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  1. Passive - " Absorb mass " - Info: Absorb the mass of a downed enemy using the tendrils from your body to gain a passive ability and a skill depending on the enemy type and Faction Skill 1 - "Identity Theft" - Depends on the absorbed enemy: needs to be recharged - max 3 charges(limited by frame rank) - overcharge: can use all charges at once to increase potency) Corpus - Passive - Heavy enemy/light enemy - Increased hp / Increased Shield - Skill : Fire Large energy beam from the hand that can pierce enemies / Shots energy bolts from the hand that stun enemies : Overcharge - Size of the laser / Size of the energy bolt Grinner - Passive - Heavy enemy/light enemy - Damage absorption / Faster reload and fire rate - Skill : Shot a volley of rockets from the back / Summon a rifle on your shoulder that shots the same enemy as you or the closest when not targeting ( Overcharge - Number of rockets and dmg / Number of riffles summoned ) Infested - Passive - Hp regen / Melee and movement speed - Skill : Spew acid on the floor that slows and damages enemies / Shot spikes from your body stunning enemies around and inflicting bleed proc ( Overcharge - Larger Size and damage / higher aoe radius and larger bleed proc Sentient - Passive - Chance to resist damage(*using the operator breaks the passive and need to be reapplied) - Create an sentient arm cannon that damages and disrupts sentient abilities ( Overcharge - increased damage depending on the number of resistances on the target ) Skill 2 - "Long arm" - Throw your arm at an enemy taking full control of him / Used on consoles, auto-hacks them ( cannot use primary while skill is in use ) Skill 3 - "Overclock" - Overclock your systems giving you higher shield regen and speed ( bypass shield delay ) Skill 4 - "Rebirth" - Use absorbed mass to bring your warframe to its former glory, increasing Shield/HP and changing your first skill (duration depends on number of charges) *Skill change - Plasma cannon - shot a large ball of slow moving plasma energy that burn enemies at a wider range that increases the more is goes. (**No Overcharge)
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