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  1. Any ETA on when we will be receiving the fix to the Secura Penta stats when using Napalm Grenades?
  2. I am trying to be as optimistic as possible but also realistic about when we should get it. I have been playing this game since launch on PS4 and seen a couple of these main line updates go to cert and they do take a bit more time to pass the process, especially given the scope of this update. Also keep in mind the though DE in the past has stated and even shown they will launch once it passes cert wether or not Xbox and now Switch do, I have a sneaky suspicion they would prefer to have all launch on the same day. With that said they may just hold if they know it’s going to be only another 24 hours if one may be lagging. After todays twitter post about the vault closing next Tuesday (aka new prime launch) and the double resource this weekend I would say we get it on Thursday and no later than Friday (fingers crossed)
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