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  1. I say just give us our regular revives back at this rate. Keep the removal of bleedout, just let us explode and die.
  2. Why would I want to revive a rando who clearly isn’t prepared for this game mode? Why would I want to burden others with my ineptitude. Why are we casualizing a supposed high end game mode? When should we reward people who leech off the game mode and punish people who came prepared? The rewards now make the mode more enticing to play, but the revive system trivializes its purpose. It’s a high difficulty game mode where if you’re unprepared you’re penalized. You might as well give us our 4-6 revives back.
  3. It’s really surprising that there aren’t any cosmetics tied to your focus school. You could get a sigil upon unlocking a school and an emblem for maxing it out. It would just be the school icon. They already have the assets. For unlocking all 5 you get the sigil/emblem of the 5 rings like what’s on the door to the operator room. Getting to 177 focus pool gets you the other emblem/sigil. They could even make the sigil/emblem change depending on what school you’re currently using. You get the sigil for unlocking the first school and the emblem upon maxing your first school. The Focus sigil comes when you’ve unlocked all 5 and the emblem comes when you’ve maxed out the pool.
  4. Any Word on when this will be fixed?
  5. Will the desert camo skins still be available during series?
  6. If you’re talking about the Daman Prime Sugatra, it looks terrible compared to when they first released it. I haven’t used it since they broke it.
  7. Please fix the Daman Sugatra Prime. The gold part doesn’t dangle from the weapon like a keychain like when it first came out. Not it just sticks out and the energy cloth dangles from it unceremoniously. https://m.imgur.com/NjnI5b1
  8. Windows 10 Steam XBOX Elite Controller, wireless Only the cursor moves. none of the buttons work.
  9. True, but if there was a way to get additional standing above they cap, then certain things would most likely be limited. If bounties gave Standing ABOVE the cap, then the bounties would have to be limited to 5 (1 bounty of each difficulty) a day with the bulk of our standing coming from gems/fish/conservation/Ticker. I think the standing cap and how bounties work is just fine. So it takes us a while to churn through the content, that's the point.
  10. So you want them to limit us to 5 fortuna bounties a day? and you have to get your daily standing through gathering or a sigil? Syndicate missions giving extra standing is fine because you only get 3 syndicate missions a day per syndicate. If there was another way to get fortuna standing above the daily cap, it'd would have to be something that's limited and based on the daily reset. another standing cap essentially. Allowing you to turn in gems and fish and debt for standing would allow people to burn through the content faster than intended, and heavily incentivize NOT doing bounties because fishing and gem mining are more reliable methods of getting standing.
  11. This! I am having this exact same issue. I have to have all the lures on my gear wheel to use them at the moment.
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