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  1. Not sure what extermination has to do with this but neither of the 3 you mentioned would do anything in a mission with knaves or orphids. These spectres disable warframe abilities, drain all energy, have 8M ehp each, are status and cc immune, heal eachother, remove your ranged weapons and if you hit them with melee you die due to reflected damage. Charge them with Rhino and Valkyr and you'll die very fast . Nidus has health, but his 2 does nothing against them. Inaros you mentioned earlier will die and his passive is not enough to always revive him. Besides what you said is actually
  2. For history reasons. I managed accidentally to come to @StrauxL ingame and we found a few combinations that can handle the specters: - Stealth, naturally, is effective vs enemies. So Loki, Ash and Octavia handle them with ease. Only beware of the knave's decoy, because it reflects damage. - Saryn can cast her spores, spread it to all spectres and wait for all of them to die. - Naramon's disarm disables their special abilities. You need to disarm all spectres and then finish them of with weapons. Generally there are no opponents too though for us, the tenno.
  3. Looks good, you keep the 4 labs at the same grand hall(where your spawn and trade should be) which is perfect. But i would personally switch the garden hall and the lab hall, so you can keep your spawn in more centralized spot.
  4. For items you can use https://ps4.warframe.market/ For rivens, i don't know.
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