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  1. I feel like this probably isn't getting the attention it deserves, so I'm quoting it as a form of bumping his post.
  2. Depends on what you mean by "endgame", because different people have a lot of different opinions on what "endgame" is in Warframe. If you ask me, the practical "endgame" in Warframe is basically Sorties, Arbitrations, Kuva Floods, and similar content. These missions typically have enemies ranging from level 60 to level 120, and you challenge them to acquire rewards that you can't really get elsewhere. Sorties have a chance to reward precious riven mods, legendary cores, and other valuable trinkets, while Arbitrations are the only means of acquiring Vitus Essence, a special currency. It's possible to access much more difficult content in Warframe. So-called "endless" mission modes can scale to ridiculous levels, with similarly ridiculous enemies. Some people feel that challenging these modes to their extremes, like hanging around Mot (void survival) for 2 hours, are the real "endgame" in Warframe. However, the rewards aren't any greater than you'll get in the early parts of these modes, so I don't personally think that's all that purposeful or relevant. It's more of a "for fun" thing. (There are also those who think "fashionframe" is the real endgame, but that's mostly a meme.) With all of that in mind, considering what I said above (sorties, arbitrations, kuva floods), a typical endgame build looks like the warframe and weapons of your choice kitted-out with fully-ranked mods. Because of the way Warframe works, you can bring almost any equipment to end game content - certainly any Warframe - and contribute. Sure, some gear can turn out better than others, and some gear is better suited to certain mission types than others, but overall, your choice of mods and your own proficiency with the equipment (your skill as a player) are going to be more important than your gear selections. For primary weapons, you'll typically have Serration, Split Chamber, and either a critical build (including Point Strike and Vital Sense) or a status build (including the 7-drain "60/60" mods, such as Rime Rounds). Some weapons can be built for both criticals and status, called a hybrid build, although doing that typically requires a good Riven Mod. More on Riven Mods in a bit. For secondary weapons the mod choice is much the same: Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion, and then your choice of critical or status, or some combination of both. Critical builds are more popular than status builds for secondary weapons due to the existence of Primed versions of both critical mods: Primed Target Cracker and Primed Pistol Gambit. Endgame builds for melee weapons diverge a little more than for guns. Critical builds typically make use of a mod called Blood Rush along with combo duration extension mods to ramp their critical chance (and thus damage) to ridiculous levels. Meanwhile, status-focused melee builds are generally based around a rare and expensive mod called Condition Overload, which drastically increases the weapon's damage against enemies based on the number of status effects they're suffering. I haven't seen as many hybrid builds for melee, but they do exist. Whatever equipment you choose, most of your actual damage against enemies at endgame comes from your weapons, not your warframe. Endgame enemies are typically too strong to effectively deal with them with Warframe powers alone, since most Warframe powers don't scale very well to stronger content. The main exception to this are Warframes that have exalted weapons, although there are a few other exceptions too (e.g. Saryn's infinitely-scaling Spores power). Regarding Riven Mods: In theory, the purpose of riven mods is to provide some balance to the game; to make less-used (and thus theoretically, less-powerful) weapons more viable for harder content. In practice there are a number of weapons where equipping a Riven Mod can make the weapon utterly broken mechanically, dealing hundreds of thousands of damage per second, or millions of damage per shot, or similar. Some players will tell you that Riven Mods are a requirement at endgame. They absolutely are not, for the definition of "endgame" that I've been using. You can complete all of the content in the game without using a Riven Mod. So saying, don't get hung up on whether or not you have a riven mod for a given weapon, and certainly don't pay thousands of platinum for one (unless you're an adult who can afford to spend their money on the game and don't mind feeding the market and supporting DE.) Riven mods can be strong, but they are NOT required to utterly conquer all of the content in Warframe.
  3. That's a Core i7 5960X, Mr. President. Thanks for the update.
  4. Yep, M202 Flash. Classic weapon. I'd LOVE a skin that looked like that, or vaguely like Halo's SPNKR, or really just something that doesn't look so... ridiculous.
  5. Deluxe, Tennogen, anything. Or a redesign; either way. It's my favorite gun in terms of function, but I hate the way it looks. Hell, I liked the old box model better, and that was terrible. I'll pay 75p to use that again. Or anything else really. I'm begging you.
  6. PROBLEM: When you equip a skin on a Warframe, the icon in the Warframe picker shows up using the icon of the skin. This doesn't happen for weapons, which means I constantly have to look at the hideous Stradavar Prime model instead of the beautiful Tekelu skin. REPRO: 1) Purchase a weapon skin. 2) Equip it to that weapon. 3) Note that the weapon does not appear as the skin in the weapon selector. SUGGESTED SOLUTION: Make weapons use the skin icons in the weapon picker. Please.
  7. I disagree with you but your post made me laugh so you get a karma for it. (*'▽')
  8. The new animation looks more realistic I suppose, but this isn't really the most realistic game around. If you really wanted to make it look "realistic" you'd need a slip and scrabbling animation for quick turns like that. In any case, I definitely support reverting this change.
  9. I have also seen this, particularly with the Lovetap kitgun. Very weird.
  10. You're confusing "2 hours at Mot" with "endgame". "Endgame" is sorties and kuva floods. Anything beyond that is purely "for fun" territory. As far as the actual topic of the thread goes, I don't have a strong opinion — I don't object to the proposed change — but I do feel a bit negative on it. If nothing else, this seems pretty difficult to implement, with a lot of edge cases. Personally, I don't have a problem with the way nullifiers work right now. Again, personally, I think that if a nullifier wiping out your ability makes you unable to survive at endgame then you're just not playing very well, and/or you've built your character wrong. I don't have a problem taking Mag, or Frost, or Vauban into Kuva Floods or Sortie-3s against Corpus or Corrupted. I rarely use Snow Globe or Magnetize anyway. I generally don't like "git gud" as an argument because even as one of the most-skilled players in the game I do feel like Warframe should be accessible to somewhat lesser-skilled players, BUT ... in this case I do think that's what it boils down to. Nullifiers are priority targets and there are already lots of ways to mitigate them.
  11. I used to maintain a thread where I kept track of long-standing issues. Thanks for carrying the torch for me. With that said, a lot of the things in your post are more preferential than "issues". You'll have more luck spreading your message if you stick to actual bugs instead of "things I don't like and want changed." Just some friendly advice. The actual issues from your post:
  12. auxy

    Warframe Builder

    It's not the fault of Warframe-Builder -- the whole internet is having issues today. It seems there's a backbone provider in the USA that is having major issues for the last 36 hours or so. Many sites and other games are down or running very poorly for a lot of people. Before you make remarks like this, maybe you should check http://www.downdetector.com/ to see if others are having issues with other sites. There are a dozen or more computers and hundreds of network connections involved in taking you to your favorite websites; don't assume that an outage or problem is the fault of the site you're looking at.
  13. auxy

    Warframe Builder

    The "Virulent Scourge" mod is busted on custom/blank melee weapons. It seems to add 120% toxin instead of 60%.
  14. Yeah, I think most veteran players are probably familiar with this work-around, but it doesn't anymore due to the client-authoritative doors update.
  15. Nah, operator form doesn't work. Nothing works. You CAN be Switch Teleport'd through the door by the host, but that's the only workaround I've seen. It's definitely the small round Grineer doors on the Galleon tileset, unless @skbenga has seen it elsewhere. I'm not squirrel_killer, but he probably meant "it seems that when the doors won't open for clients, they can watch the host stepping through what is, for them, a closed door." It's pretty simple; in case someone is confused it just means that to clients the door never activates and remains closed under any circumstances, while the host can traipse right through as the door works normally for them.
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