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  1. *clears throat* With guidance, of course. Please check our ongoing discussion in this thread to make your voice be heard - I value the input of all our members.
  2. I haven't had time to read all the posts in here, but from what I've seen so far, this is the crux of your writing, as I understood it from the get-go without having read all of the additional posts since I last visited this thread. This is what I liked about the Brutality mod for Fallout 4 - sure, you can stack weapon damage perks, but in the end, you'll only get about 15% more damage, if I recall it correctly - that 15% would go towards higher leveled enemies, but the base weapon itself still did the damage just fine. An important caveat is that I did use a level cap on enemies so there were no outliers besides bosses (hermit crabs, fog crawlers, etc.). I believe we are missing an important aspect with where we are in the discussion at this point. We know that meta entails elemental and physical damage mods. The biggest problem here is dealing with the armor system. Yes, we can talk about elemental damage having a more utilitarian nature and the like, but I believe that whatever proposals come, it must be said that armor values in this product are tp be corrected to be more reasonable according to enemy level. I believe armor should scale only on bosses, not on mooks to chuck in the bin. Butchers, scorpions, etc. they have a set amount per 10 levels. level 0 - 9, 10; level 10-19, 20; level 20-29; 30, level 30-39; 40; level 41-49; 60, level 50-59, 85; you get what I mean. Early on, armor is low, but as you get towards the end of the balancing curve, it gets higher but within reason - and has a capped amount at a determined level, say level 80-ish. Whatever that cap amount should be for mooks, I'll leave to others who are far more informed than me to decide. For bosses, that cap amount will be higher and the armor/shielding curve will be steeper but still within reason - proto-shields and alloy shields have greater damage resilience than their non-OG (for lack of a better term, using gamerspeak) counterparts, but their pools are significantly smaller to make up for it. I also favor the destruction of armor and shieldpacks to leave enemies exposed in key areas. When I say the destruction of shieldpacks, you can damage it enough to where it will operate in a malfunctioning state - maybe half the body is exposed, maybe an arm is exposed, or the leg - it's absolutely random. Do enough damage to the shieldpack and the former shield-bearing opponent will be just another armored mook - if they're unarmored, well, the Grineer have found genetic [insert faction name]-material to be repurposed after we're done with them. On machinery, they will have nothing but armor to protect them. Speaking of dealing with armor or shields, here is the kicker: this is where your critical mods come into play - you give players the tools to get around this armor by hitting weak spots that have only a certain percentage of that armor, so called soft-spots. For shielded enemies, they have generators on their back that serve as their weakspot. As we had discussed before, I would favor the elimination of critical chance being purely randomized in favor of soft-spot size being increased (Steel_Rook), while damage done in that soft spot (so-called critical hit damage) can be used to address the enemy health. However, this critical damage would not be obscenely more effective than base damage. If you're using a weapon that still has a smaller soft spot size than you would like and prefer to end their adventuring days with an arrow (or tigris) to the knee, the rate of status accrual (Diabolus_Ursus) per shot would be significantly higher. Automatic weapons have a lower rate of status stacking per shot, but that is offset by stream of fire, naturally. The mods addressing critical and status aspects of the enemy would be off their own separate slot, not taking any mod capacity. Like the damage mod, these mods would be tiered and also given their own separate slots. This reminds me of what someone else proposed earlier - have separate slots allowing you to customize your weapon as you see fit. Instead of silencers, receiver, barrel, etc., we have mods. So, in the top slot goes our tiered damage mod, retaining progression by upgrading it as we can. In the middle slot, where you would have the receiver, you would put your tiered crit mods there. Where the barrel is, you put your tiered status mods. Your other, non-damage mods are plastered at the bottom of the screen while Ordis cheerfully sings about his love of mods and the stars, how Jupiter gives a most melodious rendition of Hail to the Queens, etc. I really would like menu music when looking at the weapon modification screen. To keep from being misunderstood, I use an overly simplistic model to show how the mod system we're proposing would streamline and match our propositions while retaining the wishes of the developers at this point in time. I have not spoken so much upon damage or status mechanics at this time because discussion is still ongoing. Still, a base aspect of our discussion, whatever we propose, absolutely requires reining in of armor. I may be stating the obvious or repeating what has been said before, but I repeat it again to make sure that is understood by all privy to our conversation. These are not solely my ideas but have incorporated some ideas put forth by others in this thread. In time, I will make a more due consideration and, should nothing come up, after the discussion runs its course I will gather our ideas into a PDF for distribution amongst our members and send Steve a copy for his perusal.
  3. Mach25

