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  1. auxy

    Multishot Breaks Stealth Multiplier ( Present since U19.6.3 )

    So you think that you shouldn't be able to use shotguns (or any weapon equipped with a multishot mod, such as a bow or throwing knives) as stealth weapons. Is what you have just told me. I just want you to understand that this is what you have said. Let's be clear, this is a bug. bug n, plural bugs 5. A problem that needs fixing. With that said, even by your own definition, this behavior is not following the "intended rules of the game." There is no way DE intends for kills using multishot weapons to break your stealth multiplier. If you kill an enemy in one shot and they were never alerted to your presence, that's a stealth kill.
  2. Added it to the list! I also organized the first post since it was pretty long and hard to read. Thanks once again for your contributions!
  3. Oh, I see. This is a minor visual bug with lots of beam-type weapons and powers. You can also see it with the Taxon's Artax beam, Valkyr's Rip Line, and anything else that draws a line from point A to point B. I'm not sure a visual bug like this, which appears to be caused by network problems, deserves to be on the list, but I'll think on it. This one was addressed in the recent devstream and they said they're going to fix it. I think I'll wait until it seems forgotten before I add it to the list. This list is mostly for things that seem to have been "paved over" or "forgotten," so that they aren't. Even though I didn't put these things on the lists, thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it, and I'm really glad people are contributing.
  4. Reporting back to note that I also have this bug on the English version of the game.The issue is that the Vectis' Tekelu skin seems corrupted or bugged in some way.
  5. auxy

    Multishot Breaks Stealth Multiplier ( Present since U19.6.3 )

    So you think it's fine for your stealth multiplier to break when you kill an enemy stealthily? What we're talking about here is attacking an enemy who is unaware of your presence, from stealth, with a silent weapon, and killing it in one shot. However, you lose your stealth modifier because it's a shotgun and it took more than one pellet to kill the enemy. The first pellet "alerts" them, and then the second pellet kills them -- even though, in reality, they should have impacted simultaneously (and even if they didn't, there's absolutely no way the enemy could have become aware of your presence in the infinitesimal time between pellet impacts.) One shot. Not multiple shots.
  6. auxy

    Multishot Breaks Stealth Multiplier ( Present since U19.6.3 )

    It's not a bug that stealth enemies become aware of you in the microsecond between when pellet 1 and pellet 2 hit them? (one trigger pull, mind you)
  7. auxy

    Multishot Breaks Stealth Multiplier ( Present since U19.6.3 )

    Adding this to my list of long-standing bugs! The modifications to projectiles and aiming in the Chimera update also had far-reaching ramifications that have not been accounted for yet. I hope DE fixes these problems sooner than later.
  8. 它似乎是一个腐败的纹理。 您可以尝试在Warframe启动器中“验证”。 单击启动器上的齿轮图标以访问其中的选项菜单。 我很抱歉使用谷歌翻译。('ω')
  9. This is a thing that happens sometimes. It seems like there's no way to know if this is happening to you, but I might be wrong. I wish someone who understood the specifics how of this bug works would chime in.
  10. auxy

    Smeeta Charm not working?

    Umm, no, I'm talking about the Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood missions, not Kuva Survival.
  11. auxy

    Smeeta Charm not working?

    You misunderstood, I think. I wasn't saying that it was per braid. It's 600 kuva per siphon, or 1200 in a kuva flood. The point of letting it capture the kuva is just to waste time until your Kavat gives you the buff.
  12. auxy

    Smeeta Charm not working?

    I agree with @ssj782 - the double resources buff is common outside of combat and rare in combat. It could just be confirmation bias or random chance, but it's pretty rare to get it on Kuva missions. I find that you have a better chance of getting it when doing Kuva Siphon/Flood missions. There is a technique that some people use where they break 3 of 4 braids on the siphon and then simply let the siphon capture kuva clouds until their Kavat gives them the double resources buff. It's real nice to get ~5K kuva in one whack! ~1200-1300 from a flood, x2 for resource booster, x2 for kavat buff = ~5000 kuva
  13. Very interesting! And from February this year, too! Added to the list. I've seen 1 and 3 myself. I'm not completely certain that either of these are unintentional, but I'll add them anyway. 3 will be irrelevant in Melee 3.0. 2 is interesting, I'm testing it right now. Confirmed this issue, added to the list! Can you give me some more details about 4?
  14. Adding another bug to the primary list that may not be "long-standing" but nevertheless is very serious and which I haven't seen acknowledged before: Upon first-time completion, The War Within quest can sometimes reset progress and require the user to complete the entire quest again to get credit Hopefully some of these get addressed with Fortuna 2, but I expect DE is (as usual) more focused on content than fixes right now...
  15. I can confirm that the Zenistar is at least sometimes broken for clients, so I'm adding that to the list. I have a couple of other things that are going to go in the "complaints" post, too. Thanks everyone for your contributions!