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  1. There is no melee weapon in the game that needs 90 capacity even without 5 formas. When you add the 5 polarity slots all you're doing is limiting build diversity at that point. Primary and secondary weapons (particularly secondary weapons) can sometimes make use of the extra capacity but usually not after 5 forma. With one specific exception, all of my kuva weapons have 20+ capacity free. You can't get all the mastery out without putting the 5 forma on. I want all the mastery. It's not that complicated. No, it isn't. You don't get to call my argument weak just because you
  2. You know there's a counter argument and that's really that if we wanted to talk about immersion there are so many other problems with Warframe. How about survival missions on Lua? The place where you can step outside, look up, and see SPACE? Or how about how Warframes apparently need air to breathe but then ARCHWING? I mean yeah, you can handwave both of these with void space magic stuff but that doesn't really explain why I don't just pull out my Archwing when the enemy cuts off life support. Nevermind that Warframes are apparently indestructible (see: transfer out) but still need to breathe?
  3. Haha. I don't know if they can really say that it "worked" because it made me quit playing for three months. The only reason I came back is because I wanted to see Steve's new renderer, and then people in my clan wanted to run stuff, and I ended up getting sucked in again. Because it's so damn tedious, I cheesed the missions with minimum effort meta builds and then cheesed the leveling with ESO. I have piles of forma from playing this game for seven years, so whatever. It's really the time that annoys me more than anything. The kuva weapons feel like the game is disrespecting my time, muc
  4. Thanks for your judgemental, unhelpful drive-by post! I'd rather have it reduced to no forma. lol. I don't have a single Kuva weapon that doesn't have >20 capacity going totally unused after applying five forma.
  5. Topic. For real tho. I'm just now finally finishing up my kuva weapons and that shxt has been real tiresome.
  6. I'm not completely sure if this thread is sincere but lemme sign it anyway. Warframe has a serious problem with immersion and believable living spaces for each faction (including something like spawning pods or birthing rooms or something for the infested) could go a long way toward resolving that.
  7. Nobody, huh? I guess I really am the only person using this mod. lol
  8. Amalgam Furax Body Count is supposed to knock down nearby targets (15 meters) when you kill an enemy with the weapon in question. Apparently, the way it did this was simply by proc-ing blast on all the affected enemies, because now, all it does is give them the little blast sparkle on their faces, which I guess does something? Supposedly? (DE, why did you nerf what was already a mediocre damage type this way? But that's for another topic.) Anyway, I hope DE actually fixes this instead of changing the mod to say "Melee kills reduce the accuracy of enemies within 15m" because that woul
  9. auxy


    武器具有“部署”,這會影響紫色牌的強度。 在最近更新之後,同一武器的變體可以具有不同的“部署”。 以前,所有具有相同名稱的武器都有一個“部署”。 因此,在甲板上,它會向您顯示基本武器的統計信息,但您將其放入一個變體中,因此統計信息會發生變化。 這非常令人困惑,我不喜歡這種更改。 (對不起,使用機器翻譯。)
  10. Signed, dated, and shipped. I do generally agree with the poster above that the new symbols are "fine" until MR21, when their designs go completely insane. In particular the designs for 22-24 and 25-27 are absurd and terrible. It looks like the designer went "uhhh" and just slapped on the MR1 logo to add detail. We actually had a long discussion in our clan Discord about this. I've never understood the logic of having bronze, silver, gold cycle in 3s at each rank. If you were going to do that, shouldn't it be 1-10 bronze, 11-20 silver, and 21-30 gold? Even that doesn't make a lot of sense
  11. I probably won't have power back until tomorrow, and I'd really like to get that umbral forma. (actually, it'll be amazing if I have power tomorrow, but I might be able to get somewhere with a laptop and get it done today...)
  12. I completely agree that this would be a great feature to have in-game, but in case you weren't aware, you can do this yourself quite trivially on both GeForce and Radeon graphics cards. I myself play in 4K240 on a 1080p240 monitor using an RTX 2080 Super. For GeForce cards it's called "Dynamic Super Resolution" and for Radeon cards it's called "Virtual Super Resolution". I'm sure you can find many guides around the web! ('ω')ノ
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