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  1. 😭😭😭👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿💯💯💯💕💕💕✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
  2. False, false, and false. These are all your misguided opinions and you are wrong at every step. unnecessary, plenty of FPS games with "real" first-person (no viewmodels) unnecessary, just place the camera better unnecessary, see above motte and bailey argument. You cross the motte to make bad arguments about the unfeasability of such a thing and how many man-hours it would require and then retreat to the bailey of personal offense. Disgusting. False. You even admit as such in your next sentence. You know people want it, but saying "no one" wants it is an attempt to shore up the legitimacy of your argument, which you know is lacking. No it isn't, and you know why it isn't. Another bad, ill-founded, and intellectually dishonest argument. Besides, someone already did this, it wasn't even that hard, an inexperienced amateur game developer did it in 2 months by himself. You know nothing of video games history. Go back to 1994 and play Descent. The characters in those games use the same animations as NPCs; your argument is invalid. Those games have janky, stiff animations because Bethesda can't animate. Are you? Are you really? Because yeah, plenty of games exist like this. Try Ghostrunner. Try Ultrakill. Play Titanfall. Try the later levels of Cruelty Squad after you get the death upgrade. Try Warsow. Try Double Action Boogaloo. Try Severed Steel, which is actually way MORE involved mechanically than Warframe. Try any number of other games that are faster and more difficult than this ridiculously easy online grindfest. Stop making excuse for DE. This game doesn't have first-person mode because they don't want it to have it. That's the only reason.
  3. I mean, I'd be fine with even more repeated tilesets. I'm more interested in more tiles, not more tilesets.
  4. This would really be nice. The way those skills work right now is super tedious.
  5. Back when I started in April 2013 I was already really happy with the gameplay in Warframe. I appreciate the changes; I do enjoy the way the game plays now, and I like all the options we have. I love that I can cut people down with my sword, dual-wield a pistol and a glaive like it's 2008 and I'm playing Dark Sector again, use powers to annihilate a whole room, and summon a heavy machinegun or automatic grenade launcher to mow down groups, Still, there's one thing I expected to see as a big thrust, a big focus of development going forward, and incredibly, it has almost never been addressed at all. The #1 thing I have always wanted to see in Warframe, even all those years ago, was additional map tiles for the game's core procedurally-generated mission types. Sure, we've seen a LOT of new tilesets added, and even a few more tiles for older tilesets, while a few other tiles got shuffled across mission types and tilesets. We've also seen a some map tiles get updated with improved visuals and more detail, and I definitely appreciate all of these things. Even still, it's a bit jarring that I can open up a mission right now, in May of 2021, and it is entirely possible—perhaps even likely—that I'll see nothing environmentally but the same content from 2013. I understand some of the reasons for this; I can imagine a lot of internal discussion over whether the game should move to fixed maps (after all, surely every Grineer Galleon was built on the same blueprint), or decisions that adding tiles simply wouldn't improve the game as much as adding other types of content. So the point of this thread, the TL;DR, is simply to say: "I'd really like to see an expansion of map tiles for the procedurally-generated missions, please."
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