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  1. It's a little bit off-topic, sorta, but there's some confusion in this thread between high-dynamic-range (HDR) rendering and HDR output that I think warrants clearing up. Until very recently, when people talk about "high dynamic range" in video games, they're usually talking about HDR rendering. This is what the "High Dynamic Range" setting -- now removed -- used to control in Warframe. It's where the game uses a higher precision for internal lighting calculations than can actually be displayed on the screen, which uses a low, or "standard" dynamic range. The process of mapping these higher precision values to the screen's lower-precision values is called "tone mapping", and it is usually done in a non-linear fashion so that you can emphasize a certain look. (Warframe changed the curve used for tonemapping awhile back to a customized version, instead of a standard "cinematic" tonemap.) Virtually all games since around the time of, oh, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion have used HDR rendering; Warframe actually having the ability to turn it off was a real oddity in 2020. Those two options at the bottom of the Display Menu ("HDR Output" and "HDR Paper White", both marked as "Experimental") instead control HDR output. HDR output is where, instead of tonemapping your HDR rendering for a standard-range screen, you actually send the high-precision values to the screen. This requires a display (monitor or TV) that is capable of understanding, and, hopefully, displaying these values, although many "HDR" displays simply take an HDR input signal and display it on their standard-range display without ever telling you anything is amiss. Actually taking advantage of HDR output requires a relatively expensive display with a technology called "local dimming" that allows the screen to adjust brightness individually for separate sections of the screen. (or an extremely expensive OLED display.) To actually be on-topic, this change doesn't affect me whatsoever, as I'm playing on maxed-out settings with the new deferred renderer turned on. However, the day that we can no longer disable film grain, motion blur, depth-of-field (please add a cutscenes-only option!), or dynamic resolution, I'm outta here.
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