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  1. I'm appalled that this child hasn't had biscuits and sausage gravy... First off you need a cast iron skillet, coat it in crisco and put it in the oven on 350* Pour 16oz of milk in a cup and let it get room temp and grab your flour. (You'll need two heaping table spoons) Prepare your meats cut your sausage and cook your bacon a separate skillet as the cast iron skillet warms up. (Not sure if Canada has Country Ham, it's very salty and adds a kick to the gravy) Cook your bacon and save the grease for the gravy and cooking your eggs. (Also for future breakfasts) Bring out your skillet and cook your sausage (Put your biscuits in the oven now), I normally use half the sausage roll just in the gravy. Once your sausage is nice and brown chop it up add bacon grease to have a decent layer of grease in the bottom of the skillet. Add your "Two Heaping Table Spoons of Flour" scrape it until the flour is all properly mixed and let it cook to a nice brown color and then add your "MILK". Stir it constantly until it boils slightly, the longer you cook it the thicker it will be. (Edit I'm a pepper/crushed red pepper fiend, so I add a lot as I stir) (As it sits it will naturally thicken, but the last steps of adding flour and milk will normally be done within 5 minutes depending on how you like your gravy) Bring out your biscuits chop them up and add gravy, you can also top your eggs with cheese and add more gravy to those. I've never added cheese to the top of my gravy and biscuits like Brozime, but I'll have to try it. Now you've got yourself a good ole hootnanny.
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    It's a minor inconvenience that can be fixed by changing player settings, but it resets every log in. Every time the chat box/font is unnaturally big and it goes back to normal when I adjust any settings, I think it's probably linked to windows 10 scaling settings.
  3. Probably in the same team as the guy above, but this is the third time for me so I decided to come and complain. Seriously get the basic needs of new content fixed...
  4. I don't like to flog a dead horse, but we get a loot frame nerf (with the whole "we will look into it" and haha now it's forgotten!) and get we this mod chance booster afterwards... A resounding yep...
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