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  1. "instead of nerfing our powers, how about making missions harder?" The only possibilities to make missions harder are: have enemies immune to powers have all mods disabled on your warframe have serious energy restraints (like in conclave, no zenurik dash, pizzas or other tricks) So, sure, you can have harder missions and still keep your powers. But then the context changes and then your powers are less effective even if theoretically still do the same thing
  2. Those rivens depend heavily on meta, and usually are the ones that requires extremely specific combinations of positives and negative. For example a riven for the vectis prime that brings down the mag size to 1 needs specifically 3 positives and -mag as negative. But that's not enough to make it a very valuable riven, for something like 20-30-40k you need to have the very best positives for the weapon (in that case i guess cc+cd+ms?). And that alone is not even enough, because needs to be a very sought after riven. Otherwise its just a very good, and very rare riven but with very little actual market. so it needs to be something at the top of the list of meta weapons, or for some of those weapons that can be drastically better with that specific rivens (example the weapons that are already good and for some reason also have 5/5 dispo, or like kohm that needed a very specific amount of status chance) The point is that changes and shiftes with metas and new gamemodes (lanka for eidolons) and is tightly bound on how much the ones with that much platinum really want that riven. Because it is also likely that most of the ones with such big sums on hand, also already have top rivens for all top tier weapons, and you will hardly find a buyer for those crazy amounts of plats unless finding the right one at the right time
  3. If you are specifically farming for that and takes you 8 hours is just insane. Since i learned that this are random fissure that spawn after a set timer, ive just been playing the game normally but with nekros, that's it. In 2 sessions done on fortuna that i would be doing anyways for NW quests, ive gathered 12 cephalite with nekros and no booster active. And it took away 5 minutes in total from the stuff i was already doing. Then i wanted to see what would happen if i farmed specifically for it (without team or booster, just nekros) went solo to Fortuna, flight high up in archwing and left for lunch. When i was back glass fixures were spawning so i went on the very first outpost and got 6 cephalite in like 3 minutes. I didnt use any trick, no cat, no booster and did solo (so lower spawns) just slashing enemies with desecrate active. And we likely have months for that, dont you all act like its life or death if you dont complete it in the very first day. If you dont even bother farming, its likely you will end up with 50-60 cephalite in 2 months just playing normally. Unless your normal play pattern is simply to go fissure and arbitration where those things dont spawn (but at this point you dont care about NW altogether)
  4. man, just calm down DE didnt screw you up i did it very chill at first attempt, you have like twice the time you need. You failed a jump? no big deal. Its a side thingy, that requires reseources you can farm in like 5 minutes and you have probably months to complete that. Basically in the time you took to vent on the forums, you could have completed it. movement penalties? i dont know, i just did it at a walking pace and used double jumps for more accuracy. Didnt even notice anything different. Just saying its very easy unless you try to rush something that doesnt need to. Not you fault, not de's fault, just try again when you get another 10 cephalite (and dont act like its a 30 hour grind) and next time youll pass it easy
  5. Edit for wrongly phrasing. If you want barebone minimal range and duration, that is fine. still can fit all of that with like 6 or 7 regular formas
  6. umbra vitality and fiber give 11% each. power drift, augur secrets, transient fortitute and blind rage all give more power than 11%. Are you already using umbra intensify plus all 4 of those and still got room for two more mods just for power? i count 7 mods for power strenght, you are left with nothing else man
  7. How is this about my opinion or ego? read again what i wrote. There isnt a single frame where those mods can actually be relevant for minmaxing an actually usable build. You would still make a better use of those slots for efficiency, duration or range. And you already have 5 different mods that each give MORE than that measly 11% each for umbra vitality and fiber. so no, minmaxing factor is not a valid point. And again i undestand why people want those, still its not that big of a deal not having access to an actual farm since you can easily fit all 3 on any frame with 5-7 regular formas. Loss of player retention because of one item that didnt even exist like 1 year ago? lol. You are seriously frustrated about those umbral formas and really wish DE listens and gives you some kind of farm if that's relevant in your life. Do you think i wouldnt like a bunch of umbra formas? sure i do. Id gladly take some just in case i find an use for them. My point was just that arent that relevant as many are convinced, providing a different view angle to chill a bit about that. but i guess thats how the forums work: being vocal about every minuscle thing every single individual would like for himself, like its a really big deal
