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  1. Yeah, apparently we are going to get these sometime in the future:
  2. I really hope they don't add any more umbra frames; it would be a very mediocre way of recycling content. I think we have enough with primes, I dont really want to build yet another variant of every single frame.
  3. First, calm down buddy. I think you are getting waaay too upset over this. We are just discussing random nonsense on a videogame forum, chill. Now, back on topic: what I THINK is happening here is that you misunderstood what DoctorWho is saying; people are not asking for endgame content because they want to lock new players out of it. they want endgame content to justify all the gear and skills earned obtained by playing the rest of the game; you said it yourself, why should we grind for necramechs and stronger stuff if we don't have a use for them? but the thing is, something like that i
  4. If what you are implying is that, by definition, endgame content is not locked off to new players, then I think you don't really understand what endgame content means.
  5. you are basically asking for an offline marketplace or an auction house. do a little search here on the forums, this has been suggested several times; you'll find out why it will never happen.
  6. If you check my mastery rank comparison, you'll notice it took me a while to realize that leveling up mastery was important :P
  7. I seriously couldn't believe it when I read the mod description. "Hey, impact sucks! But instead of reworking it into something useful, let's make it trigger slash procs, and problem solved!"
  8. Particles and effects are not the problem, movement is. I'm pretty sure most people would get motion sickness pretty quick. Edit: besides, playing a VR game in 3rd person doesn't make much sense; they would need to add a first person mode for it to be somewhat appealing, and that's not going to happen.
  9. I really enjoy when a thread like this one pops up. Theory crafting and lore interpretation are one of my favourite things about this game. Just for the sake of keeping the discussion civil and interesting, I just want to leave two small suggestions to anyone who wants to engage or is already engaging with the topic at hand: 1. I'm seeing some folks here presenting some really 'dark' parts of the lore as facts. Don't do that. DE has a long history of contradicting itself, specially on topics such as primes / non-primes chronology, and almost never tries to clarify or correct said contr
  10. Buying a 1 year booster is a bad idea, for the same reasons buying a yearly subscription to the gym is a bad idea.
  11. Well, the title says 'prime access trailer', and not just 'trailer'. I wouldn't get my hopes up.
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