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  1. Oh yeah, more Barbie Dress-ups stuff, and new weapons... It isn't as if I have a ton of Weapons already that will probably outperform the New ones anyway... Pls DE stop trying to make us play that Slower Version of Archwing with sanity- taking levels of grind and rng bs...
  2. Oh boy, I hope they are not linked at all because I did the "get to intrinsic 7" hell to get the 2 min cutscene and honestly it was really painful. What I was trying to said with the other post wasn't to make it seem like the TNW and RJ are the same thing, but to say that DE normally says a lot of stuff to get hype about despite it being further from the truth. I just hope that TNW is atleast better than The Sacrifice, since, you know, it was teased 2 years ago...
  3. Lol in an interview with GameSpot Rebecca literally said that there was going to be a monthly update for Empyrean... So... Yeah
  4. They also said that Plains of Eidolon were supposed to be a nightmare in night time... I really wish they can keep up with the promises, but historycally speaking DE kind of forget about their promises.
  5. Brawlhalla? Spacelords? Ring of Elysium? Path of Exile? Destiny 2? Smite? Team Fortress 2? Hearthstone? Quake Champions? Paladins?
  6. It was in an interview (don't remember which one), Rebecca said: "We created Archwing and Conclave, which turns out nobody played..." something like that, you must have watched it before... Sounds really interesting the thing you say Steve said, was it in an interview or a Devstream? (Really curious). I feel the same, Even tho it was supposed to be overhyped, but frankly I see more people that are more hyped about TNW instead of Empyreon, also I do think DE is going to drop it and then forget it exists, also looking forward to that beeing Solo. Hope DE can make that happen
  7. Am I the only one that things Railjack will be just like Lunaro? DE themself said that Conclave and Archwing were a mistake and the player base really hate it. Yall remember when Lunaro arrived?, it was kinda fun for the 1st 2 weeks, then banish, nothing at all, nobody played that, why? you might ask, because Lunaro was centred in Conclave, a gamemode that was hilariously bad and not fun (for the majority of the community), don't get me wrong, the concept of Lunaro is/ was really good, but that beeing in Conclave was what really killed it, to make it worse DE really tried pushing pla
  8. Would loved that, but you know DE, they don't give a fak about gameplay-wise feedback.
  9. If you do fissure mission you get boosters for that. That is what I am trying to say.
  10. I am just saying that the rewards you get if you play that long in a survival, defense or interception mission should be worth the time you have spent on it, I don't know if you are a veteran or not (because I saw in your profile and it said that you join in 2016, I am just assuming you are) but you know what I am talking about. I would love if it had scaling rewards. Look, it is your time: you can do whatever you want with it, I do the endurance runs so I can try my builds properly. There are no rewards for someone if he spend that long on a mission, I would love if DE ch
  11. I am just saking if DE publically said: If so where, in a devstream or a Warframe post?
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