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  1. Alright so I was going through the mission and got to the first location, after interacting I thought I needed to go talk to konzu or something. I realized my mistake a bit too late because when got back on the plains, the quest markers/dialogue were missing and I could not get the BP. 

    Some people are saying that I need to build a part first, but I did that and no new dialogue options have opened up. 

    Also I am unsure why my comment posted twice.

  2. Yeah, those orokin reactors were free, we have no reason to complain about them. Same thing goes for the removal of raids and every single Nerf we had. They were all free, we shouldn't complain about them either. In fact we shouldn't complain about anything in this game, so 3/4 of the warframe fourm posts are basically obsolete. You know what's another free thing? Evil government brain waves being sent through your cellular devices and chemicals in water turning our frogs gay. Stay woke 8=======)

  3. 1 minute ago, phoenix1992 said:

    For good or for bad a lot of the Orokin War is left un explained on purpose. We know a lot of them died from our hands, to the point in which the Orokin Civilization crumbled. Buuuuuuuuut...

    Did we kill everyone - not likely.
    What de powered them in order for tenno and Grinner to kill them - not known.
    Where did they go - not known.

    interesting, I wonder if this will lead in to the sacrafice

  4. Grakata (parody of silver bells)

    grakata, grakata
    It's Christmas time in the relay
    grakata, (clem-clem-clem) grakata (clem-clem-clem)
    Soon it will be Christmas day
    Relay spaceports, busy spaceports
    Full of fashion frame scenes
    In the air there's a feeling of Christmas
    Tenno laughing, tenno passing
    Meeting smile after smile
    And in faction home bases I hear
    grakata, (clem-clem-clem) grakata (clem-clem-clem)
    It's Christmas time in the relay
    grakata, (clem-clem-clem)
    grakata, (clem-clem-clem)
    Soon it will be Christmas day
    Strings of platinum, even ducats
    Flashing bright white and gold
    As the tenno rush home with their treasures
    Hear the sighing in the main room
    Those are Baro's bad deals
    And above all this bustle you hear
    It's Christmas time in the relay
    Grakata (clem-clem-clem)
    Grakata (clem-clem-clem)
    Soon it will be Christmas day

  5. 3 hours ago, FastWinger said:

    Hello, here is my entry for the Codex Art Contest.


    Back to back
    Primed Chaos fills the air
    Allowing us to pass
    While dodging slackened blows

    An empire long passed
    Its corrupted crew
    Do all the fighting for us
    And go out with a blast

    yyyyeessssss plllzzzzzzz

  6. Dang this is the giveaways 25th anniversary? May the winners have mercy on your wallet.

    1. Hunhows gift (NO MERCY)

    2. elite riv thing bundle, 3 orokin catalysts, excal immortal skin

    bonuses: (not sure how this works, is the bonus just for one person? Idk) 1000 plet, or the akstiletto P and Latron wraith thing.

    (thanks siral and donors) (I should donate something in the future or I will feel bad about myself :/)

  7. 43 minutes ago, Kialandi said:

    That's why i put question mark behind my point. I meant that they look same, not they are exactly the same.

    It's similar with the doors. I know what i wrote, but I didn't mean that they are same. They look the same. Same shape, same metal thingy...

    so they are not exactly the same room, but rooms with similar architecture? Idk anymore ill just wait for the update (hhyyyppppeeeee)

  8. 16 hours ago, Kialandi said:

    They are behind a "curtain". Look at the picture below.

    There is some kind of light (or maybe it's literally some curtain) blocking Nyx' view.

    The tubes you have highlighted in the first trailer are shown hanging above the twin queens with the support chains (you can tell by the light), but if a "curtain" is present in the second trailer it would have to cover the tubes you have highlighted, no?




  9. 1 hour ago, Kialandi said:

    You should rewatch them. Or atleast you should look at the pictures I posted. 

    It is the same room. Twin Queens are looking towards the point where Teshin is standing. When Nyx enters the room she is looking towards the Twin Queens.

    1) SAME LIGHTS - exactly the same lights


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    2) SAME DOOR - metal thingy on both sides, shape of the door


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    3) TUBES (?)


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    What about those support chain things that are hanging from the ceiling?

  10. On 7/28/2016 at 5:24 AM, SinergyX said:

    Nice, I can do that with 5 other frames too, just on a different way.

    he is implying that the energy loss on hysteria used to be extremely small

  11. 12 hours ago, (PS4)lupowolfen said:






    I wonder if some of you guys that have played the new Relic system on PC could comment on how the trade values of prime parts have been affected?


    I'm thinking that items that used to be really hard to farm like Nova Prime Systems and Saryn Prime Chassis and Ash Prime Blueprint will be easier to farm under the new relic system.  And if that is true have trade values on those items gone down?


    Also what has happened to trade values on vaulted items like Loki Prime, Ember Prime, Latron Prime, etc?


    Thanks in advance for any comments and wisdom on this.

    yeah the trade values have gone wonk now some of the previously rare prime parts have been turned into common items, I think ash p bp is one of them. Vaulted prime parts are probably going to stay the same. (mag, boar, and dakra p are exceptions)

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