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  1. Thanks for all the replies, guys! I have been busy with real-life stuff and so I haven't been able to pay as close attention to this as I should. ( ;∀;) I'll try to get the original post updated later today and some better replies, too!
  2. Added! I need to get to that other user's post about the Miter too, I just haven't had time to test it. I'm kind of on break from WF right now, frustrated with the game... PTO is so disappointing...
  3. Titania has various issues. I noticed some of her powers weren't working correctly when I played her after the patch. I'll add this to my list!
  4. Imgur embeds are broken because the WF Forums software embeds them as HTTPS and Imgur only accepts HTTP. Right-click the broken image icon, hit "open in a new tab", and then change the HTTPS to HTTP and it'll work fine.
  5. I've also seen that with the Onyx skin just yesterday! Certain parts of the frame are different colors by default, but governed by the same color picker section. Pretty messy!
  6. Hmm. They work here on mobile and in 3 browsers. They are indeed all called "unknown.png", but that's normal. Are you saying you can't seem to open them?
  7. DE, I know that visual glitches are the least of your concerns after crash bugs and balance issues, and that's a good thing -- really! However, I can't believe this content was released in this state. Let's look at some examples: First of all, what's going on with this hairstyle? I used to work in a salon. If we did highlights for somebody and they came out like this it would be an immediate refund. It's not just the color that's wrong, though. What's up with the hair going through her ear? I mean, directly through? And even worse, look at the hair dec. What's going on there? It looks like the texture is being applied completely wrong. How did this end up this way? (The hair decs on most other hairstyles have similarly corrupted or mis-aligned textures.) Plus, check out my neck. I realize that you wanted to age-up the Tenno for whatever reason, but the stated reason you updated the models was that you wanted to reduce clipping. Over here @ScorchedIce pointed out that the "shaved head" texture is being applied underneath all of the new hairstyles. On top of that, the hairstyles don't make any sense and look like there's hair sprouting out of our characters' foreheads and all over. What's going on with all that? Most of the new hairstyles also don't seem to have any changes with the "part" option. Is that intentional? I know some hairstyles simply don't have a "part" but maybe that option could be used to toggle bangs on/off or something? Finally, I'm still upset about this. Check out how my operator looked before the model changes: Another pic: Look how slick she looks! I like the thigh-high boots, I love the smooth transition between legs and body, I love the way the sleeves connect to the mantle in the first pic. I love the way the colors all match. If I put on the same sleeves and boots now... What the heck is going on here? Is this a bug? Is this an error? Well, it's definitely an error, but is it an error of the technical sort or the design sort? It looks horrible! The boots are joined to the "pants" now and barely have any separation. The pants, which are apparently a thing because smooth bodysuits are too cool (?), share the same color assignment with the boots instead of using the same materials and colors as the bodysuit above, which means the pants don't make ANY use of the other two colors aside from the claws. It makes a little more sense if you look at the whole outfit with the body piece: But even then it still looks terrible--there's a huge, awkward bulge on the belly where the coat flips up for some reason, and it's clear the body and legs aren't the same garment despite all this forced-color fakery. Besides all that, I don't want to use the body piece anyway. Go back up and look at how it looks without the body piece. Now compare it to this: That's with the Zauba Greaves. It's still not nearly as clean as it was before the update, but it looks a hell of a lot better than the Manduka Greaves. If they can retain the sleek look of the old-school tights, why can't the Manduka? By the way, it's not just the Manduka parts or the hairstyles that have problems. The new armors that came out with Fortuna and Fortuna II have a bunch of really nonsensical color assignments--why is the Tertiary color used on like 60% of the Koppra and Outrider legs, 70% of the Haztech and Smelter legs, and like 90% of the Vahd Greaves? This makes it impossible to synchronize them color-wise with any of the older parts. And what's up with the rubber pants on the Koppra Leggings? You can bet I'll never be wearing those again. What a mess. Whose idea was this operator redesign? Why was it allowed to release in this state? I have so many questions. You know, I paid real money for these cosmetic accessories. I'm mastery-complete save for the stuff that came out this week, so character customization (so-called "Fashion Frame") is the most fun thing in the game to me at this point. Changes like this are driving me away from the game very quickly. I was planning to buy a new hairstyle and a full set of clothes this week, but why would I if they're just going to get changed like this?
  8. auxy

    Opperator hood changes

    You don't sound whiny at all, it's infuriating. This is stuff people spent money on, real money, and it's been changed apparently irrevocably. Some of the new stuff doesn't even render correctly with misaligned UV maps and other problems. It's a mess.
  9. auxy

    Mesa Prime's Chaps

    I love them and wouldn't lose them for the world, but I absolutely support greater customization options. To that end, upvotes for everyone!
  10. auxy

    The Wheel Of Pain

    It is absolutely preposterous that there is no way to insert items into a gear wheel.
  11. I'm about to make a thread about the operator cosmetics, and I'll include this. They're pretty janked up.
  12. It's a pretty big deal. This throws a bunch of "wrong" mods into the pool when you sort by drain on Warframes, which is the only way I ever sort my mods. I hope this gets resolved soon.
  13. Ah, interesting. I've never been tested but there is a very good chance (unusually good) that I am a tetrachromat! In any case, though, I have very good color vision, so I'm always overly concerned that I am seeing color differences more clearly than others. As a result, I'm always trying to keep those with reduced color perception in mind. Thanks for your feedback on my post! I didn't realize what you said about the cracked lockers, either. That's pretty bad. This definitely isn't a "bug", so it doesn't belong in this forum, but if someone at DE sees this, please revise these lockers. They're pretty bad.
  14. auxy

    U24.2.3 just broke some hair

    That's terrible. Related, I'm really disappointed that instead of "15 new hairstyles" it was really "5 new hairstyles with 3 variations on each." And they're not even sorted properly. Were I more of a conspiracy-theory-prone sort, I might suggest that they're ordered in the menu to make it less obvious that it's really just 5 hairstyles. Compared to any Asian MMORPG, even a garbage one like Bless Online, Warframe is really lacking in customization content such as hairstyles. I hope that, since they apparently have a new hair system now, we'll see the old hairstyles updated to the new system, and more new hairstyles sooner than a couple years.
  15. Aha! I knew there were still old bugs I had missed. I'll add this to my thread (which I'm currently updating as I type this!)