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  1. So you are ok with Wyrmius beeing the hardest content in this game? But @(PS4)StationOfDeadyour idea sounds really cool, would love if DE actually implemented it.
  2. My Warframe Main is Nyx and it's just beacause for some weird reason I really enjoy playing with her. What are yall main or top used frames?
  3. What was the problem with the first NW? I see this NW is same as the other one , just an infested theme instead.
  4. 1. The problem is that DE consider the "Warframe is Easy" mentality as a joke. 2. Why would you Nerf yourself , when you grinded hard to get those Fancy mods, you are not a New Player. 3. Lol, just search "endgame" on Forums or Reddit.
  5. Ok... remember the Arbitration, when they make it so you can revive other players (when nobody asked for that), all the feedback was saying to just change the reward rotation and make the rewards better worthwhile, that was 8 months ago.
  6. Would love for DE to do all of that, but we all know DE won't do anything but make Warframe easier for newer players, is like "fak you playing this game that long".
  7. Why would DE make a feedback page if they won't use any of the feedback given?
  8. Wyrmius is the hardest content in Warframe and yall ok with that? Fak this community.
  9. Would loved that, but you know DE, they don't give a fak about gameplay-wise feedback.
  10. If Wyrmius is the most difficult thing to do in your videogame then you know something is not ok.
  11. If Wyrmius is the hardest thing to do in your game then you know something is wrong. @[DE]Rebecca pls answer.
  12. @[DE]Rebecca if yall raising older feedback what about funally making endgame content? ( Or are lvl 35 enemies hard enough) Also Hopes that Railjack has an overall revisited, it hasn't launch and it already looks boring.
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