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  1. Gotta say a that I am starting to like this community...
  2. Warframe is too easy... But seriously, at a point where It feels braindead, but I do think that DE thinks that's a good thing, braindead gameplay= braindead bills... But I do wish that DE at the very least read this, even though we all know that won't happen.
  3. Any PvP game. Plus I don't see your perspective in "Materiales are Rewards", seariously, what you are saying is that having 300k nano- spores is a reward, for real?
  4. I mean, It isn't that new exactly, Archwing with an actaul ship, but I do see your point, really straight forward and actually agree on that. Empyreon needs another year (at least) and let's hope they actaully listen this time, not like they did with the Kuva Lich System, but also don't get your hopes that high man, I did that with Arbitrations, they said It was going to be Endgame: One Life, Starting at lvl 80, Scaling Rewards, Exclusive Rewards, Enemies Scaling super fast,...after It dropped It was just an Endo farming gamemode. You gotta love em by how they Overhype things dude.
  5. Me neither, man was this really what we waited 2 and something years?, dayum. Empyreon needs another year, because if it drops as shown in the Devstream, It would be better not dropping it at all. Also your ideas sounds dope af, unfortunately we know DE won't do any of that, It would still be awesome, but let's be real here.
  6. Dafaq? My biggest fear with Empyreon was that if the Railjack was still slow af and Archwing had a big role in this gamemode, and Archwing remains untouched, it will probably be underwhelming. And looking at the Devstream that is exactly what I saw, also that the Railjack looks too slow and not for Warframe, it is like Archwing but slower and we all know how fun Archwing is. Empyreon needs a ton of time, because if it drops as shown in the Devstream, It would be better not dropping it at all. One of you comparing this to AC: Black Flag, come on man, don't make me laugh(lol), also dayum keep your expectations reasonable people, It won't be like ACBF, it won't be challenging (they said that the Kuva Lich was going to be challenging, we all know how that went), It will probably be like Archwing missions mixed with normal missions and the grind will be intense while having meh rewards, nothing special, that's all. (If you were kidding about what yall said, please let me know, because dayum yall into something).
  7. A list of my questions to be discussed in the Devstream: I thought that the Kuva Lich System was supposed to be a Railjack unique feature, now that the Kuva Lich is out, I don't know what Empyreon is actually bringing on the table, because from what I saw at Tennocon and the ither Devstream, it looks pretty slow and underwhelming. Thoughts on the Kuva Lich, are you gonna change it, or just ignor it, also if you find it a good System, seeing as more than half of the Communitty Despites that System. Also pretty concern on Empyreon, seeing as the Archwing remain unchange and in Empyreon you will use Archwing, any plans on changing It? What do yall think about the failure/ joke of the Roadmap? Do you plan on doing something about the braindead gameplay, or do you think braindead Gameplay is a good thing? Also please stop reworking frames, I find It pointless, is Warframe, It is imposible to fail, you can nuke entire maps with anything, while the enemies are not a thread at all, but if you are okay on putting your resources on that, then what can I say, I am just one of the 50 million registered losers.
  8. Because DE is just ignoring the braindead IA that this game has, and I am pretty sure they will keep ignoring it, as well as the community liking this braindead gameplay.
  9. Just like DE said that Eidolons are going to be challenging, or ESO, Arbitrations... You see my point, DE just say that so that people like you and me return to the game. Personally I don't think DE (specifically Scott) wants Warframe to have any kind of challenge at all, despite DE saying that it is coming, we all know Warframe will always be about how casual it is, the grind and the Barbies dress ups. Your points sounds really cool, but we know DE won't look at it, but still sounds like a good idea. Also dayum,personally I thought that the Kuva Lich System was the interesting part of Railjack/ Empyreon/ Archwing but with a bigger spaceship, but looking at this makes me think about what Empyreon is bringing in the table.
  10. You can buy the mods (literally you save up like 12 hours of painful farming), either you buy then from other player or from the market, that seems like a big skip, doesn' It?
  11. Im ok with the Kuva leech system, pretty fresh, I am kinda cool with the grind ( It isn't called farming simulator for no- reason) , my problem is that this is a braindead easy game, not challenging in anyway, I think you (DE) have to make enemies 2.0, yall have been dodging this since this community isn't that smart (and let's face it you also took advantage of this), you have gone away with this for far too long, just rework the enemies, you know killing braindead enemies isn't fun (at least not for the long run), and if a game can't be fun then what is the point of playing it. Also get rid of the Relic Requium Package , I don't think you actually think this that well, and I am gonna let It slide, but just get rid of this, a really weird microtransation.
  12. I like how you avoided the Relic Pack...
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