  8. So you need two useless mods for a 22% power strenght buff? umbra intensify alone is 44%, then you can have blind rage, power drift, augur secrets, transient fortitude. Name a frame that makes use of all 5 of these and is still asking for 2 slots for a measly 22%? and cant make better use of those slots for efficiency, range or duration.... also there is not a single power that can use umbral intensify+transient+blind rage and still get any meaningful benefit from a 22% strenght on top of that. Really, those are not needed for minmaxing. I can agree all day that people still want some other way of obtaining them and that's fair, but again you can already fit those if you arent lazy and just forma every other slot
  9. "you need umbra forma for minmaxing" no, you dont. If you are using vitality or steel fiber you are doing in wrong, change my mind. Even assuming that for some reason you want health or armor, 90% of builds can fit the 3 umbral mods by just using regular formas on every other slot. Anyways i agree the should be some way to obtain those other than the nightawve reward, could still be nightwave at a stupidly high credit cost so that people that already have everything can sink those credits into a few umbral formas instead of nitain #200
  10. Still think sentinels should be immortal. Makes sense for dogs and cats to get downed because they are biological, and also have much higher damage output (and overall better unique abilities), Sentinels should be completely ignored by enemies and ignore any collateral damage. Just get rid of the health/armor/shields mods and a couple of mod slots aswell. As now they just die too randomly, even the djinn mod doesnt help because in the wrong mission he will still be dead 95% of the time The closest thing i can think, if complete immunity isnt a viable option, is to rework the Regen mod so that is like djinn's reawaken but for all sentinels. With the prime variant having like a 20-30 sec cooldown at max rank. It would be just a bandaid and of course Djinn would need his mod to be reworked into something even better or simply different
  11. I have maxed all the relevant avionics, grid and made some valence fusions just for the sake of the very last 0.5%. Still have atleast 50k dirac to spare and i didnt even play too much scarlet spear or RJ in general. they could really add an extra level to the grid with a crazy price attached like 10k dirac. At some point will be piling up again, but its going to be a long way
  12. Well we have many others aoe abilities and weapons in the game for comparison and bladestorm ends up as one of the worst if you look at the average time-to-kill. I havo no handicap or cooridination issues, just a variety of weapons and frames and in my personal experience bs never impressed for efficieny or scaling or ease of use. you like as it is? fine. I dont have to like or play every single warframe in the roster, or use every single ability of each frame. I think it can be revisited for the better, and it doesnt even need to rollback to the cheesefest it was before. The current iteration of bladestorm doesnt click for me, and i can think of a single situation where it is actually better than the various alternatives: You are in a big room with distant enemies far away from each other, pretty tough but not too tough, of course no nullifiers involved, and you rapidly select them and launch bladestorm
  13. Console or pc doesnt matter. Ash's bladestorm is simply extremely clunky and stupidly inefficient. its time to kill can be easily be compared to any good weapon If a good aoe killing ability is too much to ask for, better to be reworked into something else entirely. everyone and their cat has a rework idea for bladestorm, and honestly every single one of them would be better than the current one
  14. I dont dislike self damage, it was fine except the fact you would get randomly killed by it even when using a decent degree of attention. i think it just needed a system in place for preventing the random deaths, pretty much like the acceltra where projectiles detonates only if they have traveled a minimum distance. So that you could be damage only if being completely careless
  15. -Zetki Apoc for front turret, because it has the highest dps and the overheat is manageable since you mainly move the cursor for movement. But at least the few hits you will land will hurt. -Zetki Photor for the sides: its hitscan, very easy to manage and does decent damage. That and the carcinnox are the best weapons if you assume that crew members will have more troubles shooting since you are the one controlling the movements. But IMHO right now all weapons from zetki and vidar with a decent % of bonus are all good, the one i wouldnt give the crew its the cryophoron (but if you like it, aint a bad choiche for the front turret)
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