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  1. I think he's talking about this one: Rhapsody in blue is one of the most famous songs of George Gershwin, but that's obviously not what people are going to think about first when seeing the decoration; it's most likely a pun made by the devs.
  2. This can hardly be called exploitable. It takes way too much time for the small amount of endo it gives as reward; it may have been viable a couple of years ago, but now we have several ways of farming endo more efficiently.
  3. The syandana is exclusive to Revenant, you can't use it on other frames. A real shame, it looks nice and I wanted to try it on several other warframes.
  4. This. I love 2h Nikanas looks but I hate how clunky they feel. We really need a new stance with more fluid combos.
  5. Anyone wanna bet how many pages this thread goes on before getting closed?
  6. I really hope that's the case. I love that bow, been waiting for Daikyu Prime for a long time
  7. I think it's just a metaphor to all the conflicts in the Origin System VS. our path to 'self-discovery'. Up to that point in the game, we don't really get to think about what we actually are as a Tenno, we are just focused on fighting against the grineer, the corpus, the infested, etc. Once we play through the Second Dream, we realize that our existence is more complicated than just being a cool alien-robot-ninja, and we embark in a quest to learn more about ourselves, our past, and confront our inner demons; hence the phrase that Lotus says. "Now we fight on two fronts: The War Without, and the War Within."
  8. No one here is saying crafting times are perfect. Quite the contrary, I'm sure everyone you ask will tell you how annoying they find that system. But there is also people that understands that such system needs to exist for the game to have another source of income. Maybe you should suggest a better alternative that satisfies both the players and the devs, instead of asking to remove it just because you don't like it.
  9. In my case, the people, no doubt. I've been in the same clan for around 4 years and made a lot of good friends there; we still hang around in discord to talk about nonsense and play warframe and other games too.
  10. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I recall reading somewhere that the PC version of Warframe is heavily wired to the DirectX API, and since DirectX is not compatible with Linux, the only way for the game to work there would be to make it support multiple rendering APIs. If they didn't make that at this point, my guess is that the effort required to do that is either too big or not worth at all.
  11. In my opinion, It's not about the inteligence of the players, it's about the amount of time they are willing to spend on research/learning vs the time they want to spend actually playing. This is a very, VERY wild assumption from my part, but this is what I think is part of the problem: 10-15 years ago most of the gaming community (not only in Warframe, but in general) consisted of young / teenage players which had a lot of free time, and willingness to take some time to learn game mechanics on their own; but there has been a noticable change in gaming demographics the last years, being now splitted between a bunch of late teens/middle-aged players, with jobs, responsabilities, and less time to play, and a new young generation which, due to cultural changes and the influence of technology, expect to have fast, inmediate satisfaction on everything they do, and become easily bored or frustrated when that's not the case. The first group does not have the time to read a bunch of articles and guides before playing; the second group does have the time, but is not interested in wasting it on doing research on their own, so both end looking for alternative games with a faster, more streamlined introduction. This is obviously a very rough generalization, and I'm aware that this does not apply for every single player, but my guess is a big chunk of the players that end up leaving during the first hours of gameplay tend to fall in one of those two categories. In my case, I started playing warframe back in 2013, and back then I had both the time and interest in learning about the game by myself; but if I were to start playing the game for the first time right now, I would most likely abandon it after a couple of days.
  12. This would be a nice feature; definitely not a priority, but I wouldn't mind having the option to write 'sticky notes' on a player. And it shouldn't be limited to your ignore list; other games, like League of Legends, allow you to attach short notes to users in your friends list, which can be handy to remember who that person is, specially if you are one of those people that has a lot of befriended users.
  13. No to the mentor system, yes to an improved early game. That video is completely on point, Warframe has an incredibly fun gameplay hidden behind one of the worst early game experiences I've ever seen in a videogame. I've already said this many times: the main reason Warframe fails to retain new players is because of how unfriendly the game is for newcomers. You get a 2-hour super basic tutorial mission, and then the game literally abandons you, leaving you without a clue of how to progress and without explaining any of the core systems.
  14. "Lubed up alien body builders killing things" must be one of the best descriptions of Warframe I've heard in a long time.
  15. This. I personally never cared whether or not a skin 'complies' with a warframe's theme. If it looks cool, I'll use it, simple as that.
  16. For me, when I subsume a frame it defaults me to my regular Excalibur, which is the very first frame I ever had (literally the one I picked up the first time I played the game); so my guess was the same as you, the game probably switches you to your oldest frame.
  17. The base form looks kinda the same to the regular nidus, but I really, really like the mutated form. It has some creepy Venom vibes.
  18. I think you are reading too much into it. The puzzles-and-traps design of the orokin tilesets simply aims for the gameplay aspect of warframe, without really taking the lore of the game into consideration; as you said, it would be a bit weird lore-wise that a place that seems to be a ship or space station were people used to live is filled with easily-triggered death traps. Ludonarrative dissonance at it's finest.
  19. I'll farm the new arcanes and mods, grab Yareli, and wait a full month before engaging with anything related to the sisters of parvos. I'm assuming it's going to be the same as when liches were released, so I'll just wait until the forums and reddit have a full meltdown and DE decides to fix the bugs and lower the farm requirements a little bit.
  20. That's assuming you farm them only in earth proxima. I still haven't tried it so I don't know if the patch notes are accurate, but apparently you can get 6 per mission when doing them on the veil.
  21. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1225-xbox-trading-post/
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