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  1. Did the enemies get a buff? Because I die extremely fast now with umbra Excalibur(high armor+adaptation), like I have no armor.
  2. Hi there, 1.Can the Liches be reworked to function like assassins?To ambush you before escaping or to stop you when doing high time on survival or defense.Even appearing instead of the infested dog in the prison.(like a game of cat and mouse) *On the lich note. Will you add more more archetypes in the future since this one is basically a grappler/bruiser/slow type that employs only one strategy. Something like marksman/assassin(depending on the weapon) - sniping you from a distance or running around invisible trying to ambush you or Leader/Beast master - summoning and buffing minions 2.Ever considered to change the damage type mods from raw damage to effectiveness. Damage types on weapons to have a rating/effectiveness score instead of flat damage numbers. Impact - stagger/pushback strengh Piercing - % of armor ignored with every proc Slash - % weapon dmg over 10s Electric - %weapon dmg + stun duration - procs do increased damage to shields Toxic - 30% weapon dmg for 1...0.3 for 5sec - ignores shields and tick rate depends on effectiveness rating Ice -Chills the enemy slowing him down with every stack up 10 stacks where he will be frozen - stack number req reduced with higher eff./ frozen enemies take increased damage from impact proc. Fire - stacking the proc 5 times (min 3 if high effectiveness) will cause the enemy to burst into flames losing 5% hp every sec for 5sec Viral - every stack reduces the enemy's hp by 5% (max stack number depends on effectiveness) Magnetic - procs root armored enemies in place and has a chance to disable their weapons also disrupts machine types enemies(units/turrets/vehicles) corrosive - Enemy armor is reduced by 1% every second ( can be stacked/ every stack increase armor reduction by 1%/ max stack is determined by effectiveness) Radiation - Reduces enemy aim and causes enemies to be hostile against the affected enemy ( effectiveness increases damage received from other sources) Gas - enemy takes % weapon damage for 5 seconds while having a chance of being briefly stunned(chocking) and has a chance to spread the effect to others around him ( spread chance and damage depends on effectiveness) * If a weapon doesn't have a passive elemental effect, it will start with a 20% effectiveness and multiplied with the elemental mod when inserted. 3.Will the enemy AI be improved with the empyrean update. So far all the enemies fell like mobile turrets with so much precision that they can shot you through a mouse hole from the other room. Can the melee type enemies be made to dodge or block bullets, sniper trying to find high ground and keep their distance, scorpions/sentients being anti-air(avoid to glide or jump often if one is around), Shot-gunners continuously staggering you forcing a roll away instead of doing insane high damage, Napalm and Nox doing area denial and more
  3. Hi there, So far the melee is alright but very rough around the edges. 1.Heavy attacks Very slow (even with mods) and on many weapons very unreliable ( Give heavy attacks more utility instead of raw damage) Give heavy attacks more utility and other benefits instead of raw damage - By that i mean higher bleed proc, armor pierce, air launch or even stun (effectiveness determined by the combo meter) Remove the awkward buildup animation on some weapons/stances Heavy attacks should be reworked into power attacks or special/signature skill(depending on weapon or stance) - something that you would want to use like swinging your hammer at an enemy throwing him into other enemies or see him splatter on the wall // gripping your nikana and delivering a flurry of slashes that release at a blink of an eye. 2.Tactical combo Melee Extremely awkward to use on many weapons Some weapons have too long lunge animation before going into attack Give ability to cancel combos into tactical melee Some have too many unnecessary attack animations - this should be a gap closer ( getting close and interrupting the enemy ) Blind justice's first attack is the best example and right after you do the slam attack without the weird leg kick in the middle(kinda unnecessary since when you can just charge at the enemy for a hit then jump slam) or this can be an actual combo - Block+E/jump/E(aim down) 3. Animation Cancel A ninja dash would have been a lot better and less clunky than the roll (at least in full melee) - wisp's roll is a good example (a little sped up) 4. Slide attacks and Air melee Spin2win is still a thing mostly because of high damage/range - This should be changed into something else like trip/sweep, to knock down lesser enemies and stagger heavy/Elite doing lesser damage. Change the slam command to Block+melee so that you don't use slam by mistake 6. Some extras : Melee wake up - wakeup attack after being knocked down staggering or stunning enemies around you Air/knock recovery - hitting the jump button right after being hit with a knockdown(cannot be used if hocked by the enemy) will let you do backflip(has cooldown 2s) - Backflip mods ignores the penalties and auto backflips after being hit with a knockdown Being caught and dragged by scorpion/sentient allows you to shot it while you are being dragged, reducing the knockdown if you stagger him/her (bleedout animation) Air Cancel - Holding V or CTR in the air allows you to shift to ground level preserving your mobility and causes enemies to lose sight of you Option to have auto block(only for ground) for sword alone Heavy/Power attack utility(effectiveness depends on how high is the combo meter : *some can have unique heavy like the wolf hammer* Daggers/Dagger/Fans - High damage single target(grab) Rapier/spear - Slightly wide range armor piercing thrust (multiple targets) - armor piercing % depends on the meter Hammer/Mace/Staff - A swing with wide range knocking enemies into other enemies and high damage if thrown into obstacle Nikana/sword/schythe/Dual - Wide slash/slashes delivering high slash procs Whip - wip around you damaging enemies while moving (range/dmg/duration depends on the metter) Sword and needles - Hook an enemy and charge at him with a thrust of your sword damaging enemies in a line and knocking down the enemies around (armor pierce) Fists - Grab and bash him into the ground stunning enemies around (aoe range/single target dmg depends on the meter) Fists and legs/nunchucks - Drop kick - functions the same as the hammer Sword and Shield - Charge forward with your shield knocking enemies into other enemies and high damage if thrown into an obstacle Gun blade - Deliver a high damage piercing shot Great sword - Dash forward delivering a wide slash with knockdown and mid dmg slash proc Glaive - Dmg and wider range (and I don't mean by throw distance, more like throwing a giant shuriken) when thrown depending on the meter Fans(2) - maybe to some other fans in the future - Throw the fans at an enemy and after hitting an enemy it will separate in 2 hitting 1 or 2 additional targets before coming back (can be canceled by pressing melee button) - delivering high slash proc Claws - Dash in a flurry of wide slashes delivering heavy bleed procs Combos - Block+heavy(lift enemies in the air)/Jump(jump at the same level as the closest enemy in the air/E(strike him in the air) * Block+space(slam in the ground)
