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  1. Of course it will, everything in the last 3 years have been content islands, I don't think DE knows how to not do content islands anymore... Also, as to rewards, I agree, if there are not good/ unique enough rewards, it will be just be a simulacrum simulation, rewards are the "good" thing about Warframe, (even though this past couple years have been underwhelming in that departament) This is a looter shooter after all...
  2. Then you remember that everything in Warframe is broken op compare to anything the game can throw at you... Yes, this comes as a salty Nyx main...
  3. Honestly It should be the case for the entire game, and the fact that you like RJ is awesome, hope DE can consider one of those ideas. .
  4. So basically if you didn't played RJ before you still won't, and if you played it before this, now you have to farm more... Also Archmelee still sucks... DE, I really hope you can make Empyrean more enjoyable/ less painful (make it feel less like a slower Archwing mission with glorified grind and rng, and more of a Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) space mission with finally good rewards (anything sorrounding kuva/ Rivens)), but if you can't please stop trying, I know it sounds harsh, but, if after all this ppl still dont play RJ, I think It is pretty obvious that the average player won't play it... See you at the end of the year, good luck tho...
  5. DE should focus on actual content...
  6. Equinox with Duality Augment, ferrox, sonicor and you wont even need a meele, everything in Warframe is overpowered amyway (this was before the massive nerf to enemies and shield gating now It shouldn't matter), haven't even lvl up Grendel...
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