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  1. Hey, speak for yourself. I use Ivara in all kinds of missions. She may not be the best choice for, say, interception, but she still works great.
  2. Drachnyn's suggestion isn't bad. I'd also recommend cracking every relic you get. It's fairly brainless, you can level gear while doing it, and you'll pick up parts you need. All the parts you get that you DON'T need, you can sell to other players for a smattering of platinum. Sign up on https://www.warframe.market/ and you'll have an easier time connecting with other players to sell stuff.
  3. I'm not against allowing Ivara to move at full speed while invisible, necessarily, but I don't think she needs it. You can still move very quickly while staying invisible by wall-running, using dashwires, rolling, and aim-gliding. Moreover, I think it would weaken the flavor and uniqueness of her power, making it too similar to other frames' powers. These other comparisons to Wukong, Loki, and Ash sort of miss the point of Prowl. With Prowl, besides the pickpocketing ability that nobody else has, you can stay invisible essentially forever. Ivara Prime with Primed Flow has 850 energy, and with my build I can go (and have gone!) AFK, make a snack, throw that in the microwave, start a pot of coffee, use the restroom, take my snack out of the microwave, pour a cup of coffee, and sit down to my still-invisible Warframe standing there amidst blissfully-unaware enemies in a mission with over 400 energy left. Prowl, Smoke Bomb, Invisibility (Loki's power), and Cloud Walker all serve fairly different purposes. If anything, I think the real problem with Prowl is with the Infiltrate augment. If it's going to be an augment that takes up one of our precious mod slots, it should at least give her FULL mobility, not just a piddly walk speed bonus. And it is a "walk" speed bonus, since you still can't sprint. Augments in general trend toward "pretty bad", though, and that whole system probably needs a re-work, or at least some balancing after a careful re-examination.
  4. That seems likely. Still, they aren't "sniper" class weapons, and you can't take them into a "Sniper only" sortie. It's not useful from a user perspective. (By the way, thanks for the Valkyr Mithra skin~! I love it!)
  5. Search for "Sniper" and you get the Ferrox, the Lenz, the Ogris, the Penta, the Tonkor, and more. Searching for "assault", "shotgun", or "bow" seems to provide the correct weapons. While you're in there fixing this, a few other type-signifier searches would be nice. "Burst", "auto", "silent", "launcher", perhaps "self-damage", or "area", "thrown" for secondary weapons, and similar tags, would be nice.
  6. Mod configs can drastically alter the way a weapon, warframe, or pet operates. Sometimes you will want the same weapon, warframe, or pet for two completely different types of mission, just with a different mod config. The mod config screen is very "heavy", and in combination with the zoom-in/zoom-out, it adds several seconds to the selection process. It's also easy to forget which mod config you have set as 'default'. Simply showing the named mod configs and offering an option to select them would save me minutes of menu-ing every day.
  7. I saw on Twitter that you guys are adding a range compressor soon. Will there be the option to turn this off for those who don't like the effect?
  8. When is the mainline coming? Eager to get my greedy little paws on that new renderer.
  9. Both are pretty good. I like Game Grinder quite a bit more, of the two, which is to say I like it quite a lot. With some different percussion instrumentation you could have a really great metalstep vibe. (Also, the visuals on Unusual Warrior look nice!) You didn't ask for my opinion, but if you did, I'd say to ditch the synth drums and go for something that sounds more like live instrumentation (for the drums, only.) A punchy kick, a sharp snare, and some rattling, jungle-style hi-hats, in combination with those brutal, grungy guitar-like synths you have going, could really be something special. Threw you a subscribe; looking forward to seeing what you produce in the future. 😁
  10. Setting default colors in my orbiter looks correct in the lower, newer part of the orbiter: However, up in the cockpit, there is this (admittedly, pretty) green and ugly gold:
  11. "Dealing with trash mobs" is 99% of what you do in this game. Nobody cares about whether players can mod to do a billion damage in a hit and one-shot bosses because those techniques are going to exist regardless owing to the game's depth and complexity. It's obvious to me why punch through and blast radius mods aren't exilus. They increase your burst DPS against groups significantly. Your reload mods don't.
