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  1. Warframe graphics are already pretty great and it runs on switch. i think it’s unlikely having the switch version will actually prevent them from doing certain stuff. Because the first thing preventing going “too high” is the FTP nature of the game that requires the biggest possible install base. they already needed the game to run on toasters well before the switch port, and trust me, there are a lot of pc players that run it on integrated graphics far less powerful than tegra x1. And DE wants the game to run on those aswell i could only wish that switch specs one day will become the very minumum for running warframe
  2. For my request, if needed will give you platinum in advance any time. I’m not playing much these days but will add you and give you plats the very first time I see you online
  3. JohnKable

    DE should let us switch focus schools on the fly

    Yep, people should really get more used to take advantage of loadouts. i have a Eidolon hunt loadout with the right focus, builds, companion etc.Same for the spider etc. If you make good use of those, it hardly becomes a problem since you wont have to swap it ever again. melee focused frame? Loadout with Naramon Casting focused frame? Loadout Zenurik eidolon loadout? Save a loadout with Madurai or uniaru the thing I don’t like about focus right now is that you should just gain focus on your current equipped school without all that lenses nonsense. And trust me, I’ve got plenty of lenses, also greater and eidolon. But its just an overbuilt and counter-intuitive system at best
  4. No problem, we have been like 5 years without an emblem. ill leave it there, and when you can just make a draft. we want something moon+skull themed. We thought something like a moon with an half fading into a skull. Maybe with a lua-like golden ring all around it. You do the coloring etc, I have no experience on what looks good or not it game, just don’t want it to be too bright. I’d stick to something simple and realistic and possibly not cartoonish (but its ok if it’s a bit cartoonish if that promotes a better in game visual)
  5. Available for a work? If the answer is yes will ask my clan mate more clearly what he wants and will be back here. (pc players preferred payment with plats)
  6. JohnKable

    RTX... will it arrive to Warframe?

    Lol max graphics and 50fps in the same sentence. most budget graphic cards can handle max settings in games, but with terrible frame rates. a decent framerate is always 60+, a good one is 100+. You can’t consider max graphics without taking into account the framerate they run at. also I consider max graphics the one that run atleast in Qhd, FHD is an age old resolution. and 1050ti can’t really handle Qhd in most games. It’s a glorified gtx 960, but its not even close enough to the previous gen gtx970 that I would consider a pretty fine GPU for playing in FHD and for some very light games even in Qhd btw don’t want to ruin your happiness with the 1050ti. It’s a cool budget card and I am sure you enjoy fhd content on it, and you should. just pointing that there’s a world out there that does consider 50-60fps in fhd very very far from max graphics
  7. JohnKable

    new augment mod gara/inaros

    I think the two augments are “fine” since both abilities are pretty decent on their own and allow some extra benefit if you are willing to use a mod slot for it. didnt try the nova augment yet but looks amazing as for the Venari augment I don’t have a khora, but I think it really depends on how much health it leaves you with. Hopefully it gives enough time to respawn the venari
  8. JohnKable

    Fortuna scaffolds

    the first eidolon (teralyst) has considerably lower shields. All 3 are easy stuff, but with much higher shield caps things like ammo economy really start to matter alot when you are looking for the best combination to fight them. That said, im pretty sure 777 amp will be pretty decent against the other 2 eidolons aswell, but i doubt it would be the best possible setup. If they tune down a bit the energy consumption of the T7 prism, it could easily become the best one DPS wise (still with the downside of short range)
  9. JohnKable

    Fortuna scaffolds

    thanks for the pretty deep explanation. As it is now, i really dont feel like i want to use AMPS outside eidolon fight. the flamethrower thing is cool and all, but lacks any real purpose when if i feel like bringing a flamethrower i can bring one with 30k+ dps as primary or secondary, or just hit some AOE power button on most frames. As for the 7xx numbers look insane but if intended it correctly the actual drain is much much worse than its fire rate of 12/sec i have the passive for more "ammo capacity" unlocked but still dont think i can manage something like that. It could work for very extreme squads where everyone bringsthe same amp, so the shields should be down very fast without waiting for the reload. And unlikely shraksun it cant benefit from the madurai passive since it would burn out the buffed shots in half a second
  10. JohnKable

    Fortuna scaffolds

    I suspected that. Maybe worth waiting a bit and see if some changes are made. having already a good amp for eidolons i don’t need a new one right now
  11. JohnKable

    Fortuna scaffolds

    Hello there! Since i just managed to rank up vox solaris up to the rank that got me the T3 brace it finally got me interested into building a new amp using the T4 cetus prism (i dont have one yet) simple question: is it worth to use a different scaffold other than shraksun? i already have 2 amps with the shraksun and im really looking to get something different, that can benefit from the crit brace. But at the same time it has to be something that damave wise (vs eidolons) performs in a comparable way T2 and T3 fortuna scaffolds look pretty rad, but have a huge ammo consumption. Since im already used to madurai passive charged up doesnt scare me that much to have only 3 shots, but maybe in practice its still a poor choice. Looking for any advice, im not in hurry to build a new one. But since i definitely will, it better be something good
  12. JohnKable

    repeller systems

    I lack atmo system. Got 3 drops in 160ish runs. but I swim in other components Rng operates in mysterious ways
  13. First of all, on my main PC I have a gtx960 2gb I know it’s pretty bad but after the first patches I had pretty great performance in orb valley. all setting maxed and constant 60fps with occasional drops to 55. It was draining between 1.7 and 1.9gb of ram now since the lates patches ram usage spikes to 2.2gb up to 2.6 and I experience heavy stutters (or small freezes up to 0.5 seconds) and everything feels very far from being smooth. i tried turning off a lot of stuff but nothing helps unless i go all low. And that would be kinda bad anyways since it runs perfectly everywhere else with max settings, even in the plains in the most intense scenarios. EDIT: looks like my CPU spikes to max aswell, but I can’t tell if it did before or not do you have any advice for me?
  14. JohnKable

    Concorso della Befana 2019

    Ero davvero indeciso se fare qualche modifica/aggiunta più sostanziale ma non volevo sbilanciarmi troppo sul pacchiano 🙂 ho preferito spendere più tempo su captura piuttosto che a creare ritagli da altre foto e piazzarceli sopra. Comunque c’è parecchio lavoro post-scatto, almeno per me he non sono per nulla pratico di queste cose🥶 In ogni caso tanti auguri a tutti ! Spero vi piaccia la mia foto, in ogni caso mi sono divertito molto nel farla.
  15. JohnKable

    Fix Drop Rates

    I played this game for 2000+ hours and don’t think RNG is broken. Sometimes its mixed as you expect, sometimes you hit positive streaks and sometimes negative streaks. it can be really frustrating to hit a negative streak for something you are really looking for but that’s how rng works. Expecially with such a small sample of runs. lately ive done more than 100 runs for atmo system and got them only once. A friend of mine got it 6 Times in 50ish runs. maybe the next 10 runs I get it 10 times, maybe i wont get any. Again thats how it works, things eventually even out, but people just see negative streaks but don’t come to the forum complaining rng is broken when they get the new 150pl rare prime part 5 Times in a row