  4. Hi there. These are some ideas thrown around there. PARAZON(Executions) - Make enemies have a chance to go invulnerable for 5 seconds before dying giving you a chance to finish them ( surviving having his arm or leg choped off or crawling begging for mercy) - Execution cosmetics/augments - give your kills some flare - from petals of blood to melting them or their face - Unique or common executions that can be unlocked or bought - Titania: rip enemy apart with butterflies// Valkyr(hysteria)/Rhino - Grab enemy in the air and rip in half // Khora - have her kitty make a mess // Nova - shrink and stomp KUVA LICH: - Add attack or Aoe indicator like a red circle for AOE and Glow red for a focused attack ( everything happens so fast and the charge animations are very sped up giving you next to no time to dodge. - Let us destroy their traps with guns (shock Lich) - Remove the death penalty for missing a sequence since it serves no purpose and replace it with a debuff. - Have the Lich make an entrance instead of spawning right in your face - Lich trash mobs - Grinner with banners and Lich's sigils cheering the lich and supporting him in combat .
  5. I hope they remove insta-death penalty from missing the rune combination or at least allow bleedout. Other issues I have with Liches is that they are horribly unbalanced. Take the toxic one, it can one shot most frames with an instant toxic aoe. Radiation, aside from teammates nuking each other( thats mostly others fault not the lich) theres the homing barely noticeable oberon smite. Very poorly telegraphed attacks ( charge and grab attacks ) - Have the enemy glow red or something when hes going to do something that you need to avoid at all costs. The funniest thing i found with liches is that you can mind control them with nyx. ( this kinda needs to be fixed since you can stack the damage then release him from mind control for the damage to kick in)
  6. I think the current lich system or at least how you deal with them is just placeholder since the main highlight of the Empyrean update was amassing a great assault on your/the Lich. It kinda makes the whole presentation pointless since you can just draw him out and finish him playing a random occupied mission. And also what happened to the " He learns something/ steal a skill every time you kill him ". I though the ideea was that they are just a nuisance in the beginning until you kill them enough times to become an actual threat.
  7. The thing with Umbra Excalibur is that it supposed to be its own frame, similar yet different from the original(more darker or brutal). So his kit should reflect a more darker and more brutal style of gameplay. [Slash Dash\ Dark Slash] Instead of dashing and slashing, he will swing in the air releasing a dark void slash projectile dealing slash damage and causing a bleed dot. It can be combo-ed up to 3 times with the third being larger and knocking down opponents. It also can be held down (holding 1) into a charge forward dash attack with a large radius. [Radial Blind/Dark Howl] I would prefer if enemies get stunned and then run out of fear but good as it is. [Radial Javelin\Dark Spikes] Impales the ground with his blade and causes spikes to come out of the ground impaling enemies in front of him causing severe bleed damage. If used in the air, the spikes hits enemies around Excalibur. [Exalted Blade\Dark Blade] This ability to function similar to the exalted blade but losses the energy slash projectile and instead the blade gains increased reach depending on the combo meter. The blade will grow larger to reflect that. Heavy attacks will make Excalibur detonate the blade causing huge explosion of spikes stunning enemies and causing bleed. Using slam will cast a lesser version of Dark spikes and slide attack will release a dark slash projectile.
  8. Hello, I'll try to keep my feedback simple and right to the point: 1.Kuva Lich: - Its a really nice addition to the game but the way of handling him is a bit too much. Having to die on a whim to discover if you have the right combination is bad choice since no one will attempt to take down his lich when they know they don;t have all their slot covered. Having to kill yourself in order to get rid of him during a closed mission like defense is really not fun. * To fix this simply remove the death penalty for player when taking down the lich or at least when you have one correct combination. Having at least one correct combination will make him flee but still get exp from you. - Requiem relics - Give us more ways to get em or have kuva guards drop them from time to time. ** A cool addition to the Kuva Liches would be a community wide nemesis ( Kuva Lord or something ) where the community works together to draw him out. Something similar to the acolytes. 2.Melee 2.5: - Really nice work on the melee system but some stances need to be redone. Some animations are very clunky and others don't connect properly. To give an example, nikana Heavy attack, most of the time you miss because it goes right past the enemy or the claws lunge attacks. If you need a good example of heavy attack, the tatsu has best one * A simple fix to this is to add tracking to heavy attacks. Other thing will be is to put a speed cap to some weapons in order to not break the animations or adjust the speed to applied to only the swing and not the recovery/transition. Having your attacks sped up so much is annoying since you lose so much control and just jump over the place.
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