  12. Ehhh. "Not having to reload" is way different from "I can kill 10 more dudes per shot/burst/whatever".
  13. Relevant, from today: https://www.pcgamer.com/rainbow-six-siege-vulkan/ Enabling more users to use your product is never a bad thing, even if it's unsupported. To put it another way, "not making things specifically more difficult for your users is never a bad thing, even if you don't officially support their efforts." Bad faith argument. In the end it will have almost no direct impact on my personal experience with the game, but it could indeed have far-reaching implications. (I would also simply like to encourage adoption of Vulkan over DX12, as I have significant ideological differences with Microsoft these days.) Another bad faith argument. The Evolution engine is constantly being extended and expanded with new graphics functions. Just today, aside from the new deferred renderer, they also showed off a new type of particle effect. That will have to be converted from HLSL to OpenGL or Vulkan for the Switch port -- if it were in Vulkan, that task could be much simpler.
  14. As an introduction, DirectX 12 and Vulkan are new graphics programming interfaces available on the latest graphics hardware. They are both difficult APIs to work with, owing to the demands of programming GPUs at a relatively low level. You have to manage your memory yourself, you have to keep from doing all the same stupid multi-threading things that people do on CPUs; it's a pain compared to the relatively idiot-proof nature of DX11. The advantage of these new APIs is that they offer immense gains in performance—particularly on the many-core CPUs that are rapidly becoming commonplace thanks to AMD's Ryzen chips. In today's Devstream, Steve commented offhandedly that they're working on a DX12 backend for the game. OVERALL I think this is very good news. The biggest performance benefit to be found from DX12 and Vulkan, in comparison to DX11 or OpenGL, is a drastically improved ability to multi-thread the CPU portion of graphics workloads. On PCs with fast graphics cards, Warframe suffers under a major CPU limitation, especially in open-world zones. (I have made the stab in the dark that this limitation is due to geometry overhead; excess draw calls.) However, I beg, I implore you at Digital Extremes to consider Vulkan instead of DirectX 12. Admittedly, there aren't a lot of technical reasons to do so—on Windows, the two APIs offer fundamentally similar feature sets, although I might argue that Vulkan is a bit more developed (while DX12 is a bit better-documented.) Still, there ARE business reasons to do so. Vulkan code is much easier to move to the Japanese gaming hardware, as well as mobile devices. Vulkan games are also much easier to get working on Linux, and even Mac (with MoltenVK). Unlike DX12, Vulkan will work on Windows 7, and yes, I know it's not supported anymore, but I assure you there will be millions of die-hards hanging onto it for years to come—notably, in China. The only real argument in favor of DirectX 12, comparisonwise, is that it's very easy to move Windows 10 games running on DirectX 12 to the Xbox One, but even that's not as clear-cut as it seems. As id Software's Axel Gneiting points out, code written for a Windows DX12 target won't achieve full performance on the Xbox, and will require platform-specific optimizations. Other game companies are adopting Vulkan, too, like Ubisoft, IO Interactive, Crystal Dynamics, Hello Games, Monolith Productions, Codemasters, and of course none other than Valve Software. I'm not a hardcore FSF zealot. I use Windows to play games every day. Ultimately, whether Warframe adopts DX12 or Vulkan won't have a large effect on my personal experience with the game. For the sake of the future of the product, though, I really hope you [Digital Extremes] move away from DX12 and toward the open software alternative. Ask your friends at Panic Button whether they'd rather be porting DirectX or Vulkan code to the Switch! ( `ー´)ノ
  15. These improvements are good, but I'm not going to be "OK" with the system until RNG values on weapon drops are removed - all this mess where you can add values together is stepping around the real problem. Same for Railjack, by the way - RNG values on RNG drops are not acceptable - if I wanted to play a KR/CN MMO I would.
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