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    Thank you. This is exactly where I used to always fight enemies with my blade - level 100 or higher!
  4. Mach25

    Exploiter Orb in fortuna Hub

    Agreed and I won't be doing them, either. I really don't give an orokin's taffy arm about railjack because it'll just be more grind. Look, if I want to grind, I'll play Tony Hawk. I'm just waiting for M3 to drop - when I played this game (if I ever pick it back up again, after I get stuff for my buddies), I tried to play it to unwind - it's hard to unwind when key aspects of the game - like what makes a ninja a ninja - are missing and the contradictory and restraining systems leave a bad taste in your mouth. This additional grind (you know exactly what I'm talking about) is almost the last straw.
  5. Mach25

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    Nonsense! Nothing is ever tedious if you never do it! In other words, never bother with scanning anything and all your problems are solved. /S
  6. Indeed, I too am enjoying viewing this conversation. Meridian Inc. seems to be taking form already.
  7. Mach25

    Exploiter Orb in fortuna Hub

    Exploiter, eh? It is aptly named since it clearly uses wall hax.
  8. One more darn thing, I keep seeing this phrase bandied about on these forums, so I'll address this directly: 1. This whole doggone game is as good as it is and keeps getting better because of "whining." The only reason you're here and still playing the game or using the game forums is because of discussion and highlights of things people have/had a particular view upon that can potentially improve the game. You like not having a stamina bar? That got done because of "whining." You like being able to jump? That was done because of "whining." If you're an American, you like having the freedoms you enjoy that enable you to use the internet and speak freely without fear of the government coming to kill you? The Constitution itself was made because of "whining" by enlightened men who saw serious errors in the world in their day and created a country where men (and women) could be free. The list goes on and on. Every form of progress made to the benefit of mankind is due to "whining" - as the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of whining." Or was that "...invention"? You know, that thing we humans do to address issues, that has ultimately led to things like enabling YOU (I blew the dog whistle again) to have a computer, jump online and talk to other people? 2. If you can't handle disagreement with your vision of this game and despise innovation, reason and the exercise of higher cognition, wanting to keep things as is, FORUMS - a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged - are clearly not the right place for you to be, you missed your turn at Albuquerque by a country mile. What you want is an echo chambre, which you can find here:
  9. That and the creation of our own game studio absolutely not meant as a front to generate revenue for our plans, having no similarities to Abstergo Industries.
  10. I'm wondering when Meridian Inc. (comprised of yourself, Diab and others) will be formed. 😠
  11. Mach25

    Streamlining defence with troll abilities.

    I really liked someone's idea of setting a time limit on the defence objective while having waves of enemies rush the player until time runs out - that is more realistic and would be far more engaging while simultaneously dealing with the issue stated in the original post.
  12. This has to be one of the most asinine arguments I've ever seen - I really hate it when I see people say stuff like this. Very clearly, there are supposed to be multiple forms of payment in the game - time or money, that's how it's set up! "Ninjas play free", remember? And when the former is too expensive, people will complain, as they have the right to do so. That aside, how many of those people are you telling not to complain have financially supported the company directly and in other ways such as through word of mouth, and they and/or their friends made financial transactions that help keep the company afloat so YOU (there's the dog whistle) can keep playing the game as well? Remember the saying, "We all lift together"? And more than that, telling them not to complain is way out of your purview and you are completely out of line. Your view is your own, but you do not get to control the words of others, comrade. It's better for them to complain than to outright leave and find another game to play, switch teleporting DE off their M(oney)-Drive and leaving them crying in the snow. You're welcome to be happy with how things are, but if you can't handle others disliking the current state of the game, then just play the game and don't complain.
  13. Mach25

    PLS tell me no decay on argon crystal

    Happy New Years! May 2019 be only one of very many fulfilling and happy years of your life, Mirage. 😎