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  1. That's the player's fault, don't you know? Ignorance is no excuse - you have no business playing all the content in this game, greedy Tenno. You're supposed to look, not touch. It's your responsibility to understand what you're doing befo u clickeh de but'on n' toucha mah spa-ghet. /s Now that I've enjoyed a good laugh at the absurdity of it all, I'm looking forward to the next devstream to see how they're going to rework this - hopefully, they'll be able to keep Infested Alad V's sticky fingers (yech!) out of their labors.
  2. Agreed; however, the merits of the solution aren't the problem - it's the fact that you disagree with someone, that is the problem. /s I won't be doing this Lich system until this is resolved.
  3. This system is unacceptable. Normally, I'd go on about my business, but something this onerous needs to be addressed. After reading your post, I'm going to assume an infested Corpus overlord hacked the designs on someone's computer and came up with this convoluted...thing. I hope to see a quick, favorable resolution that is enjoyable to both players and developers.
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