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  1. a good half of the scammers just pretend to be girls because that usually grants easier trust from the other side. your riven is gone forever, you already did everything you can: letting her/him know that you will report and eventually have the account banned, But those reports wont do anything, its clearly stated that you shouldnt trade for promises etc. its ingenuity by your side and you learned it the hard way.
  2. For my request, if needed will give you platinum in advance any time. I’m not playing much these days but will add you and give you plats the very first time I see you online
  3. No problem, we have been like 5 years without an emblem. ill leave it there, and when you can just make a draft. we want something moon+skull themed. We thought something like a moon with an half fading into a skull. Maybe with a lua-like golden ring all around it. You do the coloring etc, I have no experience on what looks good or not it game, just don’t want it to be too bright. I’d stick to something simple and realistic and possibly not cartoonish (but its ok if it’s a bit cartoonish if that promotes a better in game visual)
  4. Available for a work? If the answer is yes will ask my clan mate more clearly what he wants and will be back here. (pc players preferred payment with plats)
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