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  1. As others have noted, many of these changes are worrisome - like the Condition Overload being nerfed hundreds of times. But what worries me most about all these changes is the "Lifted status". There is not enough information about it. It only lifts enemies so we can perform shiny combos at them? This mechanic is a very clear copy of other games. My first guess is the 2019's DMC5 or MK11, but in those games this mechanic not only for show - it has important part of game's whole combat system. In DMC5 its about the stylish meter and getting more points, in MK11 its about getting free hits without the enemy blocking or retaliating. In Warframe one should not want to deal with a single enemy for more than a second or two. Anything at or over 2 seconds is already a waste of effort. Even Covert Lethality is within that time range. So that "status" must not be just for looks. We need numbers to it, and with big effect - X damage multiplier, increase the combo counter with X%, spread all status to nearby enemies or similar. It must be something worth putting the time into it. Otherwise its a wasted dev effort. Just like K-Drive - a copy of Tony Hawk games, but so underdeveloped that it doesn't benefit Warframe at all. We need more information on that status effect.
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