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  1. I guessed so. But then i wouldnt mark those 2 mods as "must have", just nice to have. As for the umbra - I'd spend it now if i were you. Inaros prime wont see light for a minimum of 1 year from now, and we'll get more umbra forma by then(minimum 2 if it goes like now).
  2. Correct me if i'm wrong. Arent those only if you're going to blind enemies? His 2 and 3 are nearly useless. And why blind them when you can just kill them for the same time? Corrosive and viral are so rare that they are negledgable, Dots are something that you even want as inaros as it triggers grace(in most cases that heals you instead of damage you). And the other procs are... nothing. You dont need energy either, as i stated for his 1-3. That is unless you intend to afk in corpus intersception with your 3. In that case i understand.
  3. Though noone should 'main' a character. As different frames are suited better for different situations. But if you're taking about favorite frames - for me it was Wukong prior his nerf, now its Wisp. Completely invulnerability, ridiculous melee damage output that can go for hours in survivals. Its might not be as effective in some game modes like defence as, say, a Saryn, but it sure is fun to reduce the difficulty of anything to 0.
  4. Heath effectively 'doubles' every 300 armor as others said; Its all about what your final EHP(effective hp) is. Here is the math: 200 armor form his 4 + 600 from guardian = 800 armor 9700hp, 500 armor : 800+500 = 1300 armor EHP = 9700 * ( 1 + 1300/300) = 51733 9100hp, 765 armor : 800 + 765 = 1565 armor EHP = 9100 * (1 + 1565/300) = 56571 For me there is a clear winner. Also do make sure you have adaptation in your build. It might be irregular amount of damage reduction, but in hot situations it provides fair amount of additional defence, worth more than other mods. @taiiat It always depends. Armor vs health is about the balance, in his case armor is better.
  5. I think that thats intended. You shouldn't be falling from levels, especially as rhino's skin protects him from knockbacks, and in archwing cancels all abilities. Nothing to fix here. Yay, my own report gets fixed, and so soon. Love you DE!! Also love the spore ephemera changes. Though some frames lack the secondary energy color to be able to fully customize it.(like Frost)
  6. The kavat energy colors on the different kavat skins frequently change to something different than their real energy color. This happens in orbiter and in missions. The change seems random, I couldn't find a pattern when it changes and changes back. Here is an example with my kavat. Energy color is yellow - shown by the regalia. On the right are the correct colors, on the left are when bugged.
  7. Sorry, i saw a couple of people reporting it indirectly, but nowhere reporting it in detail. Looking forward to the fixes. You're awesome!!!
  8. Switching to operator and back removes any kind of invulnerability effect on the warframe. Best visible with Wukong's Cosmic Armor(passive). 30 seconds buff icon is displayed, switching in and out of operator makes the warframe's health/shield vulnerble again(colored) while the buff icon keeps counting down. Same applies all other types of invulnerability. -Rolling guard - you can see the cooldown activating around a second later. -Hildryn passive -Wisp's recast on her 2nd skill.
  9. Can't confirm the same situation here. I have changing weather and most of it its sunny. Might be something local.
  10. The spore ephemera doesn't full cover the whole frames and often cuts off from parts of warframes bodies or their helmets. Here is an example with Nekros. His right shoulder and right side of his helmet is covered by the ephemera. His left side is not. And there is a very ugly straight cutoff in the middle. This is regardless of the camera or environment lightning angles. The colors are smoke black and tenno red for the energy. The Nekros Irkalla helmet, on the other hand, is fully covered by the ephemera.
  11. So an ability that you can leave for like 10 minutes in a low level mission while being afk is not a fire and forget? Sorry didn't know, i guess there isnt any abilities that are fire and forget then. Then what is are those phantom abilities that pablo speaks of? They obviously dont exist.
  12. Whats silly is your comment about them. Team mates, alt fire and the infinite revives are quite on spot. Defy breaks the flow of the game, the AI sucks, its no secret and DE know it, and 3 saves that will buy you just a couple of seconds before you die anyway is simply bad. Armor and fury are debatable, but his EHP is not great at all for a melee build at higher level content and fury does remove quite a bit of utility from the clone. For that matter you should be pointing out Pablo's nonsense. "We dont want abilities that are fire and forget" - "here take this infinite duration ability"(the clone).
  13. Yeah, the netcode is kinda buggy sometimes, but there are plenty of things to try to fix it: -Change your matchmaking, from public to solo for example. -Relog, as others mentioned -Change your region - say from EU to US. Try to invite, then revert it. Usualy if that third one doesnt work - there will be a mass game-wise problem and will be capture DE's attention to be fixed ASAP(usualy in an hour or so).
  14. Until you reach the highest levels and farming places of the game, i suggest that you play with what you like. For high level content almost any gear can perform well - even the weak MK1 weapons to an extent. For specific farming, you neeed specific gear. Since the game is quite large, you need quite a bit of specialized gear, way above one or two frames. Just by playing the game you'll gather stuff that you can sell. You can then sell that stuff for more warframe slots, more weapon slots, better mods, etc. So keep it fun for yourself for now, let the woman side of you choose your car by its color. Still rhino, can carry you though the game with ease.
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