this mod? What is my goal? 2. How will it balance in the upper limits of the game? Why have I chosen these stats? 3. How is this helping me be a ninja? Is this a shortcoming that a mod will make up for? Why is that shortcoming there? Fourth and finally, after taking all of these things into consideration, ask yourself the most important question of all: The answers to these questions - are they conflicting with my overarching vision for the game? After you've done this, let your brain digest this information. What, exactly, is your vision? Define it. Write it down in simple terms defining the essence of your game in big letters on a few different sticky notes on your cubicle walls, if necessary. Keep the concepts simple. Compare what you've gotten from these answers with what your key concepts are. You might think this a bit silly, but it's not. After you write the information gathered from your questions down, go outside and do something else. Yes, do something else. As the body digests food on its own, so does the mind. You have stuffed your mind with information, now you must let it "digest" what's been given to it and make it part of your intellectual being. Then, come back and do the process again. I was taught to read a literary work several different times by which I may be able to ascertain the various meanings of each passage and gain a greater picture of the whole. By repetition we humans learn things - by repetition you will gain greater clarity on what your conscious mind picks up and what you may truly be trying to create. These steps taken may not seem to be tremendous at first, but in time, you will come to understand what I mean. What we see today, the mind will make more sense of tomorrow.
  12. Agreed. Ah, the memories. Wing Zero, you're my man. If not you, then Deathscythe Hell. I'm going to listen to the theme again for old time's sake.
  13. @MirageKnight I understand perfectly well what you're saying. Notice the motions, accelerations and corrective actions taken by this robot dog made by MIT here:
  14. Unless you choose to use the roll as an attacking defensive move - that is to say, to shoot while evading an attack OR to do a melee attack while evading. I'd like to have both options available - simple sidesteps/dashes for pure evasion and speed, (fast) rolls if you want to shoot while evading and keeping your gun on target or doing a quick slicing counterattack.
  15. About this juggling and upcoming damage nerf, Devteam, please keep in mind you've created a horde game. This is not Sekiro, this is a horde-game - you are taking on multiple opponents as a mass-slaughter killing machine. These two features combined sound like changes that are going against the game's design and seem to hint towards something less ninja-esque. Air-juggling - while you're in the air, you can be shot to pieces (after level 50+, depending on your suit). Two, damage nerf - if you're going to nerf player damage, will you reel in enemy health as well? Again, you're fighting hordes, each individual enemy does not need to be an extended skirmish. @DiabolusUrsus definitely has the right idea, so I'll repost him now: When facing multiple opponents, you put them down as quickly as you can and keep moving, these are the absolute basics of combat. If you choose to nerf player damage, are you planning to rebalance the whole game? If so, at what point in time will this come? I would hope it will come after you fully get M3 out the door. With this revision, how will you balance enemies - will their health/armor/damage output be nerfed as well? On the subject of juggling, given that players will be facing incoming fire from all directions, will players be given a temporary invincibility while they're in the air carrying on? Speaking form a subjective standpoint, quoting from @MirageKnight: [emphasis mine] Agreed, it would really be good if juggling and figuring out to make it work were implemented after the stances, balance passes and everything else comprising the core of melee combat were complete (or nearly so) and shipped, with these additional features being worked on at a later date. @Serafinia says it best, which is the lens in which I would ask you to view your whole melee rework through: Proper 3.0. Proper. Think on that for a moment. "Proper." What is proper? Define the term "proper" as used in the context of your vision for this title. What is your vision for the game, seeing as how you said "space ninjas"? What does these terms individually connote, then what is their meaning used in this specific combination? All words are made up and are meant to convey a certain meaning, giving us tools by which we humans may utilize our increased cognitive capabilities to meaningfully navigate our world apart from simple grunts and paintings. When you say "space ninjas", what is your true definition, not what is simply spoken of and bandied about lightly, but what do you see in your mind's eye? What are you trying to evoke in the player? Going by what has been presented so far, what you mean is, "cool space ninjas." Ninja = Hollywood martial arts. Space = science fiction. So, what you're really saying is, "Do the martial arts you see in movies, but have sci-fi powers to augment your abilities, since you're a master of blade and gun. Now that looks cool!" You've added in the element, "Power fantasy." OK, this means "do things you normally cannot do through the 'magic' of technology and feel awesome while doing it!" A super-strong and fast suit would achieve this goal quite perfectly. So, your whole essence is, "Be a super-powered ninja that can fight hordes of enemies!" This again is hearkening back to martial arts movies where one person is able to take out multiple enemies. Right, so let's look at those Hollywood movies. None of the hordes of guys they fight take a long time to finish off, they're quickly put down, either temporarily or permanently. If this is what you choose, then you must follow the formula put forth if your players are to survive. Your melee combos need to be quick and snappy. The problem is when you've put children into the mix, it's inherently going to get messy and unfocused. If you wish to add in flips and rolls to emulate the underdeveloped mind of a child controlling a suit, then that would make sense - however, the Orokin should have put in some type of mechanism to block these expressions and make the bodysuits behave as proper warriors. Going off-topic for a moment, that's one of the things I really didn't like about this game when it was revealed, players are basically children playing with the action figures given to them by the Orokin. I disregard that - in my view, I see it as this: my operator is about 50-ish years old but has survived for centuries and avoided the aging processes by unknown space technology. He uses a digital projection of himself in his younger days when dealing with the real world - he himself is buried in a fortress of solitude deep somewhere on Jupiter to avoid the Orokin Empire, never knowing where they have spies and enemies, being a wanted highly-paid shinobi for his kills of high-ranking Orokin officials. Even the "Lotus" doesn't know where he is, nor does the Stalker (whose son I killed many years ago when seeking to terminate an unknown Orokin leader in a case of mistaken identity) or any of these other characters. They think they're speaking to a child, but this is not so - they only see a digital form. Getting back on topic, how do we effect this "proper" change to melee, i.e. correct the current system and bring it to its "proper" form, seeing as how our previous foray basing it off of DmC conflicts with our aforementioned concepts? We're going make combat fast, smooth and snappy - this is how we would achieve our goal of "space ninja" in regards to melee. These are one man's observations on the matter, whether you agree or see something else, do share.
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