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  1. Still having the same controller issues making Railjack annoying to play.
  2. 2 weeks later and its a PAIR of Prisma Latron Leg Plates
  3. Any controller fixes? I can’t board ships with the X button because it’s permanently bound bound to “move down” all the dash/vector maneuver abilities in the railjack don’t work. I can toggle the speed boost but that’s it. the tactical menu should be the same button as the “show map” button, just hold it for tactical and press for regular.
  4. Here is a current list of Controller Issues that i have experienced with Railjack. If i discover any more, I will update this post. -While in Archwing the X button permanently has "Move Down" bound to it, making context actions, like Enter Railjack and Hold X to revive, do nothing. -Railjack Boost mechanics do not work. I can boost normally, but vector maneuver and drift do not work. -I can bind the Tactical Menu in the Warframe controls section, but not the Railjack controls section. -Cannot bind actions to certain buttons because they contain a melee combo, like Left Bumper, for some reason. If anyone else would like to add their controller based issues, please do so.
  5. Thank you for the fixes. When can we expect a fix for those of us on Controller? "Move down" is still permanently bound to X/Square regardless of where you rebind it. Vector Maneuver and Drift do not work, only boost works.
  6. You would think using the map button would work, either clicking or holding it to open the menu up. I have the map button bound to the select button on controller. in the open world areas you can tap the map button to get a generic map that rotates with you, like in regular missions, or hold it to get a map you can move and place a marker on.
  7. There are two ways to use the Blink ability. If you're not boosting and standing still, clicking the dodge button will blink you where you're aiming. If you're flying around you need to be pushing forward and tap the dodge button to blink.
  8. I haven't even gotten to the tactical map menu thing, i can use most of the boost abilities because the game doesn't see the difference between a button click and a button hold. :/ Also, when i leave railjack to do archwing stuff, i cant get back in without a keyboard. My context Action button (X or square) has "Move Down" permanently bound to it regardless of what i do.
  9. Adding to this just to make it well known that there are lots of controller issues that make this game mode messy. my big gripe is i cant unbind Move down on the X/Square button so i cant use Context Action to enter ships or my own railjack
  10. These and other issues i have posted about.
  11. this, along with Move Down being permanently bound to context action
  12. Still having an issue with controller. For Railjack/Archwing specifically, the X/Square/Y button for context action is also "Move Down" and cannot be unbound. when you change the key binding, you now have two buttons that function as "Move Down" and it becomes impossible to enter railjacks and enemy vessels without a keyboard. Also Vector Maneuvering doesnt work at all on controller. Holding and tapping the boost button do the same thing.
  13. Any archwing/rail jack fixes? Cant enter railjack from archwing via controller. “Move down” is permanently bound to X which is used for “context action”
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