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  1. Vor's Prize kinda went into that part of the lore- the frames we use are shells for the actual player, hence why we swap body types so easily. We're more like spectral drone pilots.
  2. I just thought that was Stalker mocking Lotus' "He won't be bothering us anymore. Let's get out of here" statement.
  3. I think the OP means trying weapons tied to the mastery rank, like the Nikana at rank 4.
  4. VSync usually caps framerate at 60fps, or whatever your refresh rate is. I'm assuming it's on by default since I've never bother changing it from "Auto." If you were getting framerates above that, Vsync would be off and you'd see screen tear, most likely. EDIT: Tenno'd.
  5. The option to roll back the color changes is very much appreciated, as is the ability to use the Gamma palette in classic mode to bring in some of the U14 deep blacks. People that wish to see the old colors have to re-select their old palettes though, which initially confused me. (Wait what? The colors haven't changed back yet? But I toggled the thing!)
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