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  1. I hope this thread doesn't get locked. This kind of topics tend to get dismissed by the mods, but after seeing so many complains about this in such a short time, I think it's important to leave it open, since its relevant information for anyone who plays endless missions. Being banned for playing a 1h30m survival mission is just ridiculous.
  2. Well, at some point in the past Lua could have looked like that... probably that was it's appearance before being tranported into the Void by Lotus.
  3. Because Inaros is more popular, and DE can alter the release order whenever they want.
  4. An update on the Corpus Railjack missions, the reveal of the community-made warframe (which is already pretty much confirmed), some news about the archwing modular system, and maybe, MAYBE, something related to the final part of the New War, and thats it. DE already said that we won't have the Duviri Paradox until next year, so I don't expect them to mention it.
  5. Nonsense. Adding challenging content makes the game cater to a wider amount of players; and the development of steel path was probably rather simple, since DE didn't have to make any radical or complex new feature (they simply added +100 to base level of all the existing missions). So, now we have a new game system that is more attractive to an almost ignored subset of players, and that was super cheap to implement. If you ask me, it's a win-win situation.
  6. Enemies with higher mobility. Mini bosses during missions, that require fighting mechanics more complex that simply shooting them in the face until they fall. Puzzles that punish you if you fail them. ACTUAL TEAMWORK REQUIRED TO PROGRESS. This one is something Warframe desperately needs. There is a lot of gameplay mechanics around teamwork that could be added relatively easy that could add a lot of complexity to fights.
  7. Any extra customization option for the operators would be highly welcomed. A body features 'slider' is something pretty common in mmos, so it wouldn't be crazy to have it here aswell.
  8. To be honest, between Tencent and Sony, I'm not sure who is the bigger evil...
  9. It becomes restrictive when it's the only way to make certain warframe abilities viable. Take Excalibur's exalted blade, for example. I stopped using Exca because I felt he was underperforming when compared to other damage-dealing frames; but when using him with the Xoris, I was almost one-shooting lvl 160 heavy gunners with his ult. And the things is, you shouldn't be forced to use a specific item combination to make him useful, he should be able to stand on his own. And leaving the Xoris as it is would create even more specific and restrictive meta builds. And if you add the fact that using the xoris with other already super-op warframe skills was making them even more broken, I think that removing that sinergy was the right choice.
  10. If you thought this was not going to happen, then you haven't been around long enough. I tried the Xoris with several frames and the combo sinergy was completely ridiculous and a complete overkill. And the way it was fixed was IMO the best approach possible, they restricted that sinergy between the Xoris and the frames without nerfing neither of them.
  11. Then there is no point on discussing this, if we don't have an actual, solid definition of what an Eidolon is. I'll keep calling it Flydolon.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eidolon If we take the actual definition of the word Eidolon as a reference, the Ropalolyst could be considered an Eidolon only if it's the spirit, the ghost or the zombie-like remains of an already dead sentient; and as far as we know, that's not the case. So no, I don't think the Ropalolyst is an Eidolon.
  13. Yeah, that tends to happen. I don't really mind it on non-endless missions, since most of the time the people that moves away from the team simply moves to the mission objective faster than the rest, so you simply end picking up the reactant they left on the way. For endless missions, If i want to stay for more than just the first rotation, I either go solo or set up a premade squad; and I suggest you to do the same if this is such a bother to you. Expecting randoms in pubs to play the way you want to is just nonsense.
  14. Wait, by being at 'fortuna part 1' you mean that the last update for the Chinese version of warframe was the release of fortuna?
  15. Well folks, the dev workshop notes for hardmode are up! And we already have a TL;DR of what to expect of it:
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