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  1. (PS4)JoeyTwoShoes

    New: Codex Art Contest 2.0

    To hell with it, I already have a hobby of using Gmod to pose warframe characters and then posting the result to pass it off as 'art', might as well enter a contest while I'm at it. Text-less version: Hopefully it doesn't suck as much as I think it does.
  2. (PS4)JoeyTwoShoes

    Coming Soon: Devstream #43

    Don't think I've ever posted a question for a devstream before, here's to hoping they go through 13+ pages and just happen to find mine interesting enough! Augment Mods U15 saw the release of syndicate mods that add to or change the functionality warframe abilities. However, these mods face a problem shared with many utility mods, namely that the limited space for mods means they are often foregone to make room for "essential" mods such as vitality/redirection and power strength/range/duration mods. It seems like there will be more augment mods added in the future, and so have you considered the thought of adding 1-2 'augment exclusive' mod slots to each warframe? Slots which can only equip augment mods? In my opinion this would let these mods see much use while preventing players from simply applying all augment mods for a warframe, which allows for a degree of ability customization (all of this assuming you will add more augments in the future). Of course just because this seems like a good idea to me doesn't mean it is, which is why I'm posting this question on this thread. My question basically boils down to, do you consider the addition of augment only mods slots to be a good idea that could be implemented in the future? Or not? And if not, why? There is no 'wrong answer', yes or no, the answer won't affect my respect for you guys, even if you don't answer my question. Keep up the good work!
  3. (PS4)JoeyTwoShoes

    Coming Soon: Devstream #39!

    I'm pretty sure there have already been tons of questions about Archwing, Focus and Proxy wars, so I want to ask a different, less popular question. Are you planning or considering the idea of releasing an 'Original Valkyr' skin for Valkyr, which has her warframe repaired to it's pre-torture state? Her suit's previous condition has been a fairly common topic recently and as a Valkyr player I can say I sure as hell would pay platinum for said skin!
  4. Nice, can't wait for my favorite killer Cat to get a new set of nasty claw attacks, not only will we be able to exact revenge on those greedy boxheads Corpus, but we'll be able to do it in style! Then there's those new claw weapons, which I think would be awesome on Valkyr. I'll be able to claw enemies to death while I'm clawin- Oh wait, I have a meme for this:
  5. (PS4)JoeyTwoShoes

    Thank You For Watching Devstream #30!

    Nanite Moas that reduce armor? Crap.
  6. (PS4)JoeyTwoShoes

    Coming Soon: Devstream #29!

    I think this may have already been asked, but I'm going to ask anyway for the sake of clarification. What additions can we expect to Hysteria when it is reworked? (Combos? Multi-finishers? Cool new animations?) I'm really excited.